Convector heaters: pluses and minuses. Convector or oil heater - which is better? Overview, Comparison, Features and Feedback

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Today, there are enoughConvector heaters are common, pluses and minuses of which should be considered before purchasing equipment. Such devices work quite quietly, do not take up much space, but look aesthetically. The devices are not only compact and beautiful, but also very effective. They can be used in an apartment, a private home or an office.

Main characteristics

The type of heater described differssimple enough design. Inside the case, which has a small width, there is a heating element functioning from the electrical network. The heating temperature is controlled by a thermostat, whose handle is on the outer panel. In the process of making the case, 0.8 mm metal is used.

Convector heaters, pros and cons

Customer feedback on the choice of convectors

Convector heaters, the pros and cons of whichdescribed in this article, according to consumers, should be selected depending on the size of the device, the power consumption and the type of heating element. It is important to take into account and additional functionality, operational safety, cost, as well as the company-manufacturer. According to buyers, the power should be chosen depending on how much space the room is supposed to heat. For example, if it is intended to use the equipment as an additional device to the main heating system in the period when it is not yet heated or the heating season has already been completed, then it is necessary to calculate the power as follows. Each cubic meter of the room requires 25 watts. If there is no heating in the dwelling at all, then it is necessary to calculate the power, proceeding from the fact that 40 watts will be needed for each cubic meter.

convector heater pros and cons

Selection by heating element

If you are considering convection heaters,pluses and minuses of which it is important to take into account before buying, then you need to pay attention to a kind of heating element. Experts recommend choosing devices that are equipped with a cast cast heater, this is because the equipment will serve a longer period of time, and will function more efficiently. Many modern consumers today are deciding on how to choose a convector heater, tips on this you can read in the article. It is important to take into account the dimensions of the device.

oil heater or convector heater

Height Selection

In particular, professionals recommendattention to height. From it will depend on the speed with which the air will move. For example, low convectors, whose height is 60 centimeters, will ensure the rapid movement of air masses, which will contribute to the rapid heating of the room. Choosing convection heaters, the pros and cons of which should be taken into account by the consumer, it is important to pay attention also to safety of operation.

convector or oil heater is better

Security choice

Convectors, according to customer feedback, arethe safest heating devices. This is due to the fact that the body heats up to 60 degrees, but no more. This is why it is convenient to use such equipment where there are small children.

how to choose a convector heater

Feedback on additional features

Choosing for your apartment or house convectorheater, you should take into account that it can be equipped with additional functionality, namely a temperature controller that will allow you to adjust the heating level. The thermostat keeps the temperature, which is the most comfortable for the owners. The timer allows you to turn on the equipment only for a certain period of time, after which the shutdown device will be activated. If you are interested in a convector heater, the pros and cons of which are described in the article, then you can prefer a model that is equipped with an integrated ionizer. He is responsible for absorbing dust, saturating the air with negatively charged ions. Those customers who are worried about the health of their loved ones are choosing options with such an addition.

select the convector heater

Convector heater, pros and conswhich should be taken into account, can also have a remote control that facilitates the operation of the device. A very important function, according to consumers, is protection against overturning, which is relevant for a home with children and animals. Comparing the prices for similar equipment, as well as deciding which convector to choose, it should be taken into account that a good thing can not have too low a price. When choosing, it is necessary to turn your attention to brands that have proved themselves in the market of the corresponding goods. Owners of convector heaters emphasize that such equipment will dry air. Solve this issue without having the appropriate functional can be a method of using a container with water.

Overview of the qualitative characteristics of electric convectors

Before choosing a convector heater,it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the main characteristics of the models that are on the market. As for power, it can vary from 250 to 3000 watts. The lowest power is used as an additional source of heating, whereas the models with the highest power can be used as the main heating. Heated area can vary from 1 to 35 square meters. If it is a question of too large rooms, then heating can be very difficult.

The choice must be made only afterHow do you know what kind of heating element is installed inside. It can be a monolithic or ribbon element, as well as a heating element. Experts recommend choosing their choice in the direction of the heating element monolithic type. Choosing a convector heater? Reviews, the principle of work - all this should be studied in advance. However, it is important to pay attention also to the type of installation, which can be wall or floor. If the equipment is intended to be used only in one room, then it is best to give preference to the wall version of the installation. This will save space in the room.

how to choose a convector heater tips

Cost can be influenced by management, viz.sensory, mechanical or electronic. The first variety is rare, but it costs more than others. If you still can not decide which thermostat to choose, it is best to give preference to the electronic one, giving up the mechanical one. The principle of operation of the equipment consists in the movement of air masses. The smaller the height of the device, the faster the room will warm up. This figure can reach a figure of 65 centimeters.

Features of oil heaters

If you are thinking about the question of whichbetter - convector or oil heater, then it is worth considering both data of the device. The first of these was described above, while the second will be given further consideration in the article. Among the positive qualities can be distinguished quiet work, low cost, as well as ease of moving to different distances. In this case, too, it is important to choose the right power, while you need to be guided by the height of the ceilings. If this figure does not exceed 3 meters, then for effective heating of 10 square meters of room it will be necessary to purchase a radiator whose power is equal to one kilowatt. On sale it is possible to meet the units, the power of which varies from 1 to 2.5.

Comparison of oil and convector heaters

If you decide to choose a convectorheaters, pluses and minuses of the device is important to consider even before the moment of going to the store. From oily such devices differ in the shape of the body, which is smooth and flat. Oil aggregates, as a rule, are located on the floor, which distinguishes them from convector ones. If desired, you can install even skirting convectors, whose height can be 15 centimeters, the length starts from 1500 cm. If you can not decide, choose a convector or oil heater, which is better from these two devices - will help to understand the information presented in the article.

Instruments can be compared to each other byeconomy of use. The oil version consumes 1/4 of electricity more than the convector type. In view of the fact that electricity tariffs are constantly growing, this factor can be decisive when buying a device. The heating-up period is also quite important. With the help of an oil heater this takes place in several stages. First, electricity contributes to the heating of the heating element, which heats up the oil, the latter gives heat to the edges of the housing. This process can take a lot of time, while consuming a certain amount of electricity. Thus, consumers note that after switching on the equipment in the room, heat does not immediately begin to heat up. Speeding up the process can be built into the oil heater fans. If it is a convector, it immediately starts to heat the air, and the efficiency is 95%. The heating speed is not so great, the oil cooler, which is equipped with a fan, under additional conditions, wins at the convector.

Which is better - convector or oil heater

If you can not determine what to choose -convector or oil heater, which is better from these two devices, will allow you to understand the information about each of the units. Here it is about the installation and ease of carrying. Convectors in this case are more mobile and convenient. Their mass does not exceed 10 kilograms, while the oil devices are heavy and bulky. Their weight varies from 18 to 25 kilograms. Convectors that are equipped with wheels are easy to move, and if you fix them on the wall, this will save a lot of space, making it easier to clean. Among other things, the temperature created by the convector is more comfortable for the person.

If you can not decide what to choose - oilheater or convector unit, it is important to take into account also safety. It should be noted that the hot oil is not the best solution. It is capable of heating the case to such an extent that it will be easy to get burned. As an exception, those models are supplied, which are supplied in the manufacturing process with a protective casing.


If you still can not decide what to choose- oil heater or convector unit, it is worth to trust the opinion of experts in this field who are advised to purchase the last of the mentioned models. They are safe, noiseless and convenient to operate.

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