Makita 6271 Drill / Screwdriver: description, specifications

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Hand tools for working with fastenersmaterials are widely represented on the construction market in the form of multifunctional screwdrivers. These are easy to use and reliable devices, allowing you to work with both plastic and wooden surfaces. Some modifications also suggest the possibility of screwing into metal structures. This includes the Makita 6271 Dwae, which allows a fairly wide range of operations, even by modern standards. At the same time, on the general background, the tool is allocated due to the small size and autonomous work provided by the battery. The combination of these characteristics makes this purchase very attractive, although not in every case.

General information about the model

makita 6271

The manufacturer has oriented the model to implementationassembly and repair work with the use of fixing hardware. Already in the basic version, the Makita 6271 cordless screwdriver received electronic stuffing, which makes it convenient to operate with functional modes. In particular, the user can perform fastening operations in 16 different torque modes. To this it is necessary to add the basic position of drilling and the reverse stroke - the reverse.

The combination of compact dimensions and optimalPower fillings provide a good return in terms of performance. Ergonomics does not prevent the selection of the most advantageous position of drilling, and the peak torque Makita 6271 practically removes the limitations on the range of available operations. For example, the device is used by municipal services, in furniture manufactures, plumbers, carpenters and other specialists who work with the installation of electrical equipment.


The internal filling caused a good speedwhen performing swirling operations. In many respects it became possible due to the use of high-quality and capacious batteries, but not only they appreciate the tool Makita 6271, technical data of which can be represented as follows:

  • The voltage is 12 V.
  • Type of supply elements - NiCd.
  • The battery capacity is 1.3 Ah.
  • Charging time - 60 min.
  • Number of speeds - 2.
  • The diameter of the drilling of wood is up to 2.5 cm.
  • The diameter of metal drilling is up to 1 cm.
  • The peak torque of the device is 30 Nm
  • Type of power element - brush motor.
  • The diameter of the cartridge is 1 cm.
  • Screwdriver dimensions - 19,2x24 cm.
  • Weight - 1500 g.

Design Features

makita 6271 dwpe

By tradition, Japanese developers have soughtProvide the body with ergonomic devices and functional elements that expand the operator's capabilities. The design is made in the form of the letter "T", which is the optimal solution from the point of view of performing physical manipulations with the instrument. Despite the rather high power, the work of Makita 6271 is not accompanied by strong vibrational and noise effects. Therefore, it is not necessary to supplement the structure with auxiliary handles. Moreover, the main handle has a rubberized coating, which enhances the grip effect. Not every screwdriver is equipped with a speed switch, but the case of this model also has special elements for regulating the operating modes. Owners note and ease of performing a replacement tooling. The quick-action chuck allows you to update the functional components practically without stopping, which increases the efficiency of the workflow.

Modern technologies

cordless screwdriver makita 6271

Rulers of hand tools "Makita" regularlyget technological innovations in one direction or another - from improving ergonomics and functionality to improving reliability and optimizing performance. Was not an exception and screwdriver this modification. First, the Makita 6271 drill has a two-speed gearbox, which made it possible to implement a reverse. Although reverse rotation to date is not something revolutionary, even for household models, but not every manufacturer can keep the compact dimensions of the instrument with such support. Secondly, in the case of performing complex drilling operations, an engine brake is provided. Coupled with the cooling system, this mechanism makes the operation of the tool safe for both the user and the machine itself. It is worth noting also a wide range of operating modes, electronic control principle, spindle lock function and other solutions that are usually used in premium models of this type of tools.


The company provides for the combination of a drill witha huge range of bits and drilling devices from manufacturers such as Bosch, Metabo, Gross, etc. Of course, there are branded Japanese bits supplied in different trim levels. Separately presented and sets of drills. Developers are advised to purchase them specifically for tasks that are planned to be performed with the help of Makita 6271 Dwpe under certain conditions. In particular, the technique can be equipped with drills for wood, tiles, plastic or metal. For each material, an element with the appropriate characteristics is provided. As an additional security, there are also sets with fastening components, in which you can find screws, screws and other hardware.

drill rechargeable makita 6271

Nuances of operation Makita 6271

Work begins with the installation of screwdriver bits anddrill. When operating the clamping jaws, the operating element must be set to its position. Then you can start directly screwing or drilling. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of working with this or that material. For example, in the process of drilling wood, it is recommended to use a guiding screw, which will allow holding the Makita tool in the processed array. Several other nuances should be considered in working with metal surfaces. In this case, it is necessary to initially form a small notch using a nail or a punch. The groove will prevent the risk of slipping the drill bit at the very beginning of the operation, and subsequently it is worthwhile applying the lubricant to the working area. This rule is relevant for all metals, except for brass and cast iron.

drill screwdriver makita 6271

Tool Maintenance

Preventive measures aimed atmaintenance of a technical condition of a screwdriver, it is necessary to carry out only with the disassembled tool. That is, it is necessary to separate the working elements and the battery pack from the housing. Next, you can start checking the connections and areas that must be regularly lubricated. After this, the Makita 6271 drill-screwdriver should be adjusted. This is done with the calculation of the parameters in which the forthcoming operation will be performed. If the maintenance is done after the operations, it will be enough to set the starting position in the high-speed mode. If in the course of the check-up a fault has been found with the individual parts of the apparatus, then they must be replaced or repaired. The manufacturer allows the possibility of self-restoration of bushings, cartridges, holders and other components that do not require the replacement of intrusion into the power tool filling.

Battery Contents

drill makita 6271

The feeding block gives the instrument many advantages- First of all, by getting rid of the binding to the power grid. However, the battery's performance of its function is only possible if it is used correctly. So, at the first signs of power reduction during operation it is necessary to turn off the device and put on charging. In general, it is not recommended to use the battery until the total loss of energy. On the other hand, do not load the Makita tool, whose battery has a full power reserve. Ready-to-work element can be used only a few minutes after replenishing the charge - by this time it should cool down. If the drill is not planned to be used in the next few months, it is advisable not to leave its battery completely discharged. For prevention purposes, it is better to make a full charge until the moment of future use.

Positive feedback about the model

The company is famous for high-quality manualtool. Users appreciate the brand for ergonomic, reliable and functional products. In this case, the same feedback can be attached to the model Makita 6271 Dwpe, which is a good example of a balanced and multifunctional tool. It is worth noting and technological innovations used by developers. Usually, the introduction of an additional option overloads hand-held equipment, but in this case, the owners note a moderate combination of useful stuffing and ergonomics. And even the inclusion of a rather capacious battery pack does not spoil the impression of a compact and manoeuvrable case.

Negative feedback

screwdriver makita 6271

Of course, to combine in one model all usefulinnovations and to keep thus ergonomics of a design it is possible to a little to manufacturers. If you add to this a moderate price tag and high power, then it's all about the fantastic performance of the drill. And the screwdriver Makita 6271 can not like the operational capabilities of all owners without exception. For example, the device has no backlight and power strike. When performing operations in the light of the need for such functionality may not be, but the same employees of public services see in this flaw a serious flaw. Separately, the instrument is completed with a flashlight, but its use is not always convenient in difficult working conditions.


A multifunctional tool often sinsmiscalculations in reliability. If the absence of a wide range of additional options can be forgiven even for a branded and expensive tool, then in the strength of the elemental base there should be no doubt. And in this respect, the drill-battery Makita 6271 fully justifies its position in the segment of class leaders. Durability and high service life is the basis on which products of brands of this level are held. But not all manufacturers can organically combine the quality of assembly with multitasking tools. Universal models rarely differ and high power ratings, but Makita developers managed to create a tool with a claim to the optimal ratio of these qualities. As a result, the user receives a productive drill with a drilling function, which also has extensive options for adjusting the operating parameters.

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