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Install plastic windows is oftenis not enough, because they also require their proper maintenance. If improperly used, problems may arise, in which case the windows will not protect the room from wind, cold and noise. More often than not, it is necessary to pay attention to the named problem when it is required to change the regime. To do this, you need to set up.

Why to regulate metal-plastic windows?

Everyone knows that plastic windows have twothe main regime: summer and winter, each of which performs its role. Window manufacturers usually indicate in their recommendations how to properly operate and adjust the metal-plastic construction. With confidence, it can be argued that this avoids a lot of problems.

We will tell you how to do this correctly in the article. It is important to remember that all the recommendations will help to properly adjust the metal-plastic construction and keep the heat in your home.

adjustment of windows of plastic

Why is it necessary to adjust the windows to the "summer-winter" mode?

Few people know how to customize the window, sosome prefer to contact specialists for help. But in the setting up of windows there is nothing complicated, and if you carefully study all the recommendations, then you can carry out all the work on the regulation of the design yourself.

Initially, the adjustment is made when the windowsonly installed. This greatly simplifies operation, but, unfortunately, does not allow you to select the desired mode in the future. For example, if windows were installed in the summer, then in winter it is necessary to reconfigure them, and vice versa.

Experts say that it is necessary to manage without adjustmentsimply impossible, since it is a kind of repair, which allows you to determine the preparation of the structure for operation in the cold season. Adjustment of plastic windows for the winter allows to improve their tightness, does not allow drafts to penetrate into the room. Thanks to it, the microclimate in the room will always remain at a normal level.

If the adjustment is not correct, thenThere will always be a high humidity, and sometimes even hoarfrost on the windows. If the structure is operated for a long time, then the tightness becomes minimal, and there are many reasons for this.

setting up plastic windows with your own hands

Often the adjustment of plastic windows is required whencase appears breaking. To avoid this, they must be constantly regulated as soon as the seasons change. If you leave the windows on the summer mode, the cold air masses can freely penetrate into the room, which will naturally affect both the heat level and the energy consumption for its conservation. Installing windows for the winter period in the desired mode, you can keep the heat in the room.

When is it necessary to adjust the window for the winter period?

Setting up plastic windows "winter-summer" may be required in several cases, where it is worth stopping your attention in more detail:

  1. Adjust the windows immediately after the design was installed.
  2. Even experts can sometimes make mistakesat installation, such violations entail deviations, cracks begin to form. In this case, a full repair and adjustment of plastic windows will be required.
  3. Every two years, a technical inspection should be carried out. If the frame is operated without such checks, then some deviations may be detected.
  4. The window may fail if it has been installedin a new building or in an old house, since the building can sink. It is not difficult to notice this - after adjusting the windows for the winter period, cold air will still penetrate into such a room. In this situation, it is important to take into account the possibility of a building sinking, and problems can be avoided.

how to set up a window

Naturally, this is not all the reasons for which it may be necessary to adjust the window for the winter period, but they are the main ones that the consumer can face.

The instruction on regulation of a window for the winter period

Setting up plastic windows for the winter with their own handshas always remained the most pressing issue. To attract professionals to work, you need to spend a pretty decent amount of money, and in order to perform all the work yourself, follow the recommendations carefully enough.

The design for winter should be prepared in advance,otherwise the owner may face major problems during operation. The fact is that fixing anything during the temperature reduction will be very difficult.

First of all it is necessary to pay attention toaccessories. Adjustment of the accessories of plastic windows allows you to make the windows begin to fit snugly against the frame. If the windows have not been adjusted properly before, you will notice strong drafts in the room.

Adjusting the window does not take muchtime. In order to carry out all the work, you will need to use a hexagonal key, which is available in almost every owner in the house. At the end of one leaf there is an element that serves for locking, in another way it can still be called a clamp. It is on a platform of rectangular shape, but can be moved up and down. It is very important that this clamp is moved in the direction of the street, when there is a strong cooling, just this will provide the owner with a good tightness.

Adjustment of plastic windows without specialists

To properly retighten the clamp,use the hex key. Twist it counter-clockwise, applying a small amount of effort. Due to this, he will be able to turn to the correct position and he will fix himself. As soon as all the manipulations are carried out, it will be possible to say with certainty that the work is done at the proper level, and now it will be warm and comfortable to stay in the room even in the coldest conditions.

How to set up different types of fittings for the winter period?

Every hardware manufacturer struggles forquality in its own way, and this also affects the adjustment of the plastic window. Some developers use a complex structure of construction, and some - simplified. Consider all types of accessories and how it can be customized:

  1. The company Roto has round heads in itsconstructions, why the owner may have a problem with the keys, since it will not be possible to find a suitable one. Here you have to torment yourself and look for the key with a large cross.
  2. The company Maco made sure that the heads were the most convenient - the manufacturers made them oval in shape, and you can twist them with conventional pliers.
  3. The most reliable is the accessories of the company TORX. To switch to the winter period, you will need to use a hex key.

how to adjust plastic windows yourself

Some developers of plastic windowsuse in their system special protection, in which the mechanism can be rotated through 360 degrees, but once the owner does this, the mechanism will return to its place. By the way, it is often not recommended to do this very much, as the mechanism can simply break, and then it will require a complete replacement.

It should be noted that the adjustment of plastic windowswithout specialists requires special attention and patience. As soon as one head is twisted, it is worth checking how tightly the window closes. Typically, the adjustment of one head does not give anything, therefore, gradually twisting the rest, you can check the tightness on all sides and all the doors of the metal-plastic window.

How to insulate windows in another way

When you configure windows of plastic,It is worth paying attention to the condition of the seal. Often the cause of drafts from the cracks is precisely its wear. This seal is made of rubber. If you do not properly look after the material, you will soon see that no window adjustment can save the wearer from entering the room.

setting up plastic windows for the winter with their own hands

To ensure that the sealant does not wear out badly,Use a special silicone grease, which is so loved by motorists. Thanks to it, the rubber is covered with a special molecular film, which lasts six months.

Over time, the seal can be completely changed, and then the window settings will become even easier.

What problems can occur when adjusting windows?

To date, some plastic windowshave a complex construction. Naturally, the adjustment of plastic windows with their own hands in this case can cause certain difficulties. Such windows often require proper preparation for the winter, so one adjustment in this case is indispensable.

Windows require special attention, and if theirin time not to translate into a summer or winter regime, then soon the term of their operation will come to naught. It is important to remember that if they are always in winter mode, then soon they will fail, or rather, the seal will deteriorate. Switching from the winter regime to summer is also advantageous because more fresh air will enter the room.

Some are wondering howadjust the plastic windows by yourself. It should be noted that all manipulations are very simple, so you do not need to seek help from specialists. The most common difficulties occur when cylindrical eccentrics are used in the fittings. Before you get started, you must first carefully examine all the elements of the window lock and try adjusting the screws. Window manufacturers, as a rule, leave their recommendations, so you can use their tips.

Step-by-step adjustment

When you need to configure the windows of plastic, you should follow some recommendations:

  1. It is necessary to study carefully the buttsashes. This part of the window is moving, with cylindrical elements, which, when moving, enter the window frame and fix the leaf in one position. Among the elements, you can see two strips, which are divided into two semicircles.
  2. To put the window into winter mode, it is enoughjust turn these bars to the side of the street. In this case, an expansion is obtained, and the window leaf automatically falls into the bar, the frame being pressed harder, and the air can not freely enter the room.
  3. You can return windows to summer mode in the same way, but this requires turning the leaf in the opposite direction, more precisely, towards the room.

Innovations in setting the window for the winter period

To date, innovative windowswith low-emission glasses. In this case, this term means windows with a triple-glazed double-glazed window - such glasses allow to save heat by 70%. Some believe that the above windows are absolutely not suitable for the summer period, but it is safe to say that they will reflect the energy of the sun.

Plastic windows can be freely installedclimatic valve, then the adjustment of plastic windows with their own hands will become even easier. In this case, without any effort, it can be done so that air from the street will not enter the room, and, conversely, take care of fresh air in the house becoming larger, providing good ventilation. Correctly using the mechanism, you can achieve the expected results.

adjustment of accessories for plastic windows

Tips for adjusting windows

If you can not adjust the window, it's worthtake care of replacing the seal. After all, when the product is used for a long time, the adjustment of plastic windows can be practically impossible and it only remains to replace the sealant. Over time, it may lose its properties, cracks appear in it, and recommendations for switching to winter mode will not give the expected effect.

Replace the sealant will not be difficult,you should buy the right material and carry out the appropriate manipulations. It is advisable to carry out a replacement not when the house becomes cold. The old seal is removed from the top or bottom corner, as soon as this work is done, it is necessary to process the grooves, or rather clean them of dust and dirt, otherwise the new seal will not be able to lie down as it should. Then a new seal starts to be laid from the upper corner, which is superimposed over the whole width.

It is very important to make sure that it isdensely laid down. Only when all the work is done, it is possible to start fixing the new seal. In no case can the rubber be stretched, since it will not then be the same size as the window. Remember that turning eccentrics all the way is also not recommended, otherwise you will need to replace the seal again. Provided that all recommendations are followed, the adjustment of the window will pass quickly and qualitatively.

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