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The security of his home has always beenconsiderable attention. It was manifested in the erection of fortress walls around towns, fences near houses, installation of window shutters and powerful entrance gates. Although many years have passed since the turbulent times, security issues have not become less relevant. True, this is not expressed in such an explicit form as the construction of fortress walls, but the fence and the gates have not become less in demand. But there is also a certain influence of the development of civilization, for example, the lifting and sectional gates can serve as a manifestation of this.

Lifting sectional doors
This design is quite universal, thanks tothat such products are widely distributed in industry and everyday life. Their use is possible in warehouses, workshops, country houses, in which garage gates are usually put up. It should be noted that they are great for working in such conditions. In this case, the design feature affects: they practically do not occupy additional space, fitting along the ceiling in the often unused space of the room.

Constructively the hoisting and sectional gates consistof several panels (sections), the number of which is determined by the size of the entire device and the opening in the wall. Each such detail represents a kind of sandwich - polyurethane or other heat-insulating material, covered on all sides by metal. It is covered with special paint, which protects from adverse effects. The panels are joined together by hinges. As a result, a kind of insulated metal canvas is formed.

It is located in the lateral guides, along which it can move up and down.

garage garage sectional lift
This design - and there is a garage doorsectional lifting. Walls installed in the opening, they completely cover it and protect the internal space from unauthorized penetration and external influences. Moves such gates on the rails up, while folding, go to the horizontal position of the vertical and are located under the ceiling, without occupying additional space inside.

In any direction the canvas can move asmanually or automatically, for which an electric drive is used. It should be noted that the elevator sectional doors can be operated remotely, for example, you can open them directly from the car and enter the garage. Although at first glance the thickness of the sections does not look too big, they serve as an excellent protection against bad weather. The magnitude of the thermal resistance of the described panel, which serves as the basis for the gate, is the same as that of the wall in a half brick.

garage gates

Both specific performance and externalthe design of the gate can be different. First of all, it concerns color, but the implementation itself can be very diverse. The gates can be either solid metal or with additional windows and a separate gate. With such a variety of possibilities for external design, products have a significant resource that allows them to operate for a long time. It is worth mentioning that the geometric dimensions of such devices are designed for use under any wall openings.

Lift-sectional doors are worthychoice, especially for the conditions of a country house, and allow you to save the interior space of the room, while ensuring protection from external influences and unauthorized access. A rich selection of different designs and a diverse color palette allow you to choose an option that perfectly matches with any architectural appearance of the house.

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