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The jacks are used by builders and masters fromother areas of the economy since ancient times. Of course, the modern designs of this device have many differences from the first units of this type, but the very concept of a small lift has always been in demand in various spheres of human activity. In today's market, you can find variations of this tool in a wide range, but the most popular is the telescopic bottle jack, which is modest in size and quite high in carrying capacity. Such designs are used by professionals and ordinary users, in particular motorists.

General information about bottle jacks

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The principle of action is the main differenceThis device, as it largely determined the range of technical and operational parameters of the instrument, and its design features. All bottle-type jacks operate on the basis of the law on communicating vessels, but the ways of controlling the ratio in the loads can be different - from this point of view, one can identify screw and hydraulic models.

The structure of the structure includes several parts,among which a cylindrical container with oil, a plunger and a lever with a pump. As the effort of the relatively smaller piston increases, the pressure in the "bottle" will change, which will raise the larger plunger associated with the load. Typically, a bottle jack is a two-rod design, in which the most important task is transferred to a pressure valve.

Pros and cons of the jacks

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A simple and reliable devicethe popularity of such jacks. Nevertheless, we must immediately note the limitations of this tool. They relate to the carrying capacity and dimensions of objects intended for lifting. That is, for a large-sized cargo weighing more than 50 tons, a bottle jack is unlikely to work. On the other hand, in the range of its working capabilities, the telescopic unit shows a high accuracy of fixation and smoothness when performing lifting. These qualities have made bottle models especially popular among motorists. The ability to lift several tens of tons with optimal stabilization is quite enough to service cars, and maintaining the functional state of the liquid regardless of the temperature drops also expands the range of applications of this type of jacks. In terms of user convenience, it is worth noting and small dimensions. The ratio of the weight of the hydraulic structure and the lifting capacity provides the highest performance in the class.

bottle jack reviews

Reviews of Matrix jacks

The company produces several families of jacks. The most popular is the Master line, represented by models with a carrying capacity from 5 to 12 tons. Users note the worthy quality of the tool, the possibility of easy and quick lifting and maintainability. By the way, if you need an aggregate with a good margin of payload above the nominal level, then you can count on this bottle jack. Reviews note that even models designed to lift cars, cope with the maintenance of small houses. True, this requires a complex technical organization of the event. In addition, the manufacturer still does not recommend experimenting with goods significantly exceeding the nominal values.

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Reviews about the jacks "Zubr"

Domestic producer also offersquite good variants of jacks. According to the owners of such equipment, the products are strong and durable. But there are disadvantages of this product. Many users criticize the bottle of the Zubr bottle for weak ergonomics. There are difficulties when working in complex areas, when the possibilities for installing the tool are significantly limited. But in working with cars, gazelles and even buses, this jack shows itself from the best sides - the main thing is to correctly calculate the power capacity of the unit and the weight of the load, otherwise the breakdown will be inevitable.

Reviews of Jet Jacks

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One of the widest assortments of differentJack offers the company Jet. At the same time, all models cause mostly positive feedback regarding power, design convenience and durability. Such qualities are possessed also by a jack bottle 2т with a small course of a stock, and versions with carrying capacity up to 12 t. However, for high quality it is necessary and to pay not cheaply. For example, a medium power tool is available for 3-4 thousand rubles, while similar copies from other brands can be bought for 1,5-2 thousand. But the owners note that the reliability of the jacks of this brand fully justifies the investment when it comes to about the decision of responsible problems on service of cars.

Reviews of Ombra Lifts

If you need a budget jack for simplehousehold purposes, it makes sense to contact the manufacturer of Ombra. It is a Chinese brand that produces models with low carrying capacity and compact dimensions. Users of this tool, of course, note a number of shortcomings, including the presence of backlash design, problems with the stroke of the rod and the need for greater physical effort in the process of recovery. Less negative feedback receives a jack screw from a Chinese manufacturer, but there are also nasty nuances of exploitation. These include the inability to use the tool in working with machines on a long suspension. Anyway, a large part of the users tolerate such shortcomings due to the low cost of Ombra jacks, which is 1-1.5 rubles.


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Equipment designed for regular powerimpact, is initially developed with the ability to provide sufficient resistance to mechanical stress. This can explain the fact that the bottle jack is made of high-strength metals, and also has a special form of construction. Despite this, breakage of tools of this type happen quite often. Basically, these phenomena are due to non-compliance with operational recommendations. This applies not only to the operation of jacks with weights, which have higher mass indices, but also to the observance of acceptable time intervals designed for stable holding of the object in one position. By the way, the possibility of long-term fixing of the same cars in a stable position without changes in height is one of the most important criteria for evaluating the quality of the telescopic jack.

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