The weather in the bathroom builds a shower stand

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When planning the bathroom, a special role is playedsuch a small detail as a shower stand. After all, it will depend on her comfort during the shower. Many choose the standard cheap option, and more often from the Chinese manufacturer, which includes only a faucet, a faucet and a watering can. As a result - frequent breakdowns of low-quality products and minimal use opportunities.

Shower Stall
The Spartan lifestyle is already a thing of the past, andso smart people buy wisely. The shower rack can include a whole complex of massagers and leks, and shower enclosures for it will not take up much space in the bathroom.

The first sign that the shower standis a modern tropical rain shower - it's a wide watering can that splashes water much wider than usual, and creates a rain effect, water falls under the action of gravity, and not under pressure. There is nothing more pleasant than standing under such a shower in hot weather, you can close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in the rain.

Shower stand

In addition to the tropical soul, there must bemovable watering can on the flexible hose, which, if desired, can be attached to the rack. It is needed in order to quickly take a shower in the morning, when there is no time to relax. In fact, if you remove all accessories, then this is the standard shower stand.

For the rack to work well, in its kitthere must be a quality mixer that will allow to regulate the head and temperature of the water without exerting unnecessary effort. The more accurately you can regulate it, the better. For this purpose, screw valves are ideal.

The choice of leeches for a shower rack is alsoan important moment in creating the perfect soul. They must be multifunctional to provide maximum comfort when taking a shower. One watering can should be mobile, it will help you if you have children. Also watering cans should be economical, because in cities you have to pay for water.

Shower enclosures

But on this possibility of such a simple subject,as a shower stand, are not yet finished. Indeed, in addition to her in sets of good showers can be hydromassage panels. If the shower rack has such an accessory, then a simple shower can turn into a healing procedure. Pain in the neck or back is much easier after the massage. And for people who have a sedentary job, the hydromassage panel is generally indispensable, it will help stretch and relax the muscles after a working day. Such panels are always multifunctional, it helps each member of the family to pick up the necessary type of massage.

The installation of the shower, despite itsthe design always reduces to one: fix it to the wall, and connect the water correctly. In some shower cabins you just need to connect the water and they are ready to work.

Of course, in addition to the shower in modernbooths can be a steam generator, radio, telephone, and many other accessories that designers put into them for greater comfort and functionality. But the main working element was and remains the shower stance, which makes the weather in the bathroom. In other words, it is responsible for the comfort and quality of the whole cabin.

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