How to sew a house with a siding?

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Facing a country house - quite a phenomenonfrequent, especially if the living object is built of wood. It is not very easy to sew a house with a siding, but it is quite possible. From which stages the process consists.

Efficiency and simplicity in one

Sew a house with your own hands

Wooden house - the most influenced byatmospheric precipitation, so its finish should be handled responsibly and carefully. And it is no accident that siding is used for this: first, it will reliably protect the walls from moisture and temperature changes. Secondly, it is light and durable, so you can safely sew the house with a siding with your own hands and do not worry about the extra burden on the foundation and walls. And this suggests that you can save on costs and not strengthen the foundation.

Follow the advice

how to sew a gable with a siding

To begin with it is necessary to be defined with search of accessories for installation, to calculate quantity of a material. So, to sew a house with a siding with your own hands, you need to stock up:

  • outer corners (it is better to use whole strips to decorate the knots to avoid noticeable joints - they can significantly damage the lining);
  • internal corners;
  • the starting bar;
  • okolokonnymi slats;
  • ebbs on windows;
  • finishing slats;
  • J- and H-profiles.

How to sew a house with a siding: instruction

how to sew a house with a siding

First, we calculate how much we will needpanels. To do this, from the area of ​​the walls you need to subtract the volume that will occupy the window and doorways. The result is divided into an area that has one panel of material. The material should be taken with a margin - suddenly you have to cut and connect its individual elements. For mounting it is advisable to use a screwdriver, since it is possible to damage plastic panels with a hammer. Sewing should be done by means of self-tapping screws with a press-bar length of 25-30 mm.

Before you sew the house with your own hands,you need to thoroughly clean the walls of dust, old lining material, treat them with special means. Moldy or rotten places should also be cleaned. Before laying it is necessary to lay a layer of waterproofing material, which is fixed to the wall: this will keep the ventilation gap between the waterproofing and the facing material. And proper ventilation is a guarantee that mold or fungus will not appear under the skin.

house siding

Skinning frame for siding can bewooden or galvanized. This profile is first installed, but it is important that it is not deformed. For this, it needs to be treated with a special impregnation, which penetrates quite deeply. When installing the battens, you need to choose smooth and well-dried bars. If the house is wooden, then the crate is better to choose galvanized, because it is resistant to rot and moisture. The technology of the skin requires careful joining of the elements, so that when the temperature changes in the lining, there are no gaps.

It is also important to know how to trim the gable of a housesiding. This will make any residential property complete and complete in terms of compositional and constructive design. In addition, it is from the exterior that the first impression of a country house depends, so it is important to correctly approach its design.

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