How to choose a sofa for a child?

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Choose furniture for the child is not so simple,because the range of goods is huge. The products differ in styles, models, manufacturers. A sofa for a child will be a practical thing at home. It is important to choose a comfortable and reliable sleeper. This is described in the article.


Many children's rooms are small, so you need appropriate furniture. Often for this sofa beds are chosen, which are famous for their convenience and multifunctionality:

  1. Suitable for sleeping, playing, receiving guests.
  2. Most models include drawers for laundry.
  3. Safe, because they do not have sharp corners.
  4. In folded form, compact.
  5. With a soft backrest provides convenience.
a sofa for a child

When choosing you need to focus on convenience, design and functionality. If the design is comfortable, then it can replace the sleeper.

Planning a purchase

Not all folding structures canused daily. A sofa for a child is not only a bed, but also furniture, to which special demands are made. Conscientious producers perform them, constantly improve the quality of their products, produce a variety of models.

Before buying a sofa for a child you needdetermine the location in the room, decide in which direction the bunk will be laid out. It is necessary to take into account the color gamut of the purchase, which should perfectly fit into the interior of the room.

children's sofas with side

You need to determine the size of furniture by age.In the shops there are children's sofas from year to year. If the child is 2-5 years old, then a 1.5 meter construction is required, which can be used as an armchair. For older age you need a product of 2 meters.


The basis of the furniture is the frame. It is wooden, made of pressed plywood, chipboard, MDF, mixed materials. Ecological material is a tree, it is preferable to choose beech or birch.

The tree should be checked for cracks.If they are present, the base is made of raw wood, so the product can not last long. The rack base on the basis of wooden springing armor is on a metal structure. Before you buy the product, you need to check the welding location.


When choosing a sofa for a child, you need to payattention to filling. If the furniture is a guest type, then polyurethane foam (furniture foam rubber) will do. But when the design will serve for daily sleep, you must choose an orthopedic spring mattress. It should be of medium rigidity, as it will ensure the correct position of the spine.

children's sofas photo

Spring mattresses can be of 2 kinds:

  1. With a conventional spring unit.
  2. A unit with independent springs.

The latter option distributes the weight of the child's bodyin a dream, but it is more expensive. It is advisable to choose a natural spring cushion filler. If you choose a springless mattress, then it is suitable for children under 7 years. The main thing is that the product has medium or high hardness polyurethane foam. The check is performed by pressing. If the dent in the surface instantly disappears, the packing is stiff.


As you can see from the photo, the children's sofas are beautifulupholstery. But they still have to be practical and safe. For adult furniture, velor and flock are used. These are gentle materials that can quickly wear out in children's games.

As an upholstery for children's furniture you needUse natural or mixed fabrics that ensure correct heat transfer. Therefore, tapestry and chenille are an excellent choice. The materials are durable, long not rubbed and pleasant to the touch.


When choosing a folding child's sofa or a conventional design, it should be borne in mind that the sleeper should match the growth of the child:

  1. The length of the furniture is determined as follows: the height of the child + 50 cm.
  2. The minimum width is 80 cm.
  3. The size of the bed is 190x90.

To buy furniture, it is advisable to take the child with you. It will be more accurate to determine the appropriate size. In addition, the child can choose the color and shape.

children's sofas from year

There are many furniture colors.Children's sofas for girls are created in pink and lilac scales, with bears, dolls, hearts, pillows. Can be depicted characters from cartoons. Children's sofas with bows are made in the shape of a house. Such furniture is very popular with children. Baby couches for boys are also different in shape and color. It can be furniture in the form of cars, ships, steam locomotives, as well as original folding options.


The design of the furniture should be safe. Therefore should be absent:

  • sharp corners;
  • hard surfaces;
  • sharp and solid protruding details.

These requirements must be taken into account when choosingany sofa, including a sofa bed. The mechanism is designed for simple and rapid transformation into a place for sleep. There are several sliding types:

  1. The withdrawable. It is an optimal and reliable view.The product is very simply transformed - you need to pull the seat and the backrest will leave on its own. Such structures are durable and durable. After folding, such sofas become smaller, which is even more convenient for the child.
  2. Accordion. This sofa can be laid out by yourself even a seven-year-old child, you just need to pull a loop on the back to get a berth. This kind of sliding furniture is compact.
  3. Dolphin.This mechanism is used in corner sofas. Such furniture has a big bed. The same products are easy to transform. But you need to check the design, because because of poor-quality mechanism the sliding place fails.
  4. Click-clack.Such a mechanism is ideal for older children. During unfolding, it can take 3 positions: for sitting, reclining and lying. Up to 8 years, such furniture is inconvenient for self-deployment. In such sofas, the filler is usually made of soft polyurethane foam.
children's sofas for girls

Reliability of mechanisms by better optionsare rolling out and accordion. Such furniture can be laid out by the child independently. For children of 3-5 years it is safer to choose a sofa bed with side walls. There are options with boards that enclose half the sleeper, and there are models fenced on 4 sides. Bortics can be removable and stationary.

From the age of 7, you can choose universal sofas.They fit perfectly into the room and will serve as a bed and an armchair. A compact option is a children's two-tiered sofa, which saves space perfectly.


Parents need to pay attention to the color of furniture.If a child has a lot of time in his room, then it must be decorated in those colors that positively affect the psyche. For boys, usually choose quiet tones:

  • Gray;
  • the black;
  • blue;
  • green;
  • brown.

Especially these colors are suitable for teenagers.It was at this time that the boys began to form a male character, life rules and habits. Therefore, the design of the interior is of great importance. The room should be within the "golden mean". If the room is in neutral colors, then the sofa can be dark. And if the rest of the surface is in dark colors, then furniture is better to choose light gray or beige.

For girls, pastel, bright, rich colors are relevant:

  • pink;
  • olive;
  • purple;
  • turquoise;
  • blue.

The older the girl, the calmeryou need to choose colors. For babies choose bright pink sofas, and for girls - pudrovye. The woman's bedroom will be more original with furniture, which is studded with material with a floral or geometric print. Sofas with roses, chamomile or lavender are perfect for different children's rooms.

The form

The form of furniture must be chosen on the basis ofage of the child. For the smallest fit products in the form of sailboats, animals, machines. In shape, sleeping places are like toys. Such designs will serve not only for sleep, but also as an exciting place for games. For small children couches with a rounded shape and smooth lines will do.

children's sofa bed

For older children, it is better to choose symmetrical designs. They look older and stylish. It is important to have rounded corners, as this reduces the risk of injury.


Purchasing furniture should be after determining the placement, shape, size, color, mechanism. Also, do not forget about checking the goods. What you need to do in the store:

  1. It is important to feel the furniture. Seat, armrests and back should be chosen soft.
  2. It is necessary to expand and fold the structure, check the mechanism.
  3. It is necessary to sit on the couch, put a child on it, feel convenience.
  4. It is necessary to learn about the filler and the material of the upholstery.
  5. If there are drawers, then you need to check the smoothness and ease of extension.


During the operation of furniture it is important to follow the rules of care, which will extend the life of the product:

  1. Follow the instructions and care instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  2. It is important to regularly clean the upholstered furniture with a vacuum cleanerfrom dust. It is necessary to remember about hard-to-reach areas. It is necessary to raise cushions, armrests and mattresses more often, and also to remove the collected dust.
  3. It is necessary to immediately remove impurities.
  4. Do not use several chemicals and stain removers at the same time.
  5. If the furniture has removable coatings, then to eliminate pollution, you need to use the services of dry cleaners.
  6. Decorative wooden parts should be regularly wiped with a dry sponge.

Suitable is a temperature of 15-28 degrees,the relative humidity of air is 30-80%. To preserve the color of the upholstery furniture should be placed at a distance of 25-30 cm from the battery, radiators and other heating appliances.

children's double sofa

It is useful to steaming the sofa with a steam generator thatdestroys germs. The procedures will serve to prevent allergy to dust and carpal mites. But before stripping it is necessary to check that there are no stains from food and other contaminants on it. In addition to regular cleaning of furniture, general cleaning is needed. When it takes several years of operation, you need a correction of upholstery and pillow fillers. It may be necessary to correct the deficiencies. Thanks to constant care it will be possible to preserve the appearance of furniture.

Only in the absence of defects you can buy a sofa. In this case, it will last a long time. And at home it remains only to handle the product with care, which will also prolong the service life.

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