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Everyone knows that ants are usefulinsects. Living in the forest, they are of considerable benefit. The same can be said about the ants living on the site. They loosened the earth, arranging their homes, destroying various harmful insects, caterpillars. However, the ants in the garden can harm cultural plants, arranging passages between the roots. In addition, insects feed on aphid milk, so they protect it by spreading this pest all over the site. Therefore, it is better to destroy the area of ​​ants. Especially if they settled directly in a forested garden.

ants on the bed
There are many ways to destroy ants,as traditional, folk, and more modern, using special chemicals. Folk remedies do not give an absolute guarantee that the ants in the garden will leave their favorite place forever and will not return again. Specialized chemicals are more reliable in this regard, however, when working with them, you should proceed with caution, according to the enclosed instructions.

Among folk methods of fighting with ants there are the following:

fighting ants on the site
- Loose insect nest sprinkled with lime, table salt, a mixture of wood ash and red pepper or tobacco dust;

- Garden ants do not like sharp odors, so you can put a head of smoked herring on it, cut garlic, tomato tops, parsley leaves;

- you can pour a nest with boiling water with the addition ofvegetable oil, decoction of tomato tops. You can also prepare a solution of water with vegetable oil, vinegar and shampoo. It is necessary to pierce the anthill with a stick in the center and pour in the prepared mixture. After that, it is closed with a plastic wrap and soaked for several days. Ants on a bed in such conditions will not be able to live and will leave their place of violence;

garden ants
- nest insects sprinkle with a solution of soot or sprinkle with cinnamon, then cover with corrugated cardboard, a width of at least 20 cm.

These are the most famous folk methods of combatinginsects. A method is also proposed, such as installation near a jar of jar with jam, syrup. The ants in the garden go there to enjoy the sweetness, and they are scalded with boiling water. However, this method is long, requires constant monitoring of the capacity.

It should be noted that all these methods will not beact, fighting ants on the site will be meaningless if the uterus remains in the nest. Therefore, the best option is to move it, and the remaining insects will leave behind it. This method is most effective, and insects will not be harmed. After all, after all, they are useful for our nature.

Chemicals should be used only inlast resort. After all, they are harmful not only to ants, but also to plants that surround nature. When using them, the person himself should also take precautions to avoid poisoning. Therefore, it is better to use folk methods of struggle, those that will make insects simply move to another place.

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