How to perform the installation of the siding with your own hands: instructions and features

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Siding is a wonderful material that allowswith minimal financial costs to make your home more beautiful, disguising the existing shortcomings. Today we will look at how the installation of the siding is performed with our own hands. The instructions are quite simple, and therefore, to fulfill all the work described below, almost anyone can.

installation of the siding with your own hands
The popularity of this material for decorationis explained not only by its relatively low price, but also by its excellent strength and durability. Vinyl siding does not need painting, maintenance and care. In case of severe contamination, it can be washed with water from a garden hose.

If you decide to perform the installation of the siding with yourhands (the instruction is given below), then it is necessary to know that panels with a length of up to 6 m are the most optimal for your purpose. However, all calculations should be carried out depending on the dimensions of the enclosed space.

First, it is necessary to determine carefully thatthe amount of material that will go to the lining of the walls of your house. We advise you to use special 3D modeling programs for repair: so you will calculate the volume of cladding required to within a meter. Please note that even mounting the socle siding with your own hands involves working at a certain height, so take care of the forests beforehand or at least a normal staircase.

installation of siding with insulation
You will need a tape measure or measuring tape,a regular hacksaw and a ruler, as well as a set of carpentry tools. Prepare yourself, prepare the house: carefully clean all trees, bushes and stones that can prevent you from working. If you were lucky enough to have a house with perfectly smooth walls, then the material can be attached directly to them. If not, then you can not do without installing a special crate. Without it, you will not be able to install the siding with your own hands. The instruction is as follows.

If you decide to have a claddinghorizontally, it is necessary to fill the parquet boards on the wall in an upright position, leaving no more than 0.3-0.4 m between them. The bars must necessarily be pinned near the door and window openings. Given the characteristics of our climate, it is best to perform the installation of the siding with a heater. As the latter, you can take the usual mineral wool, placing it in the cells, which are formed by the intersection of the bars of the crate.

installation of the basement siding with your own hands

Most of the trouble happens with the installation of the homepagestrip, so it's not worth hurrying with this business. Remember that the installation of the siding with your own hands (the instruction was described above) should provide for the technological expansion of the cladding: for this purpose, a gap of approximately 8-10 mm should be left from the end of the building. Because of this, do not tighten the nails too tightly, leaving small gaps between it and the material. Such a simple measure will avoid deformation of the siding under the influence of the environment.

By the way, nails should be driven only under directangle, because otherwise the panels can not move, expanding and narrowing under the influence of the ambient temperature. The shell of the middle house takes no more than a week.

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