Clematis Hegli Hybrid: photo, description. Planting and care

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What flowers are always attracted to their charmedviews? Of course, elegant curly! Which plants can I choose to decorate the garden? How to green the walls, fences and gazebos? For these purposes, it is necessary to choose clematis of Hegli Highbird variety. Why? Read below!

clematis hegli highbride

Variety description

Perfectly green leaves, tenderpink and purple large flowers and wine-colored stamens - that's what you can give a description of Clematis Hegly Hybrid. The length of the stem of the winding perennial vine reaches three meters, and the diameter of the flowers is about 18 cm!

On each flower there are six sepals with wavyedges. Among a huge number of garden flowers, the plant, which is popularly called a clematis, a wartow and a lace, occupies a worthy place. Reviews of clematis Hegli Hybrid say that it is not possible to meet this plant only in space and Antarctica! This is not surprising - the winter-hardy liana is able to bloom and smell everywhere where the panicle phlox grows. In the middle band, clematis feel much better than in the south! Good reviews of this culture are confirmed by considerable demand.

The description of clematis Hegli Hybrid says,that with his help you can obscure an open gazebo, close the garden from the looks of curious neighbors. Powerful vines are winter-hardy and unpretentious. Clematis grows well in pots, which means it is suitable for decorating balconies. The variety prefers sunny places, while it is unpretentious to the soil.

Clematis Hegy Haybride Description

Clematis planting

How to make the plant a decorationgarden? It is necessary to ensure the correct landing of clematis Hegli Hybrid and care for him. The main enemy of the plant is the wind. Do not tolerate the liana shade and groundwater. The soil for it is to choose loose, drained. It can not be waterlogged. Clematis is not at all afraid of transplants, but only in the spring or autumn. The depth of the clematis hole and its diameter should be about 50 cm. Experienced gardeners recommend filling the hole with sand, garden soil and humus in equal proportions.

Before planting, it is worthwhile to think over the support forlianas. There are certain requirements: for example, in regions with a predominance of high temperatures, metal structures can not be used - the plant will gradually dry up. The distance from the seedlings to the walls should not be less than half a meter, and from each other clematis should be separated about a meter!

clematis hegli haibride planting and care

Selection of planting material

When choosing a planting material, pay attention toroots of the plant. It is important that they are closed. It is best to buy a vine planted in a pot or located in a special shipping bag. Preferably choose small seedlings - they will quickly become accustomed and blossom. Even broken shoots grow very quickly.

Rules of landing

To clematis Hegli Hybrid quickly took root in a new place, when planting it is necessary to observe a number of rules:

  1. At the bottom of the pit, prepared for the plant, you need to lay out drainage - rubble, stones and fragments of bricks. Its height should be about 20 cm.
  2. In the center of the pit from the pre-prepared earth mixture it is necessary to form a small earthen hill. On it you need to locate the roots of the plant.
  3. Clamp the root neck of the clematis by 10 cm.
  4. After planting, the seedling should be watered and tied up abundantly.

Basic Errors

Note that the plant may wither oreven die if you land it in damp, heavy, sour and saline land. You can not fertilize the vine with fresh manure, it is also worth sipping from sour peat.

Clematis Hegli Heybrid

Clematis Heybrid care

The first thing a beginner gardener should know isthe flower requires abundant watering. At least three times a week for each bush you need to pour two buckets of water! It is important to loosen the soil, weed.

A special role in the development of the vine is played by pruningshoots. It is important to perform it with dry, sharp and clean tools. Crop the plant at any time of the day. The most important pruning is autumn, on which the appearance of the clematis depends in the next season. It is necessary to remove weak processes, burnt and dry sections of the creeper. At the same time, you can shorten the sprouting shoots and form a bush. An adult plant needs rejuvenating trim - this will ensure a long flowering blossom. Remove those vines that are more than three years old.

Clematis Hegly Hybrid: a description of the methods of reproduction

There are three ways to multiply clematis.

One of the most time consuming is the cultivation of clematisfrom seeds, and the most simple - cuttings. It is necessary with the help of a shovel to separate a vine and a part of roots from an adult bush. The upper cut must be made at a right angle, and the bottom one at an angle of 45 degrees. Plant the new plant in the prepared land. Young seedlings take root within a few days and almost immediately bloom.

clematis hegli highbide reviews

Another option is multiplication by layers. This method is suitable for spring time. The Clematis cleaver remover should be firmly pressed to the ground, it is best to fasten it with clamps. Above you need to sprinkle the soil with the soil. After a year, cut off the branch from the mother plant.

Preparation for winter

To safely winter the plant, itsyou need to hide. In this case the bushes should be ventilated, otherwise they will rot. If weather forecasters promise too severe winter, clematis Hegli Hybrid must be covered with dry leaves, sawdust, peat or lapnika. If the vine is still frozen, do not delete it! It can give new shoots.

Additional fertilizing

Since the plant very quickly stretches, itrequires a considerable amount of fertilizer. During the whole vegetation period it is necessary to feed clematis Hegly Hybrid with the following fertilizers:

  • nitrogenous - when the plant enters a period of active growth;
  • complex - when shoots and flowers are formed;
  • phosphoric-potash - when the liana blooms.

As you can see, caring for this delightful clematis can not be called simple. However, enjoying his exquisite views is worth all the effort!

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