Beetle Strider: Fighting Techniques

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Beetle stranger is a very dangerous pest of country lands, a kind of production of agrotechnical and environmental illiteracy of truck farmers.

combating the beetle
Previously, such an insect inhabited the abandoned landsand in the wild natural tracts, the active development of which by summer residents became for the beetle an exorbitant joy, which brought a high-calorie and tasty food in the form of cultivated plants.

Strider Beetle: Description

The appearance of such an insect is not very pleasant;at a length of 2-2.5 cm, he has a large head with large, strong jaws, which menacingly moves when he is taped on his back or picked up. Similar to the May beetle, the same large and black (but can not fly), the snow beetle beetle appears in the gardens quite early (in April) and begins barbaric activities, mowing everything with his jaws. The most massive invasion is observed from mid-April to mid-June. Particularly active activity of the insect leads at night, appearing outside the home during the daylight hours rarely. Habitat - burrows, which the snow-beetle beetle likes to dig in ravines, on steppe slopes, fields and unprocessed territories with dense soil.

Cutting beetle: the plague of many dachas

An unwanted resident of a country plot, which is popularly known as "kravchik", "virgin land," "head", can immediately nullify all the works of truck farmers.

beetle beetle how to fight it
For example, the inhabitants of four mink, located on one square meter, are able to erase greens from 10 square meters of the garden!

Lifestyle of the snow beetle

How to deal with the snow beetle, whose clawslike a sharp knife? Young vines of grapes, strawberries (cultivated delicate plants) is something that loves to cut off such a beetle. And it does not frighten the altitude; the beetle is able to climb the meter-long plants, eat them and dump down the cut shoots. He spoils the plants that he spoils, then he forms a silo cube, which he impregnates with salivary glands, which prevents rotting of the harvested material. Prepared "half-finished" beetle-beetle beetle drags into the burrow for the future offspring, showing about it exorbitant care.

beetle beetle
One female beetle is able to lay off 8 to 20 eggs,at times replenishing the ranks of garden pests. The larvae appear 10-12 days after the masonry - white, with a large head, thick and long (up to 40 mm). The food of the future beetles consists precisely of those stocks that they were trained to burrow by adults. The growing larva mends 3 times, then turns into a chrysalis, from which in a couple of weeks a full-fledged snow beetle appears, the methods of combating it are the sore topic of summer residents. In his cell, he hibernates and leaves the surface of the earth only in the spring, where he intensively begins to prepare food for his future offspring.

Features of the snow beetle beetle

In addition to the impact of a person who wants to get rid offrom such shearing pests, snowcrap beetles are affected by natural factors: larvae of flies-ktyrs, kozheedov and karapuzikov are parasitized on their larvae. The mites themselves parasitize ticks, adult specimens are a food for coughfishes and rooks.

beetle stridong methods of fighting

The fight with the snowgrove beetle is enoughA complex process in which it is necessary to know the weaknesses of this insect. And they are available! The beetle can not fly because of the wings that have grown together in the process of evolution. The use of chemicals to kill the beetle will be of little use, because the depth of its occurrence in burrows is 60-70 centimeters.

Summer tricks in the fight against the bug

Как бороться с жуком-стригуном? The perimeter of the site should dig a groove depth of 20-30 centimeters, the outer wall of it must be made even: it will not allow the insect to leave the territory occupied by the cottage dweller. At the bottom of the groove as a bait, you can put so your favorite greens, pre-treated with peritroids. In parallel with this method of fighting, the snow beetle must be collected manually and loosened the soil, thus falling asleep the entrances to its own burrows. In this case, the effect will be noticeable after 2-3 years.

Beetle Strider: Fighting Techniques

Ogorodniki, affected by the beetleharm, found another, quite effective method of dealing with it. To do this, you need to fill in the holes with a water-oil emulsion, which is prepared by mixing 100-200 grams of homemade, well-smelling sunflower oil in a two-liter plastic bottle filled with water. The last one needs to be screwed with a lid, in it to make a hole and to inject the contents into the mink of a beetle. The action of such a solution for insects is fatal, since it affects their respiratory system; beetles are forced to leave their lair and crawl out; in any case, they perish. Such a lifeless victim to the taste of ants, which immediately crawl onto dead beetles and eat them.

how to deal with a beetle

And yet, if a beetle-beetle was planted on the site,how to deal with it? As one of the options, some summer residents in the early spring, instead of the above described means are poured boiling water into the burrows. Perhaps this method helped someone, since so long exists. In the same way, a solution of soapy water is used, which must be poured into burrows in the morning and evening hours. Alternatively, instead of sunflower oil and soap solution, you can use the cheapest construction foam, which must be blown into the holes of an insect pest. Of course, not the most useful way, but, perhaps, someone will dare to try.

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