Motoblock the most powerful: overview, specifications, types and reviews

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The one who has a private house and his owneconomy, knows that without mechanical "assistants" it is difficult to manage, and if the household plot occupies more than one ten acres, it is practically impossible. Motoblocks greatly simplify a lot of ordinary land works, and some models can help in solving other problems: for example, an additional pump installed on the mechanism can quickly drain any ditch and caisson or quickly pump water from a well.

motoblock is the most powerful

Very often in many villages and villages, you canto see so crazy, interesting and, most importantly, quite normally working designs that are collected from such rubbish that Kulibin himself would envy.

Denote the list in which thethe most powerful motoblocks and the prices for them. We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each model, taking into account the opinions of specialists in this field and feedback from the owners of equipment.

It is very difficult to answer the question, which motor-blockthe most powerful, because each group of devices is designed for a certain type of work and has its own efficiency. Some are good and have quite acceptable capacity for normal digging / loosening, for example, 20 acres of land, but, naturally, they will choke on a hectare, so you need to correctly calculate both your strengths and the possibilities of technology.

Light technology

Lightweight motor-block (the most powerful) is equipped with an enginefor 4-5 horsepower. This technique is, as a rule, with a motor transmission and V-belt clutch. The main direction of light motoblocks is work with cutters.

the most powerful diesel engines

It is not necessary to talk about any heavy loadsit is necessary, that is, the plow this technique will not pull, even if we adjust the weighting. In addition, prolonged and volumetric work is not expected here, and on severe and heavy ground light motor blocks will overheat and malfunction. This group is good for owners of small plots. The light motoblock (the most powerful) will be an excellent assistant for those who need a technique more serious than a cultivator. They are inexpensive in comparison with other groups, so they enjoy an enviable popularity with the domestic consumer.

Medium technology

The average motoblock (the most powerful) is noticeably heavier andmore productive than the lungs. In this group you can see not only the technique with a multi-stage transmission, but also engines that run on diesel fuel. The most powerful motoblocks (diesel) are, of course, more expensive, but due to frequent and high-quality operation they noticeably benefit from fuel consumption, unlike light gasoline counterparts.

the most powerful motoblocks neva

Motor transmission, as a rule, in this techniqueis a direct type, which opens up a lot of possibilities for mounting various kinds of suspensions (including active ones) on the power take-off shaft. This group also enjoys great popularity among our compatriots, especially in medium and small farms.

Heavy machinery

Heavy motoblock (the most powerful) with a vengeancejustifies its name. The mass of such equipment varies between 150-200 kilograms, and the engine power is 10-13 liters. with. That allows without any weighting to pull a plow and transport loaded carts.

the most powerful motoblocks in Russia

Dimensions of equipment and available weight forcemanufacturers to put a differential transmission, so to deploy such a car on one wheel, as in the case with a light group, will not work. Also, quite often you can find models with reduced gear in the gearbox, which is a bit of general performance.

The most powerful motoblock in the world is the Profi PR series1040E (according to the famous agricultural magazines). This model is, in fact, a mini-tractor with a capacity of almost 600 cubic meters and a capacity of 10 liters. from. Three centners of weight, impressive size and price far beyond 100 thousand rubles did not add to its popularity, so the domestic consumer prefers more classical in terms of design and cost of technology.

Next, consider the most powerful motoblocks in Russia of different groups and manufacturers. And also we will outline the main advantages and disadvantages of each individual model.

"Neva MB-1B-6,0FS"

Series MB-1B-6,0 - this is the most powerful motoblocks"Neva" is an easy group. The brand is painfully familiar to the domestic consumer, and this model enjoys an enviable popularity among farmers. One of the notable features of the series - is the absence of any problems with the transmission: spare parts can be found in any store farm machinery and replacement and repair will not deliver a headache.

the most powerful motoblock in the world

The most powerful motoblock in Russia (the price is about 46000 rubles) in the light group became so after the models began to be completed with new gasoline engines Briggs & Stratton RS950, abandoning the units of the "Red October". Today's models have a volume of 208 cm3, which allows you to give 6 liters. with., And this is for a light group is very good.

Design Features

Although the main unit is assembled in the Middle Kingdom,There are no complaints about the quality of the engine performance. Owners in their reviews, along with tests of core resources, note that for 250-300 hours of operation on a nominal load the machine retained its power along with the torque without loss.

Motoblock turned out quite affordable anduniversal. Techniques can be used on soils of different qualities, and transport a small cart, and without any problems with maneuverability. In addition, the model received a rich package of supplies and is additionally equipped with headlights.

Benefits of the series:

  • versatility (milling cutters, tractor);
  • a good engine with a quick and easy launch;
  • three-speed transmission.


  • a solid weight of 75 kg is convenient for the plow, but not for transportation;
  • chain reducer.

Estimated cost is about 46 000 rubles.

"Agate HMD-6.5"

One of the cheapest in its group of mediummotoblock has small dimensions and quite acceptable weight (85 kg). The heart of the model is the diesel engine Hammermann CF 178F with a capacity of 6.5 liters. With., therefore in a role of the prime mover the technician will suit.

the most powerful motoblock in russia price

For their little money, the construction of the motoblockextremely simple - belt drive and gear shift on the handle. In this regard, all the active canopies are mounted only on the front of the mechanism, and those who came out of growth, have to pokolodovat with the lever.

Distinctive features of the machine

Owners speak rather warmly about the modelAgate KhMD-6.5. The technique turned out to be economical - about a liter of diesel fuel per hour with an average load, and the existing shortcomings are more than compensated by the price tag.

Pros of the model:

  • diesel engine with good traction;
  • transmission with reduced transmission;


  • starting the motor block in manual mode;
  • modest functionality.

Approximate price - about 30 000 rubles.

"Belarus 09H-01"

The most popular among domesticconsumer model among other competitors of a heavy group is Minsk "Belarus 09N-01". This motoblock can not be called a novelty, because the ninth series from the distant 1991 is produced. Many years of experience and feedback from owners have helped to eliminate all the shortcomings of previous generations, so there are no serious problems with the operation of the device with problems.

the most powerful motoblocks and the prices for them

The previous rulers were equipped with Chinese units- noisy and not the most economical, but this modification received a good engine from Honda, running on gasoline. In addition, the new version has a transmission with a reduced number, that is two marks back and four - forward. Traction problems in the model are also not observed - the technique easily develops a force of up to 100 kgf. The gearbox with a smart differential can be forcibly blocked, and in the rear part of the gearbox there is a power take-off shaft for more flexible operation of the motor block.

Owners opinion

The model is the embodiment of all that weso appreciate in the Belarusian technology - quality assembly and simplicity of design. Such machines are designed for hard and long work, and not to show off on the covers of magazines or flyers.

Most users are positivespeak about the capabilities of this model. Owners appreciated the power, reliability and efficiency of the motoblock. Some farmers complain about the uncomfortable weighting of the structure, but you can quickly get used to it and, adapting yourself, do not notice this defect. In all the rest it is an excellent working "horse", which will not fail, and if this happens, then it is possible to correct the breakdown, as they say, on the knee. Moreover, the price tag for the available characteristics and capabilities can not be called biting.

The advantages of the model:

  • the engine from Honda GX 270 series (the standard in its class);
  • transmission operates on a reduced range;
  • differential with locking.


  • manual start of the motor block;
  • considerable fuel consumption even at rated load.

Approximate cost is about 80 000 rubles.

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