How to use aquarium sealant: step by step instructions. How long does an aquarium sealant dry?

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Fans of aquarium fish and ownerspet shops certainly know that to seal and assemble aquariums you need a special tool called sealant. On sale today in a huge range you can find such mixtures that have different composition and unique properties. If it is an acid silicone sealant, then it can be used not only for aquariums, but also for the finishing of showers, showcases and gluing of glass structures. It is noteworthy that after solidification this mixture is not capable of harming living organisms, and it can be used even on those surfaces that will be in contact with food and drinking water during operation.

Aquarium sealant is characterized by the fact that itIt does not spread after application and does not slip on the seam, it makes its use more convenient. The sealant has a high gluing ability, excellent adhesion to:

  • ceramics;
  • enamel;
  • fiberglass;
  • tiles and many other materials.

It quickly hardens, which allows the use of glued structures immediately after the completion of this stage.

Drying time and technical characteristics of the sealant Penosil

aquarium sealant

If you need aquarium sealant, then youYou can buy one of its varieties - Penosil, which is suitable for both internal and external works. This composition can be used when sealing joints that will undergo mechanical influence during operation. In the food industry, this mixture is used to seal the shells.

If we consider technical characteristics, thenit can be noted that this sealant can be used at temperatures ranging from +5 to + 40 ° C, but it can be used for a wider range, which is limited by a limit of -40 to +100 ° C. Quite often, consumers ask the question about how much the aquarium sealant dries, if you have purchased the described brand, then the hardening will occur in 15 minutes. You should consider the maximum possible size of aquariums that can be glued together with this mixture, they are 2000x600x600 mm. The maximum stretch is 250%. The seam will retain mobility, this parameter is limited to 25%.

Reviews about the sealant of the brand Penosil

How dry the aquarium sealant

Sealant silicone aquarium Penosil, reviewsabout which only the most positive, is specially designed for compaction of elements when assembling glass structures. According to users, this composition is able to withstand even the highest mechanical loads, and consumers choose it also for the reason that the manufacturer sets a fairly low price for it.

Additional advantages

aquarium adhesive sealant

The applied layer has no color, which attractsfans of aquarium fish, because glass structures are often also transparent. The volume of tuba is not so great, and is 0.3 liters, which is very convenient when there is a need to purchase material in small quantities.

Step-by-step instruction on the use of the sealant "Olympus"

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Aquarium sealant brand "Olympus" shouldused by a certain technique. This compound is a one-component silicone sealant, which is suitable not only for repair, but also for the installation of freshwater and marine aquariums, completely made of glass. It can be used for sealing and fixing glass surfaces. Application can be carried out on:

  • glass;
  • porcelain;
  • glaze;
  • painted surfaces;
  • polycarbonate;
  • polyacrylate;
  • varnished surfaces;
  • aluminum;
  • steel;
  • ceramics;
  • tile.

The composition is waterproof and completely safe forhealth of the inhabitants of the aquarium. It can be used even for mobile joints, among other things, it shows resistance to ultraviolet and weathering, as well as household detergents and solvents. After hardening, the sealant can be used at a temperature range that varies from -40 to +100 ° C.

Before using the aquariumsealant, the surface must be prepared, for this, it is cleaned of dust and dirt, and after degreasing with acetone. The cartridge should be kept at a temperature of + 20 ° C or higher for 12 hours before application. At temperatures below + 5 ° C, use of the formulation is not recommended.

The application is carried out usingThe applicator gun, from which it is necessary to cut off the tip of the threaded part. The master should tightly screw the tip. The tip is cut at an angle of 45 ° to the width that the filled seam has.

Recommendations for work

aquarium silicone sealant

Aquarium silicone sealant in the cartridgeinserted into the gun, only after you can perform a uniform filling of the joints, leveling them with a wet spatula. The drying time for the tile is 15 minutes, which is true if the room is kept at a temperature of 20 ° C. Relative humidity is also important, it is 65%. Full polymerization should be expected after 24 hours.

Recommendations for the use of the sealant "Moment"

sealant silicone aquarium penosil reviews

Aquarium sealant "Moment" is verypopular with consumers. For a tube you have to pay 203 rubles. This one-component silicone compound has a high adhesion to glass, metal and most types of wood. It is not recommended to use this mixture on porous surfaces, as for marble, concrete or natural stone. The same applies to surfaces based on natural chloroprene rubber. It is forbidden to use sealant on building materials, through which oil, solvent or plasticizer can leak. Do not use in confined spaces mixture, because for its hardening, you need atmospheric moisture. Due to acetic acid precipitations during the solidification stage, a sensitive metal like copper lead and brass, as well as silver mirrors, can be destroyed.


If you need an aquarium sealant, thenAs an alternative, you can consider Silirub AQ, which can be black or transparent. It is highly elastic and based on silicone. Among the distinguishing features - resistance to ultraviolet radiation, as well as retaining elasticity after solidification. Surface film after application is formed after 7 minutes, and the time for full hardening should be expected after 24 hours, which is true for a layer 1.5 mm thick. If you have applied a sealant with excess, then remove it immediately after application can be without much difficulty with a white spirit or rag soaked in soapy water.

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