Condensing boilers: advantages of use

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In our time, more attention is paid tothe problem of heat supply. And condensing boilers are one of the best examples of solving this problem. Due to their design, they are an excellent base for any water heating system. As a rule, condensing boilers are equipped not only with a built-in pump equipped with electronic control, but also with a powerful fan. All this contributes to their work in an economical mode. It is also possible to connect the intelligent climate control system in the room.

Condensing boilers

Condensing boilers are used every yearall in great demand, despite the fact that in our markets they have appeared relatively recently. However, despite a short period of time, some myths related to them have already formed:

- Condensing boilers are more expensive than traditional ones.

- It is inconvenient to use because of a condensate problem.

- Require the use of complex and special chimneys.

Let's try to figure out whether this is soreality. Condensing boilers are a new word in the production of heating technology, which, according to the producers, is a very economical way to create comfort in your home.

Gas condensing boilers

Principle of operation of the condensing boiler

The basis of its operation principle is technologyconsumption of heat from gases that are formed as a result of their combustion. Products that are burned as a result of the operation of the boiler do not immediately enter the environment, but undergo additional processing, where the condensation of water vapor occurs, resulting in the extraction of additional heat. Due to this, it is possible to increase the efficiency of heating and save gas consumption by 10-15%.

The advantage of the condensing boiler is its environmental friendliness. As a result of prolonged processing, boilers are less polluting the environment, and all harmful substances go to the sewerage system.

Most often, such boilers are used to heat our homes, because they, unlike usual, do not take oxygen out of the air, as a result of which they can be installed even in a dwelling.

Advantages of condensing boilers:

"Thanks to them, we can cut gas costs for heating our homes by about 30%, as a result of which the release of harmful substances into the environment is also reduced.

- Since such a system heats water to a sufficiently high temperature, it can be used for heating both the house and the floor.

- It is possible to use chimneys made of plastic, which reduces the cost of their installation.

- Low noise and low vibration.

- Energy costs are reduced to 15%.

- Low weight of the condensing boiler.

- No separate room is needed to install the boiler: it can easily be installed on the wall in the kitchen.

- Uninterruptedly provides hot water.

- An excellent option for a winter garden or a full-fledged year-round conservatory, which requires a constant comfortable temperature, as well as a unique microclimate.

Principle of operation of the condensing boiler

In general, gas condensing boilers -an excellent solution for heating a house, an apartment that allows you to save not only on initial costs, but also in the process of using them for the same fuel consumption. However for their smooth operation it is necessary to use the help of professionals during installation and further regular maintenance.

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