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The lock is the basis for the security of each room. On how much it combines difficultly compatible characteristics - reliability and ease of use, the safety of values ​​and the comfort of operation depend. By the way of installation locks are mortise and overhead. There are also hinged, but they are all familiar to everyone, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we turn more

bolt lock
close attention to the bolt locks. In this device, the metal rod-bolt plays the role of the locking element. It can have a rounded, square or rectangular shape. Lock bolt lock when extending bolts (they can be up to 5-7 pieces) in the support, strengthened in the wall. The reliability of the locking device depends on the number of locking cylinders, because they are the main load on the attempt of breaking.

The lock can be mechanical andelectromechanical. With the mechanical everything is clear - there is a key, at the turn of which the locking elements are extended / retracted. Mechanical varieties are widespread, and the trading network provides them in a wide range.

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The electromechanical bolt lock consists oftwo parts: a mortise lock with an integrated opening sensor (control element) and a bar with an electromagnet. When the control element and the electromagnet match, a door closing signal is generated, the bolt is thrown out. The electromechanical bolt lock can have an adjustable delay timer (from 0 to 9 seconds), which allows them to be used without controllers, while still protecting against premature operation. Models with controllers are more expensive, but they are more reliable.

The electromagnetic bolt lock must haveguaranteed power source: only when there is a current, the door is held in a locked state. There is a separate type of locks, which can be opened both with electricity and with the help of keys. Such bolt lock in the locked state is both under voltage and without, but is unlocked by an electric impulse in the presence of power and a key in its absence. You can buy a lock barrel in any specialized store. There are a lot of models and types today.

bolt lock for roller shutters
Locking lock for roller blinds

To ensure the safety of the premises, oftenuse shutters. Locks on these devices are installed, as a rule, on the lower bar. In this case, the bolt lock is the most popular locking device for this type of protective device. First, because it has a small price, and secondly, because of the ease of installation and use. And although their design is different from the usual door locks, but the principle remains the same: the metal rod when turning the key blocks the movement of the protective roller shutter. Opening and closing is possible only with a key. There is a kind of bolt lock, which acts like a latch: the canvas is fixed in a certain position with the help of bolts.

The disadvantage of the dead bolt isconsider its low reliability: with a certain experience, the key to pick up is not so difficult. Therefore, other types of locking devices are also used. Sometimes an electric drive is installed that blocks the lifting of the roller shutter.

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