How to paint a bath at home? How to paint the bath enamel?

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Sooner or later any bath (even expensive andexclusive) loses its appeal. The fact is that for many years of active exploitation the surface layer (that is, the enamel) is thinned. As a result, there are ugly stains, unaesthetic yellow or even red spots, as well as chips and roughness. Hygienic procedures to take in such a bath is at least unpleasant, so many people come to the conclusion that the old bath needs to be replaced. However, the purchase of new plumbing equipment is an expensive pleasure, besides the dismantling of the old bath in 99% leads to damage to the finishing materials. The ideal option is to upgrade the bathroom.

How to paint a bath of cast iron, tin or metal? The easiest way is to use enamel in the form of a spray. Bath, painted with high-quality enamel, again will look chic and aesthetic!

How to paint a bath at home?

Is it possible to update a lost oneAttractive plumbing? It should be immediately said that painting the bathroom will require carefulness and careful handling, but if you follow the instructions, everyone can paint their bath themselves.

how to paint a bath at home

Want to know how to paint a bath in your homeconditions and get an excellent result? In this case, you should purchase all the necessary materials and carefully study the phased work plan.

For work you need these materials:

  • enamel;
  • primer;
  • Special degreasing agent (traditional acetone can be used);
  • lint-free napkins (preferably from natural fabric);
  • protective polyethylene film;
  • building scotch;
  • sandpaper;
  • dense rubber gloves, mask;
  • detergent and clean sponges.

Preparing the bath

To paint a bath with enamel is quite simple. To do this, prepare the surface for painting.

  1. All surfaces to be painted should be thoroughly cleaned with a detergent.
  2. It is necessary to dry the bath.
  3. Using sandpaper, you need to remove the top layer of the old enamel. Particular attention is paid to damaged places.

paint the bath enamel
Preparation of bathroom

  1. Dust, which remains after working with sandpaper, is removed with clean, lint-free cloths. Always dry!
  2. From the bath it is necessary to disconnect the drain and the strap of the overflow hole.
  3. Cranes, shower, etc. carefully covered with a thick film of polyethylene.
  4. With the help of film and tape, it is necessary to cover all surfaces with which the bath is in contact.

Priming surfaces:

  • priming of the surface must be done with a brush;
  • after drying, the primer should also be treated with sandpaper;
  • The dust is removed with lint-free dry napkins.

Application of aerosol paint

  1. The paint is applied in three layers. This is done by smooth movements at a distance of about 25-35 centimeters.
  2. In places where there were stains, chips and stains, the paint should be applied in a thicker layer, gently painting all the ugly places.
  3. After applying each layer of paint, wait about 30 minutes (to dry the top layer of the enamel).
  4. After treatment, the bath can be usedonly after 2-3 days (until the paint dries completely). The drying time depends on weather conditions and air temperature. Accordingly, the hotter, the faster the paint will dry.

Following these simple rules, everyone will be able to paint the bath enamel and save on buying new plumbing.

cast iron baths

Why overpay, buying a bath, and do some cosmetic repairs after dismantling and installing new plumbing, if you can update the bath with minimal effort?

How to paint a cast-iron bath at home?

The cast iron baths are simply beautiful.Using the above described means and observing the step-by-step instruction, it is possible to paint the bath of cast iron, metal or sheet metal at home. It is desirable that the room in which the staining is carried out is well ventilated. When working with aerosol, you must wear a mask and gloves. Enamel in aerosol is a chemical substance that should not be inhaled. Protection will avoid unpleasant consequences with health.

Cast iron baths have a large numberadvantages, they perfectly retain heat, thanks to which the water does not cool very long. Therefore, if your bath of cast iron has lost its attractive appearance, do not rush to change it to a model of more modern materials. Painting with enamel will help save the situation.

Paint choice

How to paint a bath at home? The choice of materials is very important! The result of the work depends on the accuracy of the application and, of course, on the quality of the paint used.

It should immediately be said that there is no need to over-economize and buy cheap paint, which is neither reliable nor of high quality. Otherwise, this will entail additional expenditure.

than paint the bathroom

So what color paint bath is best?Experienced specialists who have a lot of practical experience recommend using enamel paint on an epoxy basis. Such paint is produced in the form of an aerosol and has excellent characteristics. The manufacturer should also choose a well-known and reliable one. Large companies value their reputation, therefore their products correspond to all existing world requirements and norms.

Is it advantageous to paint the bath yourself?

Perhaps you are also interested in the question: "How to paint a bath at home?", But you doubt that this idea is worthwhile.

what paint to paint a bath

Painting a bath is several times cheaper,rather than its replacement. This is not just an economy, it is an opportunity to extend the life of any bath at least 1.5 times! Work to update the damaged plumbing will not take much time, and the result will surpass all expectations.

Bath, painted with a quality spray, looksas new! The cost of enamel in aerosol and other materials is relatively small. Especially when compared with the cost of a new modern bath. The advantages are obvious.

For a long time to save an excellent result of coloring, useful tips will help you:

  • do not soak in the bath linen;
  • Do not leave water in the bath for a long time;
  • Do not use chemical cleaning agents that can damage the enamel.

Any bath is subject to recovery! The main thing is to show patience, accuracy and use high-quality materials.

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