Orchid and care for her: we buy a healthy plant and take care of it competently

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Orchid is considered to be one of the mostbeautiful, exquisite and luxurious creatures of the plant world. Recently, this luxuriantly flowering bright yellow, white, red, purple, purple or even green flowers, the plant has been successfully grown at home. A great variety of orchid species is known, differing from each other in form, color of buds, size, color of leaves and other biological parameters.

orchid and care for her
In this article we will not consider anyspecific varieties of these tropical plants, but let's talk about how in an urban apartment any orchid is grown. And care for it will not seem too complicated for you, thanks to our recommendations and advice. We hope that you will be able to grow a healthy and beautiful decorative plant.

A beautiful orchid and care after purchase

In general, all known varieties of orchids can beclassify by two groups - plants growing in the ground, and flowers attached to trees (epiphytes). Almost all room "beauties" are epiphytes, except for a cymbidium and a slipper. If you are just thinking about buying and do not know how to choose a healthy plant, go to a good flower shop. Pay attention to the roots of the plants being sold: healthy must be silvery gray or green, not brown. As a rule, all orchids are sold in clear plastic pots, so it is not difficult to consider the root system of the specimens. Having bought an orchid and brought it home, arrange a quarantine for a month. This measure will protect other indoor plants from possible infection. It is also desirable to treat the "beginner" with preparations against pests and diseases.

white orchid care

Orchid and care for her: lighting and watering

Any orchids - phalaenopsis, cymbidium, cattleya- love diffuse light, so for their cultivation it is desirable to allocate a well-lit place. The main thing is not to expose these exotic flowers to direct sunlight. They need at least 10 hours a day of light exposure, so in winter it is recommended that the plants be lightened with special lamps. A young specimen of an orchid requires at least 16 hours of light daily. To understand whether you have enough light for your plant, you can by its leaves - if they become too soft and stretched or changed the intensity of coloring - the flower just does not have enough lighting.

Very whimsical white orchid: care of the plant implies not only good lighting, but also the establishment of the necessary temperature regime. Of course, for each species there is its most favorable temperature range, but you will not go wrong and do not damage your plant by keeping +20 ... +25 ° C in the summer, and +17 ° C in winter. Also, for flowering, the plant needs a difference between day and night temperatures of 2 or 3 ° C. In no case can the orchid be subjected to sudden changes in climatic conditions, the plant may die. Orchids love regular watering with soft, steady and warm water. You can use filtered water. Moisturizing the orchid should be abundant, the substrate in the pot should always be moderately moist. Humidify the plant can be a method of immersing the pot in a tray of water.

Orchid and care for her: spraying

proper care of orchids
These beautiful plants adore high humidityair. Therefore, proper care of orchids implies their constant spraying. In carrying out this procedure, several conditions must be observed. You can not spray a flower located in the sun; Do not allow drops of water to reach the peduncles, otherwise the buds may fall. For the procedure it is desirable to allocate time in the morning, remember that evening spraying is not recommended. If caring for orchids is done correctly, your plant will have a healthy appearance, grow actively and produce peduncles. Under favorable conditions, the plant can bloom twice a year and delight you with its luxurious and elegant flowers. We advise you with all responsibility to apply to spraying, watering and keeping the plant's temperature.

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