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Mustard is a plant that belongs to the familycruciferous. It was brought to Europe from Asia. Translated from Latin, its name literally means "harm and sight." This is not surprising, since grinding the grains leads to the release of essential oils, which, in turn, provoke strong lacrimation in a person. Now, along the highway, the wild mustard itself often grows by itself. The plant, whose photo is on the left, despite the absence of any outstanding features in its appearance, effectively and unforgettably looks on the fields in the form of cultivated crops. Since ancient times, the people of India, China and Pakistan have respected and grown it with the aim of obtaining spices and raw materials for medicines. The plant is of great importance and now, because in many nations it symbolizes not just the coming of spring, but also the divine faith. There are about forty varieties of mustard. The most common of these are species such as brown, white and black.


mustard plant as a fertilizer
Speaking of properties, first of all, followsnote that mustard is a unpretentious plant. Some of its varieties in height reach one and a half meters. The first racemose inflorescences appear immediately after the flowering of the first spring plants. The fruit is a small pod, which is filled with yellow seeds of round shape. Flowers usually have a white or pale yellow color. The lower leaves consist of two or three pairs of lateral lobes and three lobes, and the upper ones are on short cuttings. The composition of seeds includes fatty oil, which occupies one third of the total. In addition to this, there are also essential oils, which account for about two percent. They stimulate the protective forces of the human body. Mustard is a plant that is often found in dry bouquets. In the composition of plant winter compositions, its silky seed boxes look very original. In the warm season, the garden variety of mustard is able to fill the room with an unforgettable aroma even through the window.


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Mustard is a plant that is often used for medicinal purposes. Now with her help, they cure dental and headache, cough, cold and other diseases.

Widespread spreads of mustard,which refers to salad crops. The great advantage of the plant is that it is possible to consume leaves in food a few weeks after sowing. In the kitchen of some countries this plant is generally salted, dried and dried.

Do not forget about another destination,which got mustard. A plant as a fertilizer is used in agriculture quite often. This can be explained by the fact that it perfectly drains, structures and loosens the soil. Roots grow to a depth of three meters. Thanks to this, the culture is one of the best in terms of ensuring soil protection from wind and water erosion. Moreover, the mustard for a long time delays the snow, which results in a lesser degree of freezing of the earth. In this regard, in the steppe regions, it is often possible to find fields where, along with winter crops, mustard is planted.

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