The floor in the steam room: the choice of materials, the device. Furnish of a steam room

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The floor in the steam room performs several important functions. First of all, it ensures the safe movement of people. In the steam room is always wet. Therefore, the floor must be non-slip so that visitors do not get injured. Under the base of the premises there are sewerage communications. The floor must be arranged so that the water is allocated as much as possible qualitatively. In this case, the coating and all the finishing materials inside the steam room will last much longer.

To arrange the floor in the bath room correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of experienced builders. In this case, you will be able to do all the work yourself.


Considering, how to make a floor in a therma, you should start by choosing the material. There are two main options. In the first case, the floor is created from wood, and in the second one from concrete. Everyone chooses the best type of material for themselves.

Concrete floor will require more time and effort. Also this is a more expensive type of material. However, the service life of the concrete floor is more than 50 years. It is believed that to equip the floor of wood is easier. Such material is cheaper. Work in this case is faster and easier.

The floor in the steam room

The wooden floor covering is operated infor 7-8 years. Despite such a short operating life of the material, in most cases the masters prefer this particular option. Wooden cover is quite possible to mount independently.

Choice of wood

Quality chimney finish depends on the right choice of wood. This material should be well dried. The boards must not have defects, cracks or chips. Also, there are no signs of rotting.

Steam bath

Hardwood wood used for steam roompreferably. It is believed that this material has a different effect on the human body. For example, a birch is able to energize the visitors of a bath, and aspen, on the contrary, removes negative emotions.

Birch is considered one of the best materials forfinishing pair. It is well treated with protective compounds. Larch is also considered one of the best options for a bath. It is a durable material. It tolerates temperature changes, high humidity.

If properly processed, you can use for finishing and linden. Of the listed materials do also shelves in the steam room, create a finish for the ceiling and walls.

Flowing floor

Bath, whose thermae is finished with wood,can be of two types. The first option involves the presence of cracks between the boards. The accumulated moisture will simply flow down. The second variant of sex in the steam room is called non-flowing. He settles down a little more complicated.

Leaking floor is the simplest optionfinishing. In the floor there are cracks through which water seeps into the soil. Sewerage in this case is not settled. Only in the underground space a drainage pit is created. Sometimes it is replaced by a special capacity, which is communicated with the sewerage lines. Warming of the floor in the steam room also do not.

Shelves in the steam room

The presented floor variant is suitable only forsouthern regions and buildings, which are operated exclusively in the summer. In this case, the boards are not nailed to the lags. They are periodically removed and taken out into the street. Here they are dried and returned to their original place.

Non-flowing floor

Bathhouse, steam room which is created in accordance with allbuilding standards, should be non-draining. When creating its floor, the boards are laid in two rows. On the logs, a rough floor is first installed. On top of it lay hardwoods pile wood.

Furnish of a steam room

In this case there are no gaps between the boards. Under the floor is laid insulation layer. The surface covering should have a slight slope to the site of drainage. Here, an opening with a siphon is installed to divert water to the sewage system.

To exclude the appearance of deflections with time inwooden cover, in the middle of the log system, supports are installed. They can be brick, concrete. It is also possible to use wood for such purposes.

Underground arrangement

The floor in the steam room needs a proper arrangement of spaceunder him. If a leaking floor is created, the filtration properties of the soil are first evaluated. If there is sand under the base of the bath, it will suffice to cover it with gravel. The layer should be about 25 cm. Gravel will clean the drains before they enter directly into the ground. Between the backfill and lags should be a distance of at least 10 cm.

If there are loamy under the leaking bathsoil, clay, you will need to install a tray to drain the water into the sewer. For this, a clay castle is created under the floor. It must have a slope toward the sewer.

If the bath is leak-proof, the base is covered with expanded clay. Between it and the logs should be a distance of at least 15 cm. This is necessary to create a full ventilation.

Beginning of work

The device of a floor in a steam room assumes installationlag. They rely on the foundation. This design is typical for almost all modern baths. The creation of a foundation and a sewage system under the floor allows meeting the requirements of sanitary and hygienic standards. Otherwise, the room with time, an unpleasant smell, and the wooden coating is destroyed.

Once the foundation is laid, it is necessary to install logs. If the area of ​​the room is large, it will be necessary to build additional tables. They will help to reduce the gaps between the lags.

For the arrangement of the rough floor, choosehardwood. It is also possible to use slabs or thick boards for these purposes. With the help of self-tapping screws or by grooving the rough flooring is fixed to the beams. Then it is necessary to arrange a heat-insulating layer.

Mounting of insulation

Wooden floor in the thermae Requires the presence of thermal insulation. In this case, warming up the room will occur faster. Heat losses are significantly reduced. This allows you to save on energy.

The modern market of heaters offersmany types of materials. They differ in cost and technical characteristics. It is best to arrange the floor in the bath is suitable for mineral wool. It is environmentally friendly material. It is able to reliably isolate the room, not letting the heat out.

To ensure the thermal insulation and the whole construction of the wooden floor have served for a long time, it is necessary to lay a layer of waterproofing over the insulation. For this, you can buy pergamene, ruberoid or polymeric membrane.

Laying of the finishing floor

The floor in the thermae settles down immediately after the installation of the base, mineral wool and waterproofing. To do this, prepare grooved boards. Their thickness should not be less than 3 cm.

How to make a floor in a steam room

Do not stack too hard. If the moisture gets on them, the material will swell. If there is not enough room for linear expansion, the wood will lead. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to leave small gaps between the boards on the finish.

It is also important to take into account the direction of the annual rings. They should look at adjacent boards in different directions. With this installation technique, it is possible to achieve a high level of smoothness of the coating.

All trim elements must be installed with a convex side up. In this case, the floor will be strong and reliable.

The final stage

At the final stage, processing is carried outwood with special solutions. Many variants of such products are on sale. Than to process floors in a steam room, the master decides independently. It should be an antiseptic that will prevent the appearance of fungus and decay on the floor surface. This solution is also treated with two side and bottom side boards.

Wooden floor in the thermae

When laying a finishing coat, it is important to makeslope towards the drain hole. After this, you can perform the cycling and installation of plinths. You can manually remove irregularities on the surface of the coating. However, it is more expedient to use electrobrushes for these purposes. Before starting such work it is necessary to check whether nails stick out on the floor surface.

Further in the foundation it is necessary to make several outlets. This will prevent the development of damp under the floor covering.

Wall and ceiling decoration

After the arrangement of the floor, the finishing works of the walls, ceiling, the door to the steam room and shelves. In this case, it is also allowed to use wood, lining. She is trimmed by the ceiling and walls. Under the surface is also installed a layer of insulation and waterproofing. Do not buy foam or styrofoam for this purpose. In the steam room such heaters will release substances that are unsafe for the human body.

Arrangement of the floor in a thermae

It should be remembered that the finish of the ceilingand the walls in the room of the steam room can not be plastics, wood panels, particleboard, plywood, etc. Also for these purposes coniferous wood species are not suitable. They will produce resin when heated. This will lead to burns.

Cover the lining in the bath with special meansNot recommended. Lacquer, stain or other such coatings on heating will release harmful substances, an unpleasant odor will appear. It would be unbearable to be in such a room.

Interior decoration

After finishing the ceiling and walls, you need to install the door to the steam room. It can be made of special heat-resistant glass or wood. The first option is preferable. Glass allows you to create a stylish view inside the steam room.

Shelves in the steam room should be arranged in several rows. For their creation, hardwoods are used. The surface of the material should be well ground. On it there should be no defects, chips. It is also unacceptable that metal caps of carnations protrude on the surface of the shelves. At elevated temperatures, this can cause burns.

An important element of the interior of the sauna is the oven. Many different models are on sale. The furnace can be wood-burning or have an electric heater. Each owner chooses the best option for himself. Some owners prefer to build it out of brick right on the spot. It is easier to buy ready-made furnaces made of steel or cast iron. Electric heater does not imply the possibility of pouring hot stones with water. If the owners like a bath with high humidity, they should prefer a traditional stone oven.

Interior decoration options

Experts recommend not using too mucha lot of wood when decorating the bath. The original look of the steam room, in which the lining is combined with tiles, plexiglass, natural stone. If you want, you can ask for help from a professional designer. He will develop an original interior design. Being in such a room will be pleasant for all visitors.

Furnish of a steam room should be done with taste. You should also pay attention to the choice of fixtures. The steam room should be light enough. Plafonds can be made of natural wood or other heat-resistant materials.

It is very important to provide inside the bathvent hole. Airing will avoid the appearance of dampness, pathogenic microorganisms. However, it is useless to make a ventilation window inside the steam room. It is best to equip it in a dressing room or a washing room. The steam is ventilated when the door is opened.

After considering the technology, how is the floor in the therma, there is decoration and decoration of the interior, every owner of a country house will be able to properly equip the bath properly.

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