Plane electric: which is better to choose?

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Among the huge variety of power tools,which is designed for woodworking, one of the first places is occupied by an electric plane. Which is better and how to choose it, will be described further. With its help, you can give the wood a finished look, the processed material not only pleases the eye, but is also pleasant to the touch. Today there are a lot of such devices on sale. So you should know how to choose an electric plane?

Plane electric what is better


Exploring the intricacies of selecting such a device,first determine the frequency and duration of the device. From here it becomes clear which device to choose: household or professional. Both types can be produced by various manufacturers, both known and little-known brands. When choosing it is important to be based on the fact that a proven brand is the best option in comparison with all the rest. The producer country is no less significant factor, as some do not indicate that the product is manufactured in China, which deceives the buyer. If you need an electric plane, which is better, you will be prompted not only by an experienced consultant, but also the experience of other people.

Of course, you can also purchase a deviceChina, but you should not expect any special performance or long service life from it. At work it does not need to be overloaded excessively, that is, all actions should be neat and gentle.

The best electric plane


If you decide to buy an electric plane,which is better to choose, you will be prompted by its characteristics, in particular, power, depth and width of planing. The first parameter varies between 400-2100 watts. The higher the power factor, the greater the width and depth of planing can be specified by the manufacturer for a particular model. The standard width dimensions are considered to be 82, 100, 102 and 110 mm. There are also models with a greater width of planing, but in most cases a width of 110 mm is sufficient. There is also a size that is not very common, it is 92 mm. To devices having an unadulterated width of planing, it is difficult to find legs. Various electrical planes, which can be found fairly easily, are characterized by a maximum planing depth of 1-4 mm. The deeper the differences are characterized by the machined surface, the greater the depth of planing is necessary. It turns out that with the same width and depth of planing, it will be more appropriate to give preference to a more powerful plane, while not forgetting that its weight and dimensions can also increase.

How does the electric car work?

This device is based on a drum,rotating with a powerful motor. Power on different units varies between 600-1100 watts. Knives are fixed on the drum. With the help of the motor and the drive belt, the drum is driven. The belt is located under the side cover, so it is convenient to remove it for replacement. Another casing is placed above the motor. The design features of the electric plane have made it possible to achieve a gradual increase in speed after switching on, after which it is supported by means of built-in electronics. This all serves as preventive measures against motor overvoltage.

Рубанки the electric responses

Ahead and behind the drum were placed knives forwork - the so-called sole. It consists of two parts: the first of them is regulated and busy with the processing of wood, and the second remains stationary, passing along the primary surface to smooth it. From the quality of the knives and their ability to remain sharp for a long time depends the speed of the carpentry work. That's why, if you are interested in how to choose an electric plane, you should pay attention to the metal used for the sole. Most often it is hard hardened steel, tungsten.

The thickness of the chips and the depth of cut of the board can be adjusted by means of a handle or a button with divisions. The thicker the chips are removed, the more slow the movement of the plane will be.

Features of work

Most models with a planing width of 82 mmIt is equipped with narrow knives that can not be sharpened. They are two-sided, so after both sides become dull, they are usually thrown out, and new ones are installed in their place. They are inexpensive, so there is no point in taking care of sharpening. However, there are also such models, in which knives are sharpened. There are also combined options where you can install either those or other knives. The width of planing from 100 mm involves the use of exclusively sharpened knives. If you decide to buy an electric plane, which one is better to choose - with sharpened or unsteelable knives - it's up to you to decide, but you should take your own convenience into account.

Manual electric plane


When searching for a suitable device, it is necessary to drawattention to this parameter. Here the number of revolutions of the drum with knives per minute is assumed. Than this indicator is higher, the cleaner it will be to plan the plane. That is why, with other things being equal, it is worth choosing the model that has a large number of drum revolutions. This indicator varies usually between 11000-17000 per minute.


If you are looking for the best electric plane, thenyou should pay attention to such a parameter as the presence or absence of an opportunity to remove a quarter. If this option is chosen, then this feature can be very useful when you decide to do it yourself, for example, the lining.

plane electric bison

Electric planes are capable of removing the bevel withbeam or corner of the board. For this purpose, the front part of their sole is provided with a special longitudinal recess allowing to center the plane so that it runs exactly along the corner of the beam or board. The presence of a special guide complete with the device allows you to make angles equal to 45 degrees.

Some household models have the opportunity tostationary installation. The planer is mounted in an inverted position on a special rack, which allows you to work with it as a machine. With such devices, the racks can be bundled or sold separately. If such an opportunity is important for you, then you can choose a manual electric plane of this category.

How to choose an electric plane

Completion of electric guns

In addition to technical characteristics and featuresdevice, it is necessary to take into account also its convenience in use, ergonomics, and also a complete set of various additional devices. At the same time, the sole should be smooth, and its dimensions have a direct effect on how stable the device will be during operation.

So, you decided to buy an electric plane. Which is better to choose, of course, you decide, but it is considered that it will be more convenient to work with a device equipped with a pair of handles: the front is intended for giving direction, and the rear one is for pushing the instrument. By means of the front handle, the depth of chip removal is regulated, and the required step is set. This depth gauge. One step should be 0.1 mm, and the scale should start at 0. Practice shows that even in this position the plane cuts off the thin chips, so it is recommended to choose a device whose scale starts below 0.

If the device is equipped with a spiral blade, then it scales the wood more smoothly and qualitatively.

In the complete set of many devices there are replaceable drums, as well as fasteners in order to use the electric professional plane as a machine, jointer and knife sharpeners.

Plane electric professional

To prevent the chips from flying apartside, it is necessary that the socket for the chips is included in the package. For individual models, a vacuum cleaner can be connected for this purpose. Some devices have a system for the discharge of waste in two directions.

Technical equipment

Electronic sensors allow to support worktool at a stable level, we are talking about a constant number of revolutions during operation, idle speed adjustment, as well as the most smooth start-up. Security is provided by the presence of a protective cover, blocking from accidental activation. For example, the electric plane "Zubr" is equipped with a casing, which is automatically discarded if the device touched the surface of the tree while pressing the handle located in the front.


If you decide to buy an electric plane,which is better, you must decide on the totality of factors that have been described. It is important to hold it in your hands and ask about precautions when working, as well as the warranty period.

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