How to clean the cooker at home?

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Where does the cleaning start in the kitchen? From washing dishes? Maybe. But! The largest amount of dirt accumulates in the first place on the stove. We every day something to soar, cook, fry. Naturally, all these processes occur not without damage to cleanliness.

Ready to forever say goodbye to the dried mud and burnt fat? We will tell you about all possible ways, and you will learn how to clean the plate and restore it to its original appearance.

How often should I wash the stove?

By all the rules of cleanliness, the cleaning of the slab shoulddaily, along with dishwashing. Do not lose sight of the grilles and handles from the burners - at least three times a week they need to be wiped with a damp cloth. So to say, hygiene is most important! But since most of us are sorely lacking in time, we rarely take to cleaning the stove.

Even the most ambitious can not avoidunpleasant situations, after which the question arises as to how to clean the stove at home. Milk ran away, and after the frying all the oil was left on the burners - then it's time to start cleaning.

how to clean the cooker

What do I need to clean the plate?

So, first, we need to prepare all the necessary aids to help ease the cleaning process. To do this, you will need:

  • any cleaning agent (except abrasive - they spoil the enamel);
  • brush;
  • rag;
  • Gloves (to negate the corrosive effect on the skin of the hands of chemicals).

Probably, it's not a secret for anyone that the majoritychemical agents can be found an equivalent alternative among harmless food additives. To clean the surface of the plate perfectly fit table vinegar and baking soda. These two components will help clean both the gas stove and the electric one.

how to clean a gas cooker

You should clearly understand:Whatever you try to wipe off the slab, even a mega-effective advertised tool, you can not achieve an instant result. After applying the cleaning gel / powder, do not immediately take an active "drayat." Leave on for several minutes. During this time, there will be a small chemical reaction, as a result of which the molecules of carbon, burnt fat and soot will begin to disintegrate into smaller compounds, which will facilitate easy cleaning. And only after that, armed with a brush, you need to rub a bit of the dirty area, and then rinse the product with a cloth soaked in water.

How to clean a plate from fat: folk remedies

First of all, if the stove is gas, you need to remove the grilles. Then gently remove the burners. With an electric stove, such a "prelude" will not be required.

We need to dilute the solution from water andbaking soda in a ratio of 1: 1. Next, take a sponge, dip it into the resulting porridge and pass through the sponge across the entire surface of the plate. The most problem areas are places near the burners. That's where the largest amount of fat accumulates. Therefore, near the burners, it is more reasonable to apply a larger solution, do not regret it. After that, forget about the plate for about ten minutes.

After the time has elapsed, only thethe surface of the slurry with a wet rag. Wipe the cooker well so that there are no more soda particles left. Pay attention to the zones of the burners, they will need to be rubbed a little with a brush, then the dirt will depart quite easily. After that, carefully clean the moisture from the plate. Now we know exactly how to clean the stove!

how to clean a stove at home

If we are dealing with multi-day clustersdirt (but we're not like that, are we?), then leave the solution for a longer time. It will be enough about 20-25 minutes. Alternatively, we repeat the manipulations described above. Most often such an uncomplicated version of the cleaning plate allows you to perfectly cope with dirt.

Another effective way

Consider the second method of how to clean the slabfrom soot and fat. A mandatory condition for this method is the use of rubber gloves. Cleanliness is good, but healthy skin is much more important.

It will require table vinegar of six- ornine percent. Pour on the surface of the plate. It's not worth pouring too much, it will take quite a bit of cleaning. We take in the hands of a dish sponge and gently take the distribution of vinegar throughout the surface area with the burners.

Armed with soda and generously sprinkled it over the topvinegar. There is an immediate reaction. Soda, which came into contact with the acid, begins to actively hiss, characteristic bubbles will form on the surface of the plate - as a consequence of the ongoing reaction. After the hissing stopped, and all the bubbles burst, we wipe the stove with a wet cloth. Try to thoroughly rinse the area around the burners so that there are no traces of table vinegar and soda on the stove.

how to clean the plate from fat

Now our plate looks no worse than in advertising. You can even conduct your own experiment. Try to swipe your finger on the cleaned surface. Do you hear? It is a script of impeccable purity!

Perhaps, the minus of this method can be considered mandatory work in gloves. But what can you do for the sake of whiteness of your favorite plate, right?

Cleaning the handle from the plate

Another hotbed of dirt - the handle from the plate.In the process of cooking on them, under them and around them accumulate various fat deposits, and not only. If we are asking ourselves how to clean the cooker, then we must also worry about the cleanliness of the handles from the burners.

They say there is a sure way to cleanInaccessible places with a mixture of drops of anise and ammonia. The secret is simple. Everybody knows from the school chemistry lessons that ammonia spirit dissolves the fat remarkably. Anise in this duo acts as a fragrance. It slightly softens the sharp smell of ammonia vapor.

Work process

We work on the same principle:we put the mixture, clean it with a brush, wipe off the dirt and wipe with a damp cloth. The method is perfect for processing slabs, the removal of handles which are not provided.

But if the handles are removed, you can use another way to clean them. This requires an old toothbrush and a cleaner for cleaning surfaces.

how to clean a gas cooker at home

For the removed parts, we apply any cleaning agent, we actively work with a toothbrush, we wash the individual components, dry them and put them in place.

The same method works fine even if you need to clean the burner from dirt and grease. Means + toothbrush, rubbed, washed, wiped. A-la beauty!

How to clean the grate on a gas stove?

And here "for dessert" we have the most difficult thing left -lattice. How much burning and mud settles on it! Electric plates in this plan definitely win. There is a theory that the gratings for plates are painted with black color. The reason is trivial: on black, virtually all this disgrace is in the form of settled fat and soot. Although, perhaps, color is determined solely from aesthetic considerations.

how to clean a grate on a gas stove

The reasons for regular cleaning of the gas stove gridsenough. During cooking, splashes of oil, grease and various liquids fall on the surface of not only the plates, but also the grilles. After a while, all this withers, and with the next use of the plate again heats up. As a result, pairs that are harmful to human health begin to stand out. And we should not breathe all this. So let's start putting things in order!

Effective methods of cleaning

Put the knives aside, they will not be needed. In addition, if you use a knife blade to clean the grill, there is a good chance of scratching the surface.

We have already figured out how to clean the gas stove inAt home, we now consider the proposed methods for cleaning the grids. In fact, there are a lot of variations, ranging from incandescence over open fire to the use of a blowtorch. But the most real way to clean the grate is to boil it with the addition of soda ash and a solution of laundry soap.

In the largest saucepan pour water, fall asleep soda (for five liters of water, 100 grams of soda), on a small grater you still need to rub the laundry soap and also send it to the water.

Next, put the grill in a saucepan and boil it.Boil, most likely, will have a fairly long time. We are guided by the degree of contamination of the grids. It should be borne in mind that this method is suitable only for cleaning cast-iron products!

And you can do much easier: make a solution of soda, distribute the surface of the grids and leave for about an hour, after which the grate should be thoroughly rinsed.

How to clean a plate of carbon and grease


Well! Now everything is sparkling and shining!We hope this article helped you decide how to clean the stove. Do not forget that removing dirt tracks is much easier with fresh ones, so timely wet cleaning will help to significantly ease the care of the stove.

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