Decorative soft panels on the walls in a modern design. Wall decorative panels

Home cosiness

Make the interior unusual and at the same timesafe - the dream of any modern family, especially when there are young children. Also, everyone wants to have a good soundproofing of the room, so that they do not hear their neighbors, and even feel freer themselves. All this can be achieved by applying decorative soft panels to the walls, which will satisfy all these wishes. Now, such a decoration is very fashionable because of the simplicity of installation, a remarkable appearance, and also for security reasons.

decorative soft panels on the walls

Advantages of soft panels

Such a decision is relevant for young parentsespecially, because children often fool around and run around the apartment, learning the world. Such activity often leads to the fact that they can hit, crashing, for example, into the wall. And if it is soft as a sofa, it will significantly protect children's games.

wall decorative panels

Upholstery variants

Due to the fact that the decorative soft panels on thewalls can be made of leather, imitation leather or from dense fabric, they easily complete any interior, and it does not matter if it's classicism or ultra-modern high-tech. The main thing is to choose the right design and material.

Cloth finish

The most popular soft panel upholsteryis cloth. This is due to the fact that there are many colors and shades, as well as variants with patterns of various modifications. Another such option is popular because of the price, which is quite small.

the best decorative panels for walls

Leather and imitation leather

The best decorative panels for walls fromskin, any room they will make rich and respectable. The panels made of leather are exquisite, and also extremely practical. Finishing can also have many options in terms of color palette, shades and textures. They are also decorated with rhinestones or embossing, which gives the room elegance and luxury.

decorative panels for walls in ukraine

What is the beauty of soft panels

3D panels (they are also called so) can be integrated into the interior of any room, from the bedroom to the living room. All because of the wide choice of materials and colors.

They will hide any communications, wiring, and anything that should not be exposed.

Panels significantly insulate the room, this is another advantage, they will help reduce the cost of heating. In addition, the material will provide excellent sound insulation.

Are produced decorative soft panels on the wallsfrom environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, they can be safely applied in the nursery, realizing the dream of any child about a soft room in which you can jump somersaults are not afraid to disturb neighbors or hit hard.

The installation of such panels is simple, so that repairs can be done in a few hours without dust and dirt.

The combination of soft panels with wallpaper and other coatings

installation of soft wall panels

Optional walls are fully equipped with softpanels, they will look great with any coating. The main thing is to combine several materials correctly. Very impressive look panels on the walls near the soft corners. It turns out that the surface of the sofa or armchairs expanded and took up more space. From this, the atmosphere in the room becomes softer and warmer.

The use of decorative panels for walls andceiling, as well as the decoration of doors and furniture is very simple, so they are so widely used. Also thanks to them, you can focus on the desired subject in the interior. You can create a frame on the wall behind the couch, highlight a TV, a bar or a fireplace. You can change the appearance of the room by setting the lighting on the soft panels, thus highlighting all the bends on their shape.

For people who love to have an interiorpastel tones, decorative soft panels will be at hand. After all, these shades in themselves seem to be velvety soft and soft. The same definition can be given to the walls decorated with these soft blocks. That is why they will ideally join such a color scheme of the room, completing it with its form and grace.

Decorative panels for walls (wall panels),or, as they are also called, 3D panels, perfectly emphasize the bedroom. You can choose their color in the color of the interior, still give an unusual kind of room, if you make them like bedding. Having created a bit surrealistic kind of a bed, whose surface as if extends and on a wall.

soft walls in the interior with their own hands

Upholstery can be textile or leather. It is always soft and pleasant to the touch, and pastel colors are gentle and refined. The design of panels in general is of a classical form, due to which it can successfully emphasize absolutely any style:

  • classical;
  • baroque;
  • Art Deco;
  • glamorous;
  • high tech.

Panel Features

Due to the fact that the panels are manufactured onlyfrom natural materials, they can not cause allergies, it is very important for many people, they are also antistatic. It is worth choosing from the products of only the world's companies that are on the market for a long time. Their decorative panels for walls in Ukraine and Russia are sold in a wide range.

The sizes of such elements can vary, everythingdepends on the producers. However, in general, their area is within 40 * 40 cm. There are more than forty variations of embossing. Their forms can be both convex and concave.

All soft panels form a sandwich of threelayers. The first is the visible part, which can be made from leatherette or natural leather textiles. The second layer is a soft part, which has soundproofing and insulation properties. It gives the panels volume, forming the appearance of the product. And the main material that holds the whole structure is made of PVC. It is durable, so the wall decorative panels will easily suffer blows, and also reliably will be held on any surface. As the manufacturers say, they have a guarantee for up to 25 years.


To install the panels yourself, it is not necessary to be a professional repairman, and you do not need special skills. The most important thing is to mark everything horizontally and vertically.

First, prepare the surface for the sticker of the panels. Wall or ceiling is sanded, then ground. This treatment promotes better adhesion of the panels to the surface.

When everything is leveled and primed, the wall is marked. Horizontal lines measure the level, and vertical lines - using a thread with a suspended load.

When everything is clearly padded, you can apply gluezigzag. Mount wall decorative panels can be anything, it's easy to start horizontally, and you can vertically. It does not matter, the main thing is to strictly follow the lines. In the event that the panels reach the ceiling, it is recommended to glue it from above. Because to cut them better in the lower part, from the aesthetic side so it will be more beautiful. The same applies to angles. Another thing if you need to glue the wall completely horizontally. It is worthwhile to measure everything so that the extreme on both sides of the panel are cut off and of the same size. So, visually it will turn out harmoniously.

When fitting and cutting off excess partsPVC is sawed off, the inner surface is also shortened, and the material on the front side is simply bent and fixed, after which the panel is fixed to the surface with glue. This is how the soft wall panels are assembled with their own hands.

Walling on the principle of Capitone

decorative panels for walls wall panels

So, we figured out how to glue the finished panelson walls or ceiling, in principle, this technology allows them to be mounted anywhere. And now we will describe how to achieve the same effect by covering the surface with a cloth and achieving visual similarity.

The style of Capitone has been used for centuries, and now itagain in vogue. Take a sheet of plywood or fiberboard, the size is selected for the future soft part, make holes in the places where the pulling buttons will be located. Now you need to fix the fabric on one side so that there are no wrinkles on it. After this, foam or sintepon is laid out on the plywood sheet. It is covered with an upholstery fabric, already fixed on one side, and nailed from all the others. It is necessary that a uniformly stretched surface is obtained. After that, the planned places are set up with buttons. They thread a nylon thread with a needle. After that, the fabric is punched, the filler and taken out through the prepared hole in the plywood. It is necessary to fix the thread from the side of the sheet that will be to the wall. This is how the soft walls in the interior are created by the Kapiton method.

In many cases, this method is even betterpanels, because you can evenly distribute the buttons in advance, avoiding asymmetry. But the panels will need to be trimmed. It is for this reason that in some cases the first method is used.

If you plan to make only a part of the wall soft, then the panels will fit, and when you need to sew the entire surface, it is better to apply the Capito method.

You can sew walls without using buttons. To do this, with the help of racks, make a frame for the necessary area of ​​the wall, to which the fabric is attached on one side. After that, the inside is uniformly laid and glued to the wall filler. Then fix the fabric from all other sides on the frame. This method gives all the same convenience as the two methods outlined above.

Here were described ways how to pastedecorative soft panels on the walls, as well as the method of tightening the reception of Capitone. The theory is understandable, now it remains to implement everything practically. The main thing is to take environmentally friendly and fireproof materials.

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