The world's largest apple: on a branch and on a pedestal

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It is unlikely that there is a person today, neverwho heard about the apple, because this fruit is distributed practically around the globe. About its popularity speaks at least the fact that in the world there are several thousand varieties and almost half of the garden trees - apple trees. By the way, the world's largest apple was also grown in the garden.

Apple Record-holder

Far ancestors of modern apples, given theirdwarf size, could not claim the title of champions among fruits. Until now, in our forests, you can meet wild apples with small fruits and a tart-sour taste. Not one millennium has passed, while mankind has learned by breeding to produce large varieties.

the world's largest apple

However, in order to grow the largest inapple world, it is required not only to choose the right variety, but also to know how to achieve it. This is the way the Japanese horticulturist Chisato Iwasaki, dedicated himself to the cultivation of giant fruits, many of which are exported.

"Apple" business - business in Asia is profitable, because large fruits are presented as a gift to very respected people. The price of a fragrant fruit weighing one kilogram can reach 1000 dollars.

Japanese Ch. Iwasaki, engaged in horticulture for more than one year, knows how to care for the apple tree, so that it produces large fruits. Proof of this - the world's largest apple weighing 1,849 kg, torn from the branch in October 2005.

On the scales and without them

Of course, the usual apples lying on ourcounters, have a very modest weight compared to the Japanese giant. If the diameter of the latter was equal to the circumference of the adult's head, then the apple bought on the market weighs, on average, 180 grams. This is if the skin, but without it, the gram is 40 less.

Most of all, the weight of fruit is interesting for those who want to count calories. Weighing the apple every time is a tedious task, so for the sake of simplicity of calculation it is possible to estimate by eye.

apple weight

For example, if a fruit is placed in a ring,formed by the middle and thumb, then its weight is about 200 grams. A small apple with a diameter of a matchbox weighs about 80 grams. A medium-sized fruit, located in the ring between the forefinger and the thumb, - 130 gr.

Of course, there are also giants. The weight of an apple primarily depends on the variety, as well as on care. Experienced gardener from the Khabarovsk Territory, Vladimir Zangiev, collects from a dwarf Japanese apple fruit up to 350 grams.

In the world of giants

Apple, no doubt, is a very popular fruitsince antiquity. Let us recall at least an apple of discord that led to the Trojan War, and the phrase itself has long become a common name. In modern Britain, even a holiday dedicated to fragrant fruit was established.

Is it then to be surprised to learn that in manycountries there are sculptures embodying giant apples. In the US, for example, in addition to the crystal apple at the entrance to the famous Apple brand store, several other monuments have been erected at different times in honor of the country's favorite fruit.

giant apples

In Russia apples are also in high esteem. One of the sculptures is located in the center of Kursk as a tribute to the local Antonovka, which was brought from here to the table of Catherine the Great. The weight of the monument is 150 kg, perhaps this is not the largest apple in the world among sculpted images, but, you will agree, is also impressive.

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