Wooden flowerpots, their types and role in decoration

Home cosiness

Flower lovers try to fill with plantseach free area, both indoors and on the backyard. Landscaping space not only ennobles the interior, but also cleans the air, gives the atmosphere freshness and aroma. Organically and naturally look in the interior of the wooden pot with the plants placed in them.

wooden flowerpots

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden pots

If you are in front of a choice, from whichmaterial to buy pots, it is better to give wooden products. The main advantage is that it is an environmentally friendly and natural product. The tree is easily processed using a small number of tools. This material allows using a jigsaw and a hammer to give the product any shape and size. With minimal skill and resourcefulness, the wooden pot can be made by a person who has nothing to do with carpentry. There is no need to purchase expensive material and complex devices.

The disadvantages include such a property ashygroscopicity. In contact with moisture, wooden products are able to rot and deform. Therefore, it is necessary to additionally treat the wood with waterproofing agents.

wooden flowerpots

Variety of flower pots

Due to the variety of shapes and sizes to placewooden flower pots can be anywhere. Products are desktop, hanging, floor and wall. Massive flowerpots are located on the floor and are intended for the maintenance of ornamental trees, palm trees, ficuses. Kashpo, attached to the wall, as well as hanging pots are designed for plants in which the stems curl and beautifully fall down. The main criterion of such pots is their ease. Therefore, suspended pots are small in size, and they can grow plants such as ivy, petunia, begonia, fuchsia and others. Exquisitely look like wooden flower pots, woven from willow twigs. In the table pots, mostly small flowers and plants are planted, the main thing is that the pots should remain stable and not fall down. Place them on the windowsills, bedside tables, tables, chests of drawers.

The variety of forms of pots under flowers amazes with its boundlessness. Manufacturers offer pots in the form of animal figures, barrels, carts, stumps, fairy-tale heroes and many other original ideas.

wooden flowerpots for flowers

A pot with your own hands

The easiest way to make woodenpots with their own hands is the use of stumps or decks. This product will be an excellent decor on the backyard. For work, prepare a log of the necessary size, focusing on the plant, which in the future will grow in the fabricated structure. Consider that the groove should be wider than the capacity you place in it. The root system needs free space for development. Your task is to destroy and pull out the core of the stump. To do this, take a drill with a large and long drill and make holes in the top of the workpiece. Then, with a chisel, gradually remove the middle, starting from the center, expanding and deepening the notch of the required diameter.

Wooden pots with own hands

Kashpo made of wood is important in creatingstyle. It is not just an accessory, it is a full-fledged subject in the interior, which ennobles, beautifies and creates a favorable mood for both the accommodation and the local area.

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