Roll insulation: insulation types and manufacturers overview

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It is possible to evaluate the advantages of thermal insulation bymany factors. The high functionality of this material is expressed in the ability to store heat energy. Among the significant factors here one can single out the ease of carrying out the installation of the heat barrier. In this perspective, thermal insulation in the roll version has significant advantages. This kind of heat barriers is equally successfully used for the purpose of installing heat barriers on the objects of different purposes. Users choose this type of thermal insulation for the reason that it is convenient to transport, it is compact when you need storage and is convenient for installation. Roll insulation has a softness, which is why adherence to the protected surface is very dense. The material can be used directly after unpacking at the installation site. A heat-saving screen can be arranged with the efforts of only one person. Among the additional advantages of this thermal insulation can also be distinguished from the absence of rot, which allows the material to be used in areas of high moisture content, this applies to baths, swimming pools and bathrooms. Antibacterial basis, which is not blown, improves the microclimate of the dwelling.

Features of polyethylene foam

roll insulation

If you decide to choose a roll insulation, thenit is possible to prefer polyethylene foam, which is used to equip an internal heat-saving barrier. It is strengthened under the paneling from the panels, as well as under the wallpaper. This material can be installed under gipsovolokno and under the slats. A web that is rolled up on one side is covered with a foil or paper layer. Such a supplement is designed to improve mechanical strength and improve the quality of thermal resistance. If the foil is turned inside the living room, then it will be able to reflect 90% of the heat rays. If you want to achieve a particularly effective result, then you need to have such a thermal insulation between the radiators and the wall. If it is not possible to perform facade insulation, then a thin layer of polyethylene should be layered inside the wall, which will be the best solution.

Characteristics of mineral wool

foil insulation

Considering the range of insulationmaterials in the store, you probably pay attention to the roll insulation, in the quality of which is mineral wool. Today this material is widely known and popular. In its structure, it is brittle, but in its rolled form it has better characteristics, and in the process of its operation it is constantly modernized. That is why modern mineral wool is elastic and allows you to bend unevenness, it can be repeatedly deployed and folded without the possibility of shedding and brittleness. Choosing such a roll insulation, you acquire a material, the thickness of which can vary from 0.5 to 0.75 decimeters. It should be noted that the plates have a thickness of 1 decimeter, which is more. Therefore, using a roll insulation in the form of mineral wool, you can change the thickness of the heat barrier by using a different number of layers. The width of such a web can be equal to 1, 2 or 0.6 meters. As for the length, it is 10 meters or less.

Characteristics of basalt wool

warmer under wallpaper roll

If you do not fit the heater under the wallpaperroll, which was discussed above, then you can choose basalt, or fiberglass wool, which has a wide potential for use. It can be installed on walls or floors, as well as on ceiling spans. It is not recommended to use this material for an inclined roof, this is due to the fact that over time the slipping of the massif is observed, and the density of insulation is disrupted. If you want to use this insulation for floor insulation, then you need to lay a minimum of two layers. This will get 1 decimeter of thickness. If there is a need to insulate the walls, you should use half the amount, and it will be enough to lay the material in one layer. If you want to achieve the arrangement of an effective heat-saving screen, then you should use a similar thermal insulation with steam and waterproofing.

For reference

roll warmers for walls

Roll insulation with foil found itsapplication if necessary for the insulation of pipes. It was for this purpose that this type of insulation was originally used. The technology of laying such insulation on different surfaces is not the same. However, glue is almost always used for fixing, joints between stripes must always be smeared, for anchoring it is best to use anchors with washers of impressive diameter. This will serve as a good protection against material debris in case of poor gluing.

Manufacturers overview

roll insulation with foil

If you choose a foil insulationroll, then you should pay attention to the products Knauf. The mentioned manufacturer is in Germany, and its product does not contain formaldehyde, which is popular. This thermal insulation is not capable to have a harmful effect on the human body and does not cause allergic reactions even during installation. That's why you should not be afraid of contact with the material. Nevertheless, installation work is recommended when using personal protective equipment. The material of this manufacturer is distinguished by its excellent environmental friendliness, but you should be prepared for the fact that during operation rodents and insects can get into it. But positive qualities compensate for shortcomings. One of them is expressed in the reliable protection of household members from noise and cold. Similar roll insulation for walls are used for thermal insulation of country houses and cottages, as well as residential buildings. If necessary, the thermal insulation of this manufacturer, you can insulate the pipes.

Isover Insulation

Knauf roll insulation

If you do not really like a roll insulation"Knauf", then you can prefer the goods of the French manufacturer Isover. As a distinctive feature of these materials is a high density, which is higher compared to analogs and is 17 kilograms per cubic meter. Another difference of the brand is a wide range of insulation dimensions, so the thickness can vary from 20 to 150 millimeters. The brand has insulation, which is covered with foil. It can be used to insulate pitched roofs, walls, warm floors, as well as saunas, baths and ceilings.

More information about Isover insulation

basalt roll insulation

This heater belongs to the first classflammability, which indicates that it does not flare up under the influence of fire and shows the ability to decay in a fire. You can buy a heater at a price that varies from 800 to 1300 rubles.

Features of heat insulation brand "Ursa"

If you want to use for thermal insulationbasalt roll insulation, you can buy a product brand URSA, which is characterized by a long period of operation. The material does not crumble, does not break, and also exhibits excellent quality during installation. You can buy rolls, the width of which varies from 50 to 100 millimeters. It can be used to insulate walls, pitched roofs, and also floors. Pay for a mineral roll insulation will have 1000 rubles.

Recommendations for choosing a heater

Before you purchase the material forthermal insulation of any surfaces, you should carefully inspect the surface of the roll, which should not be damaged. This also applies to the integrity of the package. If moisture gets inside, the characteristics of the insulation can deteriorate and do not meet the requirements of heat and sound insulation. Then an expensive acquisition will not achieve the desired result in the work.

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