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The sofa is one of the main furniture elements of anyapartments. On it they rest in the afternoon, they sit down the guests. If you have several rooms, then the sofa needs more than one. After all, it is often used not only for rest, but also for sleeping. There are models which, except for the bottom box for linen, are supplied with a bedside table. It can hide many necessary items. The company "Ascona" - one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of furniture. What kind of feedback comes to the quality of goods and customer service?

Ascona Company

The company "Ascona" was established in the early 90-ies of the last century. She is engaged in the development and production of bedding and furniture, including beds, sofas, mattresses, linens.

Under the leadership of the American concern Leggett & Platt, the manufacture of springs for mattresses. Folding mechanisms help to let out the Swedish experts.

ascona couches reviews

"Ascona" has a well-developed website that helps to attract customers. An extensive network of selling organizations has been formed, with a large number of consultants and managers.

Orthopedic mattresses "Ascona"

"Ascona" produces various orthopedicmattresses. One of them - "Victory", is created on an independent spring block. It has 550 springs per bed. The average rigidity of this mattress will suit many people.

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Elastic polyurethane softens coconutthe canvas that is inside. The height of the mattress is 20 cm. On top it is covered with a layer of cotton jacquard impregnated with a special agent. It removes moisture, helps maintain a natural microclimate, removes the electrostatic field. The mattress has a reinforced perimeter, which allows it to stay in shape longer.

Sofas «Ascona»

Orthopedic mattresses are usually sold withbeds or separately. Specialists of the concern "Ascona" created a sofa bed with a similar type of mattress. Obtained orthopedic sofa "Ascona". User reviews indicate that it is convenient to sleep at night. A wide sleeping place and an anatomic mattress allow to have a good rest. And in the afternoon the sofa in assembled form is compact. It is comfortable to sit or relax on. Mechanisms of transformation help to change the shape of a piece of furniture. They make it possible to easily fold and lay out the sofa bed "Ascona".

sofa carina ascona reviews

Reviews of many buyers say that theylike products from Ascona. They buy children's beds and couches for the family and advise them to their friends and acquaintances. Many like orthopedic mattresses and pillows. Consumers note that the products have been used for several years, and their appearance has not changed at all. Buyers say they wake up rested. Passing back pain, sleep improves. Consumers thank the company's employees and hope to continue cooperation with it, buying sofas made by Ascona manufacturer.

Reviews are negative

Not all purchase of furniture "Ascona" brought joy. Buyers' comments also say that the ordered goods are not delivered on time. Managers ask for a little patience, and this continues for several months. In this case, the contract specifies the amount that the supplier will have to pay to the buyer for storing in the warehouse of his order some extra days. This is a thousand rubles. There is no feedback that someone actually paid such a sum, that is, upon delivery after the deadline, no one was given $ 1,000 a day for a delay.

It happens that the company's managers are actinginattentively or try to deceive the buyer who wants to buy the Ascona couches. Reviews tell of the cases when the price was much more than was indicated in the catalog. The buyers will find out about this after the first payment has been made. I can not take the money back. It remains to pay the required increased amount or to donate the company's money paid earlier. The difference in price may exceed the original cost, which was declared on the sofa bed "Ascona"!

Comments from many consumers indicate that the specified warranty period is a fiction. In fact, the company does not guarantee anything and is not responsible for the quality of its products.

Reviews of other buyers indicate that,that the products were delivered on time. It seems that the quality of service at different points of sale varies significantly. Here the quality of the delivered products is of great importance. If it satisfies the buyer, then there is no problem. And when defects and breakdowns are detected, the employees of the company do not react in the right way.

There are complaints about the quality of products. Buyers say that when assembling the sofa, its parts cling to the base. Increased risk of tissue breakthrough in places of contact. It is very difficult to assemble such a sofa.

The damage resulting from the assembly is not considered to be a marriage, the money is not returned for the defective Ascona sofa.

Reviews of some buyers say that the product falls apart in a few weeks. The bottom of the back collapses, the legs fall off, the eco-skin breaks from mechanical damage.

Many users complain of a strong unpleasant smell from the mattress. It does not weather for several months. Return to its manufacturer can not, because he does not want to return money.

 orthopedic sofa ascona reviews

The company does not respond to calls for change orrepair bed or orthopedic sofa Ascona. " Reviews say that sometimes, instead of the ordered model, another is brought, "what was." If the buyer complains, then he is offered to make a replacement at his own expense. That is, unload, transport the resulting piece of furniture, load, transport, record and add a new one yourself!

Adjusting the sofas "Ascona"

Particular attention in customer feedback is given to the assembly and the possibility of adjusting individual elements.

Mounting in wooden parts takes place inseveral stages. For this, there are two types of holes: round and oblong. According to the technology, they first expose the joints to oblong joints, and then fix them along the circular ones.

"Specialists" from "Ascona" exhibit onlylongitudinal joints, and then not straight, but obliquely. Because of this, there is no way to unscrew the screws. In addition, their heads are knocked aside. It seems that they are "twisted" with a hammer. The purpose of liquors under the bindings remains a mystery to buyers.

Contacting the company at various levels does not bring any result. Such sofas continue to deteriorate, because it is not possible to repair them.

Warranty service and repair system

It is possible to find and see the result of its activitya small number of consumers. Often the whole work boils down to drawing up an act of defects, which are soon rejected for some fictitious reason.

As it was possible to find out to the buyers, the service and after-sales support service practically does not work.

Buy a new part instead of broken aftergetting a refusal in warranty repair is impossible, because sellers do not offer them separately. And the service of the warranty service does not sell too, because it's not her business.

Get through to the sellers, in principle, perhaps,but they promise to answer in 10 or even 20 days. And so several times in a row. Part of disgruntled customers with this form of communication disappears. Almost none of the departed writes reviews that he managed in the end to achieve a solution to the problem. More often people say that they will never contact this company again and others do not advise it.

Straight and corner sofas

All the sofas from "Ascona" can be divided according to the formon straight and angular. Usually in the same model, both types of products are developed. The angular ones differ in that they have a continuation from one side protruding forward. Often it can be installed from one side or the other, depending on the location of the room and the sofa.

sofa bed ascona reviews

The advantage of such models is the originalappearance in the assembled state and a large sleeping area - in disassembled. The lateral part is added to the central part, forming a single whole with it. Buyers like the sofas produced by Ascona. Reviews indicate that many choose exactly angular.

Consider various models of furniture "Ascona" and reviews on them.

Sofa "Karina"

One of the most purchased and popular amongThe company's products are Carina Sofa ("Ascona"). The reviews of many buyers speak of the joy and convenience brought by the purchase of this furniture. People like the opportunity to choose the most suitable model (straight, angled, with a small canapé). However, not everyone liked the sofa "Karina" ("Ascona"). Buyers' comments say that often the main cover of the sofa differs in color from the armrests, canapes, backs, decorative pillows. You can regard this fact as an original design decision. But on demo models in the catalog this is not observed. Therefore, in most cases, buyers do not like this option. They turn to the company's managers with a demand to make a replacement. And then it turns out that according to the norms of production, such a distinction is allowed and is not considered to be a marriage. That's forced consumers to use what they have got. Therefore, many unpleasant associations cause the sofa Carina ("Ascona").

sofa ascona reviews

Feedback from users suggests that calls to the company's website are quickly deleted with criticism, and their authors are blacklisted so that they can no longer voice negative opinions.

Users encounter one more problema couple of weeks after the purchase, when the sofa "Karina" ("Ascona") starts to creak. Customer testimonials indicate that the creaking is increasing every day. This happens even when nobody on the couch jumps or jumps. It is convenient to sleep on it, but it is undesirable to turn over in a dream. Again, the squeak is not considered to be a marriage, judging from the information in the passport. But who thinks, buying a new sofa, and even expensive, that he will face this problem soon after purchase?

Sofa "Antares" ("Ascona")

The appearance of the sofa "Antares" is beautiful. Noble colors, the original line of the cover, a large box for laundry and various things. You can buy a straight or corner sofa "Antares" ("Ascona"). Customer reviews complain about the strong unpleasant smell of cheap paint, which makes the sofa stand out. It does not take several months. Because of this, not only sleeping on the couch, but also in the room is impossible. Claims of buyers, of course, remain unaccepted by the company.

Galaxy Sofa

Many buyers complain about the purchased sofa Galaxy ("Ascona"). The reviews say that there are crooked seams in the center of the boot, overhanging edges, the edges of the mattress are not strengthened.

Products do not have a passport, so it's impossibleto find out what made such an anatomical sofa "Ascona". The testimonies testify that, despite the availability of an act to replace the cover, no one takes it for several months.

anatomical sofa ascona reviews

Buyers describe their many months of ordealon delivery of sofas of this model, on elimination of lacks. They regret that it is uncomfortable to sit on it. The sensation is as if the person is slipping from the seat. Positive feedback on this couch was not found. Probably, it was not taken out of vain.


As we see, the ambiguous reputation of the sofas made by the company "Ascona" is used. Reviews note:

  • low level of service;
  • delays in delivery;
  • incomplete complete set of products;
  • delivery of the wrong models that were ordered;
  • a poor-quality assembly (maybe, therefore, the frame is already assembled, which causes other problems)
  • the frame can not be lifted up the stairs in a private house;
  • a large number of prohibitions on exploitation, which give a chance to win a court case against the company;
  • poor warranty service;
  • lack of service after purchase.
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