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When choosing a kitchen set, the future ownerspay attention not only to the appearance of furniture, but also to its performance characteristics. Therefore, most modern manufacturers mount loops with door closer on the door of the lockers. After reading this article, you will find out what such adaptations are.

hinges with closers

What is a door closer?

This product belongs to the category of furnitureaccessories. It is designed to regulate the correctness of closing doors by smoothly slowing their movement. In addition, loops with a door closer for the kitchen, the photos of which will be presented later, allow to eliminate creaks and knocking, and also contribute to maintaining the integrity of the headset.

The door damper has a rather primitiveconstruction. It is a rectangular container filled with silicone or oil. Inside the device there are adjusting valves, gears on bearings, a spring and a piston. In most cases, this mechanism is an element of a four-hinge loop. However, there are other options that are installed on the body of the furniture.

 hinges with door closer for kitchen

Recommendations for selection

Those who plan to mount on their lockersloops with closers, should pay attention to a few basic nuances. This will allow you to purchase high-quality hardware that will last for many years. In order not to be mistaken with a set of loops, it is necessary to give preference to products from well-known proven manufacturers.

Do not buy too cheap products,because this is the case where quality directly depends on value. It is also recommended to pay special attention to the material from which the loops with the door closer for the kitchen are made. It is desirable that it was high-quality steel. Such fittings are characterized by reliability, durability and long service life.

Loop with door closer for kitchen photo

Adjustment Features

In the process of using kitchen cabinets on theirDoors and gaps may appear. Such defects often cause deformation of the leaflets. Therefore, it is so important to systematically adjust the hinges with the door closer.

The features of this process depend on the modelaccessories, but, despite this, there are several general principles. Vertical adjustment is carried out by rotating the screws located on the corresponding strip. To change the depth of the landing, rotate the screw horizontally away from the door.

Advantages and disadvantages

By analogy with any other products, hinges with door closer have a number of pluses and minuses. The main advantages of such accessories include:

  • The possibility of smooth closing doors. This allows you to keep the original look of the kitchen furniture longer.
  • In the case of breakage of the door closer, all the liquid in it remains inside the capsule. This helps to prevent damage to the surface of hanging shelves.
  • The fittings withstand significant loads, so it can be completed with massive doors.

To the merits of such loops, you can alsoconsider a large assortment and a wide price range. Thanks to this, any consumer can easily select the best option. In addition to everything else, the closers have excellent strength and performance characteristics.

To the disadvantages of this hardware is not tooaesthetic appearance. In addition, during the installation of the mechanism, it is important to follow the instructions attached to it. It is not necessary to discount the fact that oil models do not function well at low temperatures. This feature is due to the increased viscosity of the filler.

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