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The technology of economical combustion consists increating a simple but effective device for solid fuel, but making the boiler "Stropuva" with their own hands is very difficult and dangerous for human health. Gas heaters, in turn, managed to make themselves enemies. This is largely due to their unsafe use. Some prefer diesel and electric heating systems, but solid fuel boilers are much more economical.

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Varieties of boilers "Stropuva"

To date, the company "Stropuva" is capable ofprovide a large selection of boilers that differ in their power. Among them there are universal models, as well as systems that work exclusively on wood. Solid fuel boiler "Stropuva" with a capacity of 10 kW with ease will allow heating the area of ​​100 sq.m. At the same time the indicator of 20 kW already gives an opportunity to serve a room of 200 sq.m. The largest devices of this brand have a capacity of 40 kW for an area of ​​400 sq.m. To make an effective boiler "Stropuva" with their own hands today was not possible for anyone.

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Features of all boilers "Stropuva"

The main feature of all boilers "Stropuva"is their profitability. This is primarily due to the fact that the fuel inside the cylinder burns down gradually and quite slowly. If you use wood, the full loading of the compartment will allow you to successfully heat the room for 30 hours. In turn, special fuel briquettes make it possible not to worry about heating the house for two whole days. However, the most commonly used is the laying of coal. From the economic point of view, it is considered the most effective. A full compartment of coal makes it possible to heat the room for 5 days without any maintenance. The second advantage of all Stropuva boilers is their simple cleaning. It's quite easy and fast to do it. It is enough only once a month to open the boot compartment and extract all ashes from there. Drawings of the boiler "Stropuva" are shown below.

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Comments of consumers about the boiler "Stropuva S7"

Data ("Stropuva") boilers reviews deservedpositive for its economy. Consumers note that the heating area of ​​this device will easily cover 20 - 80 sq.m. Also it should be taken into account that the volume of the furnace is only 150 cubic meters. Compared with other models, this is not so much, but does not cause any particular inconvenience. Most often the boiler is used to load firewood. This model can accommodate about 15 kg. The length of firewood is 30 cm. The volume of water in the boiler is 26 liters. Compared with other models, consumers noted that this is extremely small. The piping of the boiler "Stropuva S7" is one-piece. The coefficient of efficiency is 91.6%, and the water pressure is only 2 bar. As in other models, the valve of this boiler can withstand a load of 2 bar. The maximum flow of heated water is approximately 0.2 cubic meters. in an hour. The cost of this model is 38000 rubles.

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What do experts say?

These boilers of long burning "Stropuva"reviews among professionals also deserve good. They note that the water temperature in the device, like in other models, is at 70 degrees. The loading window is quite large. Also, experts noticed a fairly large distance from the bottom of the boiler to the chimney. The diameter of the chimney, in turn, is only 150 mm and during installation can cause a lot of problems. In addition, it should be noted the presence of an inconvenient section of the chimney in 150 sq. Cm. However, the compactness of this device still pleased professionals. The height of this model is 1250 mm, diameter 450 mm. This is all with a total mass of 100 kg. In comparison with other models, these are just excellent indicators. However, the kit of this boiler disappoints many. It has metal plates and a thermometer, but there is no clamp for the chimney. You have to buy it in the store separately. Also, the negative of this model is a bad fan.

Feedback from consumers about the boiler "Stropuva S10"

Data "Stropuva" boilers reviews are good. Consumers loved this model for its great power. All this allows you to use it in a room with a total area of ​​100 sq.m. Also, many noted that the furnace is generally comfortable and has good dimensions. You can load firewood very quickly. From the passport of the device you can find out that for this model, firewood with a total length of no more than 30 cm is suitable. In this case, about 15 kg of firewood can be put into the furnace. However, this boiler (solid fuel) of long burning "Stropuva" is universal, therefore it is also possible to load coal into it. Consumers are a little upset by the fact that the water pressure is quite large. In this case, the valve is not always able to cope with overloads. The maximum flow of heated water is only 0.2 cubic meters per hour. The water temperature in the boiler is standard at 70 degrees. Also, consumers note that the loading window of the boiler has good dimensions, and this is good. All this allows you to load firewood very quickly and extract the ash. The diameter of the chimney is small, and it's a little disappointing people. The cost of this model is 55000 rubles.


Opinion of specialists about the model "Stropuva S10"

Experts note that in comparison withThe previous model of this boiler of long burning "Stropuva" is much larger. Its height is 1900 mm, and the depth is as much as 450 m. At the same time it weighs 185 kg. The boiler equipment is quite extensive and pleased the specialists. It includes metal plates and a thermometer. A fan for installation with a 1.5 bar explosive valve is standard. In this case, the air distributor is not always included in the kit. The clamp for the chimney in turn is in the kit. In addition, manufacturers attach a special grille for installation.

Also these boilers of long burning "Stropuva"the reviews were good for the fact that the heating circuit is ideal for treating the coolant. The latch works regularly and does not cause any difficulties. The cable for raising the telescopic tube is incredibly strong. In this case, the coupling is securely attached to the thermal valve. It should also be noted quite a simple connection of the chimney to the boiler. The heating circuit for supplying the heating medium has a rather large volume. According to specialists, the inner window is securely fixed in the heating chamber.

Purchasing reviews about the boiler "Stropuva S20"

Data "Stropuva" boilers reviews deserve goodfor its universality. This model makes sense to install in a house with a total area of ​​150 sq.m. Consumers additionally note the large volume of the furnace at the boiler. The loading bay allows you to store about 50 kg of firewood. All this is enough to continuously heat for 3 days. However, you can not use firewood longer than 35 cm, and this afflicts many. The water in the boiler is quite a decent amount. The maximum allowable pressure is 2 bar. The dimensions of this model are very large and frustrating buyers. Its height is 2100 mm, and the depth is 560 mm and this is all at a weight of 231 kg. The price for this boiler of long burning "Stropuva" is 65,000 rubles.

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Expert Reviews

As experts note, the coefficient of usefulthe action of the boiler is 91.6. %. In this case, the pressure retaining valve can withstand a load of only 1.5. bar, which is somewhat small. The flow of heated water is 0.5 cubic meters. per hour, and it pleases the professionals. The loading window for this boiler is small. The chimney, in turn, has a cross-section of only 250 sq. Cm. At the same time its diameter is only 180 mm. All this makes this model very cumbersome, according to experts. The set of this device is very large. Among other things, there is a thermometer, as well as special metal plates. Also, there is a high-speed fan for cooling. A blow-off valve and an air distributor are included as standard. Very pleased with the availability of a convenient clamp for the chimney, which has good thermal performance. In this case, the grate that comes with the kit is very difficult to install on such a large boiler. In addition, it is necessary to note the inconvenient operation of the air damper. However, the regulation of the air supply is very smooth. The reinforcement, in turn, is sturdy and capable of withstanding heavy loads. According to experts, the coupling for the thermometer is securely fixed. When the temperature rises sharply, the camera quickly turns on. The telescope for air supply works properly. However, the dispenser poorly passes air. The site for installing the boiler must be large.

Comments of consumers about the boiler "Stropuva S40"

Data "Stropuva" boilers reviews havepositive. Consumers believe that this model with a very high coefficient of efficiency. Thus one laying of coal is used economically. Cleaning the ash in turn takes place very quickly and without any problems. Do it at least once a month. According to the buyers, this boiler is environmentally friendly and meets all European norms and standards. The set of this model is very extensive, which pleases many. It includes a convenient thermometer and a large metal plate. There is also a reliable fan with a blasting valve. Distribute air from the kit works properly. The chimney clamp is included in the kit and is very easy to install. Also the standard kit includes a small grille on the valve. Consumers are pleased with the fact that the capacity of this boiler is enough to build a room more than 300 sq.m. The volume of the furnace among all the above models is the largest and is 500 cubic meters. In this case, the camera is capable of accommodating about 80 kg of firewood. However, consumers complain that the dimensions of the camera will not allow loading firewood longer than 40 cm. The burning time on one bookmark is quite large. Among other things, many people like that the water pressure in the boiler is always at a stable level. In this case, the valve is able to cope with heavy loads. The cost of this model is 88000 rubles.


What do experts say?

Specialists note that this solid fuelThe boiler "Stropuva" is simply huge and not suitable for ordinary houses. Its height is 2100 mm, and the width is as much as 680 mm. The weight of this unit is 315 kg. The chimney in turn has a diameter of 330 mm. All this, of course, will cause a number of installation problems. The loading window of the boiler, according to experts, is quite large. In this case, the temperature in it is maintained at a standard level of 70 degrees, as in other models. The flow of heated water is as much as 1 cu. m. per hour. The valve, as in the previous model, can withstand a pressure of only 1.5 bar. This set of solid fuel boiler "Stropuva" is very broad, which pleases the majority of specialists. First of all, it includes a rather powerful fan. There is also a thermometer and a special metal plate for the valve. The blasting valve from the kit is quite durable and easy to install. Also there is a clamp for a very large chimney. According to experts, the air dam is not working well due to the large size of the boiler. In addition, the regulation of the air supply suffers. All this exerts a certain pressure on the supporting armature. However, the coupling for the thermometer works properly. There is also a rather large chamber for warming up the air. The telescope in it reliably fastens and does not take up much space. The window for loading fuel is very strong and is not afraid of mechanical damage, which can not but please specialists. The air distributor in the telescope is working properly. In addition to firewood, this model can be loaded with briquettes and large chips. In this case, the window for cleaning the zonal compartment is very convenient. From the feedback of experts it becomes clear that the site for installing the boiler must be very strong.


Since boilers "Stropuva" are considereduniversal, they are equipped with a special lever to switch the camera. All this makes it possible to load firewood or coal with great efficiency. In this case, there is a convenient window in the heating chamber for air supply. According to specialists, heating circuits are quite strong. The connection of the chimneys to the Stropuva boilers is simple. Also note the reliability of couplings, which are installed with a thermal valve. At the same time, the cables for raising the telescopic tube practically do not swing. The fittings in the Stropuva boilers are securely fixed, and the heating circuits for treating the coolant are very large, and this can not but please the specialists.

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