Sticky wallpaper by yourself: practical tips

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Wallpapering your own hands - it's not so difficult,as it may seem at first glance. It requires only patience, accuracy, a minimum set of tools and knowledge of some of the nuances that will be described below.

Wallpapering your own hands
First of all, you need to calculate the quantitynecessary material. To do this, it is necessary to calculate the area of ​​the walls and add 10-15% to it "in reserve", the number of rolls should always be rounded up, or even better taken one more.

As for the wallpaper itself, the market receivedwide distribution of two types: paper and non-woven. The first wallpaper for gluing the walls are of low cost and made of environmentally friendly materials, but quickly burn out and poorly hide the unevenness of the wall. Flizelins have practically no drawbacks, except for high prices. Tapping wallpaper with your own hands of this type is more suitable for beginners, since the glue is applied only to the wall, and the base is stronger than paper.

Wallpaper for gluing of walls
Before starting the gluing it is necessary to preparewalls, remove old wallpaper. To do this faster, they can be damped with water or a mild detergent solution, wait for the glue to get wet, and remove with a spatula. To glue the wallpaper with your own hands had a better result, you need to repair the cracks and unevenness of the wall. Finish putty on gypsum base is suitable for this. Previously, a newspaper was used for these purposes, but this was caused by the shortage of dry construction mixtures, now in any construction shop there is a wide range of such goods. It is also recommended to primed the walls. Time consumes a little, and the result of pasting will improve significantly.

The adhesive adhesive is diluted with water in proportions,specified in the instruction. It is better if the glue will be designed specifically for your type of wallpaper. Apply glue with a soft brush on the wall, and if wallpaper from paper, then on the cloth itself. Before you start, look at the instruction for combining the picture, the best option for beginners when matching is not necessary. Strips need to be cut off with the allowance on the floor and walls of three to four centimeters, adjacent linen glued 2-3 mm in excess so that the light from the window does not fall under the seam, so it will be almost invisible. From under the glued linen air and excess glue to drive out from above downwards and from the center to edges (fur-tree). To do this, you can use a dry clean rag. When performing this operation, be careful not to exert too much effort, otherwise you can tear the canvas. Wallpaper gluing with your own hands is completed by removing the glue squeezed out from under them and smoothing the seams.

How much does the wallpapering

During the week, the wallpaper will dry, but they willslightly sit down, but allowances from all sides compensate for this change. Avoid drafts in the pasted room during this period, otherwise the bands will begin to fall behind and along the edges from the wall, and all your work will go wrong.

Following these tips, you can quicklyfinish the repair, then call the construction company and ask: "How much does it cost to paste the wallpaper?" Then you will definitely be satisfied that you saved a decent amount of money, which, as is known, does not happen much.

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