Cheap fence for summer residence. What is cheaper to make a fence?

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The construction of a fence is one of the tasks thatsooner or later, but surely will face the owner of the land. As the house begins with the porch, so the site begins with the fence. Therefore, it is recommended to pay due attention to the issue of fencing. To build a structure independently or with the involvement of specialists - this question is individual in each case, but many try to build the cheapest fence. When constructing a fence on its own, it turns out to save considerably on the remuneration of labor of hired workers and, what is equally important, to get useful experience. Of course, when starting such a large-scale work, it should be understood that this business is not one day and there is a lot of trouble, but if you do everything according to the rules, the new fence will long please its owner.

cheap fence
Selection of material for a cheap fence

First, it is necessary to determine whichmaterial to choose for construction, to get a cheap fence. Fences are divided into two types: solid (capital) and with gaps. A solid fence reliably protects a blank wall from the views of outsiders, creating an atmosphere of isolation and reliability. In this case, it is recommended to choose materials such as brick, metal profile, concrete slabs, boards. The fence with gaps will protect the site from the adjacent territory, but at the same time visually increase the space. The view will not stop at a blank wall, which will provide psychological comfort. The erection of such a light fencing will require other materials: a lattice, a grid-netting, will fit here. You can also build a low board fence. And you can act radically differently and use a hedge as a fence. It will be the cheapest fence.

Despite the fact that the main task of the fence is to protect and reliably protect the territory from outside interference, the fence also has a purely decorative function. Therefore, its appearance is very important.

In order not to make mistakes when choosing a material for the construction of a fence, one should clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages of each.

cheapest fence

Boardwalk fence

This is practically the cheapest fence for summer cottages.

Let's consider its pluses:

  • natural material;
  • democratic price.

There are also disadvantages:

  • short service life;
  • need regular care: the fence is drying up, the paint is peeling off.

Wooden boards are one of thethe most easy-to-use materials. To construct such a cheap fence from a tree will be easy even for beginners in carpentry. Purchased edging boards should be finished (stitch, polish, varnish or paint).

If there is no desire to tinker with the independent construction of the fence, you can purchase a ready-made structure. But this option will be more expensive several times.

cheap fences for summer residence

The cheapest fences (photo options for their erection can be seen in the article) for cottages - a stockade of stakes. You can also make a woven fence of branches.

Fence made of bricks

cheap fence yourself

This is not the cheapest fence for giving.


  • long service life;
  • high strength, not afraid of vandals;
  • representative view.


  • the fence will turn out to be costly;
  • you can not do without a solid foundation, which implies additional costs.

Fence from metal

Immediately find out what are the advantages of this fence and disadvantages.


  • factory production provides a variety of appearance: any color, wave size, coverage is available;
  • simple installation;
  • affordable price;
  • practicality;
  • durability: the service life is not one decade.


  • primitive appearance.

In order that the fence of the metal profile(corrugated board) looked better, it is appropriate to combine it with a brick. This fence is very strong, but not as expensive as fully brick. Therefore, this approach is very popular.

Fencing made of concrete slabs

Consider the advantages of this fence:

  • extremely high strength: according to this indicator, concrete exceeds brick by several times;
  • high durability - up to 100 years;
  • a wide variety of shapes.


  • Such a fence is not completely erected, it will require the help of qualified specialists and equipment.

the cheapest fence for summer residence

Rabit fencing

A cheap fence with your own hands can be built from a mesh-netting.


  • reliability: modern mesh-netting is not subject to corrosion, thanks to galvanizing and polymer coating;
  • long service life - at least 30 years;
  • does not obscure the site, visually increases the space.


  • like any enclosure with gaps, does not protect from extraneous views.

cheap fences photo

Cheap fence of our own made of wood

Let's consider the basic stages of building a wooden fence:

  • It is necessary to mark the boundaries of the land plot.
  • In the previously excavated fossa of depth 25-30cm are inserted poles - the main structural elements. Piles should be located at a distance of not more than 2.5 m from each other. Verticality is checked with a plumb line. To prevent the slope of the columns, they can be concreted.
  • To the posts is attached a square wooden beam 50x50 mm or larger.
  • Mounted transverse load-bearing bars.
  • Cutting boards are fastened to the crossbeams. The gap between the boards should be 1.5-2 cm.
  • Covering the entire structure with varnish or painting with facade paint.

Before installation, all boards must be treated with putrefactive agents.

Cheap fences for a summer residence from metal: independent erection

It is not difficult to erect a fence from a corrugated board if you follow the following sequence of actions:

  • The boundaries of the land plot are marked.
  • Along the boundary line, holes with a depth of 1-1.2 m are drilled.
  • Gravel or gravel is poured into the holes (20-25 cm).
  • In the grooves are pierced metal poles cross section of at least 50 x 50 mm. Verticality is checked by a plumb or level.
  • To prevent rolls of poles, they should be concreted.
  • To the posts at the same intervals from each other, transverse carriers (2-3 pieces) are mounted from a rectangular metal tube.
  • Sheets of corrugated sheet are attached to the cross-pieces.

Often sheets of metal profiles are attachedscrews, but this method of installation has several disadvantages. Firstly, the formation of rust can occur in the attachment points, therefore, only special screws with EPDM gasket should be used. Secondly, self-tapping screws are easily twisted, than successfully used by thieves to commit thefts of corrugated sheets. To prevent such situations it is recommended to use special rivets for metal.

Important points

1.In order to keep the cheap fence as long as possible, the strongest supports should be used. Metal pillars will be the most reliable, they can be used even for boarded fences, which will significantly extend the service life.

2. An important element of any fence is the gate.It is necessary to determine in advance their type and method of attachment. The gates are of different types: sectional, swinging, folding. First, a rectangular frame of the desired size is welded. You can trim it with the same material from which the fence is made.

3. On the door of the gate on both sides are attached handles, if necessary, is bolted. The gates are mounted on the supporting frame with the help of strong steel canopies.

When using an overhead lock on the gate, you will need to attach metal loops for it. For a mortise lock, it is necessary to make holes for the lock and tongue.

If we follow these simple rules andrecommendations, the work on the independent construction of the fence will not seem difficult, and the result will please for a long time. Do not forget that cheap fences for giving, like any construction construction, require periodic maintenance and minor repairs.

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