Washbasin with heating: description and types

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Time does not stand still, industryproduced all new and new types of household appliances, designed to improve comfort and quality of life. It's not a secret for anyone that life in a dacha is not particularly convenient. Outside the city there is not always all the necessary engineering communications.

heated washbasin
If electricity is practically available in all suburban areas for use, then the water supply is a rare phenomenon here. An exit can be a heated dacha basin.

This technique will simply be irreplaceable, for example,In the spring, when the stoves and fireplaces no longer stoke, but in the mornings it is still quite cold. The same applies to the autumn period. In fact it is much more pleasant in such circumstances to wash with warm water from under the cock, instead of ice from a scoop or a mug. In addition, this subject of country furnishing can be used for other household purposes.

Washbasin is simple enoughconstruction. It consists of a tank with a heater and a sink, mounted in a rack-cabinet. Made it can be made of plastic or stainless steel. The latter option is somewhat more expensive. The wash basin is very easy to assemble. After the end of the season, you can disassemble it easily and quickly and take it with you to the city.

corner washbasin
A lot of space in this form it does not take. It is also convenient for transportation in a car.

Warm-up heated washbasin can supportset water temperature (from room temperature to 60 degrees). Water is poured into it from above, into a water heater equipped with a TEN. The discharge can be carried out in a bucket installed under the sink. In the event that you do not want to constantly ensure that the collection tank for used water does not overflow, you can arrange its withdrawal to the cesspool. This is done through a pipe system.

It looks nice dacha warm-up washbasinand as a piece of interior. The curbstone completely hides both a bucket and pipes. It can be made of any color material. Therefore, to choose it in such a way that it would fit into the interior with maximum aesthetics, it would not be difficult.

countryside washbasin
It is quite easy to take care of this holiday equipment. The wash basin is easy to clean. Do this using absolutely any means intended for this purpose.

If necessary, you can purchase a streetoption. For small rooms, a corner washbasin is perfect. The shape of the tank can also be different. For a small family, a compact washbasin of 7 liters is perfect. If necessary, consider the option of 30 or more liters. Such equipment will allow not only to wash all family members, but also to wash a large amount of dirty dishes. Dacha is not the only place where you can use such a design. It can be useful, for example, in a garage, a summer cafe or on a mobile sales point.

A heated heated country wash basin will helpquickly solve the problem of hot water in places where there is no central water supply. It is cheap enough, and consumes a little electricity. All these wonderful qualities made him extremely popular. Summer life with him will become much more comfortable.

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