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Today, many summer residents are trying to alleviatehard work with land. For this, various automated techniques are bought. For example, a cultivator will help to dig up the earth, remove weeds, loosen the soil and so on. However, a newcomer to make the right choice is difficult. This is due not only to the large choice, but also to the different technical characteristics. Let's talk about how to choose a motor cultivator. Customer feedback is an important aspect during the selection of the unit.

motor cultivator reviews

General information about technology

In fact, the cultivator is a mechanizedA device that completely replaces your shovel. When performing such works as hilling, harrowing, weeding, it is an indispensable unit. In addition, we can not ignore the fact that the motor-cultivator usually does not weigh more than 50 kilograms, so this unit can be safely attributed to light garden technology. Summer residents, who do not have enough standard functionality, can get upgraded units. A set of additional functions and attachments they have more, therefore, the range of applications is wider. For example, various hillers, plows and scissors may not be included in the standard configuration, but this can always be purchased and installed. Let's take a closer look at such an aggregate as a motor cultivator. Customer feedback - that's where we begin.

What customers say

When buying it is extremely important to get acquainted with the responsesconsumers. Many buyers say that you need to correctly choose the power. This is quite logical, because it does not make sense to buy heavy equipment for a small suburban site. Many recommend to take a closer look at cultivators weighing not more than 20 kilograms. With him will cope as a teenager, and a man of advanced age. And the last among the avid gardeners is the lion's share. Many buyers say that this is an ideal solution for small areas. But the depth of loosening of such equipment usually does not exceed 8-9 centimeters. More powerful models weigh about 40 kilograms, have a capacity of up to 4.5 liters. from. The depth of loosening here is about 18 centimeters, but the efficiency of the unit is smaller, and the dimensions are larger. Let's see how to choose a motor cultivator. Comments from consumers suggest that there are several criteria that should be followed.

how to choose a motor cultivator reviews

What to look for when buying

Even the seasoned summer resident can be stumpeda huge selection of models. Strangely enough, when buying makes sense, the first thing to pay attention not to the value, but to the manufacturer. Without any doubt, we can say that there are several leaders whose products are considered the standard in the whole world. Pay special attention to the cultivators MTD, Champion, Texas, "Husqvarna" and so on. After you have decided on the manufacturer, carefully go through the technical specifications. Buying a too powerful and heavy unit is a waste of money. Also, a too weak device will not meet your expectations in terms of performance. Of course, not the last place and cost. Since today there are a variety of motor cultivators, reviews and prices for them are also different, so this question needs to be understood in more detail. To do this, consider several popular models.

Motor-cultivators: reviews and prices

One of the popular models of the manufacturer "Texas"from Denmark - unit TG475. This lightweight vehicle weighs 43 kg and a capacity of 4.75 liters. from. In principle, this is a good solution for medium-sized land. This is also spoken by users. Many consumers respond very positively to this model. According to customers, this is an exceptionally high-quality and functional technique, with the maintenance of which there are no problems. The price for such equipment is about 30-35 thousand rubles.

motor cultivators reviews and prices
You can not bypass the cultivator "HusqvarnaTF334 "comes from Sweden. It's safe to say that this manufacturer is one of the most popular in the whole world. The technique has practically no drawbacks. Here, and quality assembly, and shields to protect plants, etc. Users say that this is a good choice for processing medium and large areas of land. Buy only proven motor cultivators. Reviews and prices, as you can see, correspond to each other, which can not be said if we consider Chinese counterfeits.

Electric or gasoline?

If you have a small plot of land ora lawn with a lot of trees and shrubs, then you are best suited electric option. Such a cultivator has small dimensions and weight, which makes it possible to use it in hard-to-reach places. The main advantage of such equipment lies in the absence of additional care (filling fuel, lubricants, etc.). It is enough just to insert the plug into the socket and you can start working.

motor cultivators which is better

The petrol version is somewhat more complicated inservice. It is necessary to constantly add oil and gasoline, and a certain brand, etc. In addition, the engine produces a lot of noise, and there are exhausts that harm both you and surrounding plants. It may seem that this is not the best option. However, such models are more powerful, and there is no need to connect to the network. In addition, this is a good solution for a large plot of land. In any case, it is not always expedient to use an electric motor cultivator. Reviews say that the main limitation is the length of the cord. However, if you want, you can extend it.

Cordless and manual models

In addition to electric and gasoline cultivators,there are others. For example, models that run on battery power. You can say that there is no special reason to buy such a device. This is due to their low power, as well as high cost. The main advantage is the tool's mobility. As for hand-held equipment, this is the simplest option. Several sprockets and discs act as working bodies. Such a cultivator is good only for decorative works, for example, to cultivate a garden, a flower bed, to remove weeds and to loosen the soil.

motor cultivators price

About optional equipment

If you ask about which cultivatorbetter, customer reviews will tell you that one that has a large amount of additional attachments. Agree, in most cases there are not enough standard cutters, often additional nozzles are required. For example, it will not be superfluous to have a hiller and a rake for lawns. From burying in the ground can save the wheels for axle cultivators, and if you need to achieve better patency, then very opportunely will be pneumatic tires. If you have acquired a powerful model, then spend on a trolley, which you just need. The aerator, for example, makes holes in the ground, whereby plants receive a large amount of oxygen and water. In any case, pay attention to the equipment during the purchase of the product. You can always buy attachments for your particular cultivator model.

electric motor-cultivator reviews

Something else

Do not confuse the motor cultivator with the motor block.The last unit is much more powerful, it is able to plow the soil, carry heavy loads and so on. The cultivator is less universal, but very useful in the farm. In principle, we have examined with you what are the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the features of motor cultivators. The price differs depending on the manufacturer, capacity and configuration. For example, the same model can cost as much as 10, and all 20 thousand rubles. But in the first case, the kit is minimal, and in the second - the maximum. Much depends on the manufacturer, China - this is a relatively cheap technique, Europe - better and more expensive. The domestic producer is something average. And the price here is most acceptable.

which motor cultivator is better reviews


So we talked to you about what ismotor cultivators. Which is better, it's up to you. Remember that the service life of the equipment (warranty) is only a few years. But if the operation is correct, the cultivator will last longer. It does not always make sense to buy too expensive models. If you do not use all the power and capabilities of such an assembly, then you simply waste your money. If we talk about popular models, then among the leaders, almost all the units are petrol and only a few electric ones. But you decide for yourself what to buy. In principle, this is all that can be told about the correct choice of the cultivator, which will facilitate the work in the summer season.

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