Lime crushed stone - valuable building material

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Since ancient times, limestone has been used by people forconstruction. In this case, this sedimentary rock is very different from its softness from granite and other types of stones. Lime crushed stone is produced from pieces of a single natural material, which consists mainly of calcium carbonate (calcite).

General information about construction materials

Calcareous crushed stone
Limestone is mined in the middle lane of Russiaalmost everywhere, because it is fairly widespread, easily processed and has excellent chemical and physical properties. That is why it is used in construction so widely, second only to sand and gravel materials. Lime crushed stone can be of different shades. Its color depends on various inclusions and impurities. Most often this material has a whitish, brown or gray tinge. In some regions it is called dolomite crushed stone. Its bulk density is 2.2-2.7. Lime crushed stone is obtained by crushing a natural mineral. Later he undergoes special chemical treatment. Among other types of rubble this is the cheapest.

Lime crushed stone: application in the national economy

Calcareous crushed stone (application)
Because this material is fragilethe final product derived from it also has a low strength. Very often, calcareous crushed stone is used for road works. In this case, do not forget that it is fairly easily washed out, which significantly reduces the life of the road surface. That's why they can only sprinkle roads with a small traffic load.

Recently, this building material is increasinglyIt is used for the production of various blocks of concrete and reinforced concrete products. Often it is used for the improvement of territories. Because calcareous crushed stone has a low radiation background, many prefer to combine it with other types of crushed stone and concrete. Such a mixture of building materials is excellent for arranging yards and access roads. The greatest popularity he has in the owners of small plots. Due to its mechanical properties and low cost, it allows to significantly reduce the cost of finishing work.

This rubble can be used forconstruction lime, soda, calcium carbide, mineral fertilizers, fluxes for steel production. It is used as a filler in various commodity mixtures, in the printing and glass industries. From it, a flux is produced for the manufacture of Portland cement.

Cost of building materials

GOST (crushed limestone)
The quality of this building material rests on GOST. Crushed limestone grade 400 fraction 40x70 costs 401 rubles per ton. If we talk about the option 20x40, then its cost is 436 rubles per ton; and 5x20 - 531 rubles per ton (including VAT). The majority of enterprises that produce this building material produce limestone crushed stone of grade 600. The retail price for different fractions varies very slightly. So, in Moscow (MKAD) rubble 40x70, 20x40 is 850 rubles / cubic meter, and the smaller 5x20 - 870 rubles / cubic meter. (VAT included). The quality of this construction material must meet the requirements of GOST 8267-93.

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