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A biotoilet for a home is in demandproducts. He finds his application in private houses, garden plots and country cottages, as there are many places in Russia where there are no sewer networks. Now the shops offer a large selection of different biotoilets. According to the principle of action, they differ in chemical, peat, electrical and bacteriological.

biotoileton reviews

Chemical bio-toilet. Reviews

It consists of two parts. The top is made up of a saddle and a pump, the bottom part is a waste tank. The products of human activity are decomposed by a special chemical composition that blocks the multiplication of microbes and destroys the smell. It is autonomous, compact, and the chemical composition is consumed sparingly. However, this chemical compound is not safe for the environment, and it will have to be bought constantly in the store.

Many summer residents buy such a bio-toilet, reviews aboutits operation, as a rule, positive. Hardy gardeners and gardeners recommend buying a design with a hand pump and filling sensor, and advise to take into account the number of people using it and take it with a tank volume that will match the number of people. Others really like that it can be installed at home. This is especially true in winter, when using the toilet outside the house becomes an unpleasant business. Many people buy liquids for recycling through the Internet.

Peat toilets. Reviews.

Peat toilets also consist of two parts. Peat is placed in the lower tank. For ease of emptying the tank and carrying it to the place where its contents will be removed, there are handles, as well as a valve.

peat bio-toilet reviews
Peat turns the contents of the tank into a fertilizer. The smell from such a toilet is missing. The tank is sufficient for it not to be emptied frequently. Those people who bought peat bio-toilet, the reviews on its operation leave good. There are reports from those who used such a bio-toilet for three years, the reviews are only positive. Everyone likes that there is no smell at all. And the tank must be emptied only once a week. They believe that it is very convenient for a home in the country. Many people say that it works perfectly even in winter. Those who bought an imported peat bio-toilet, the reviews about it leave very good and note that it is much better than domestic ones.

Biological variant

Its action is based on the processing of contenta special culture of bacteria that completely remove the smell of the contents. Recycled wastes are suitable for use as fertilizer. The disadvantage of this toilet is that it must be installed outside the house.

biotoilet for the house

Electrical option. Reviews

An electric bio-toilet is a novelty. Its principle is based on the principle of separating liquid waste from solid waste. Solid wastes are dried with the help of a compressor, and liquid waste is removed to the sewage system. There is such a toilet about 2 thousand dollars. It requires an electrical connection. And in the garden areas is not always there is electricity. Despite the high price, people buy an electric bio-toilet, the best reviews about it. They use it and buy it for their relatives. Its only drawback is the need to install at least a simple sewage system.

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