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Combined cooking surfaces(induction and electrical) have recently been in great demand. First of all, it is important to note that the power of the device is quite different. Models with hot plates allow you to cook and at the same time save on electricity.

Management of models is generally appliedelectronic type. Many modifications have several heating zones. According to the functional part, the cooking surfaces are quite different. In order to understand this question in more detail, it is necessary to consider specific types of models.

combined induction cooktop

Basic types of surfaces

The market includes gas and inductivedevice. The power of such models is about 340 W on average. There are also modifications with gas and electric surfaces. Management of them is often of a mechanical type. Last but not least, it is important to note that they are compact and well suited for restaurants.

Still there are models with inductive andelectronic surfaces. The electric power consumption parameter is on average about 20 V. Some modifications use a short-wave interference protection system. It is worth in our time quality built-in combined cooking surface in the area of ​​45 thousand rubles.

Manufacturers in the market

Trading companies in the market for productionThere are quite a few cooking surfaces. First and foremost, it is important to note the firm "Electrolux", which most of all specializes in the production of induction surfaces. Also, the buyer is able to meet a lot of devices of the trading company "Kandy". This company admits both electric and gas models, which differ greatly in their performance. It is also important to remember the models of the company "Burning". They are quite expensive. However, the manufacturer gives a good guarantee on the devices. To learn more about the characteristics of cooking surfaces, you should consider the most popular models.

Overview of combined surfaces FREGGIA HA622

The indicated cooking surface (electric,combined) reviews tend to get good. First of all, it is important to note excellent management. The system of automatic ignition in the device is available. The gas consumption of the model is low. According to buyers, the burners are very quickly lit.

Protection system against impulse closuresapplies the second class. The design of this hob is simply excellent. In the installation, the model is very simple. It is produced in different colors. The standard modification kit includes a 1.2 meter network cable. It is worth in our time, this built-in hob (combined) about 38 thousand rubles.

built-in combination hob

The opinions of the models FREGGIA HA625

These cooking surfaces (combined,induction) are produced with zones of different power. To manage them there is a special panel. The gas consumption in this case is easy to control. The filtration system of the model is available. If you believe the customers, the burners turn on very quickly. If necessary, it is allowed to put the blocker during cooking.

There is a separate option for defrosting the products.In total, the device uses four working areas. Connect the indicated cooking surface through the output contact, which is located on the bottom panel. Buy the presented hob in the store can be priced from 44 thousand rubles.

combined induction and electric cooking surfaces

Description of devices ELECTROLUX EGD 6576

This combined hob(induction) has a lot of advantages. First of all, it is chosen for the convenient location of working areas. Place large pots on this hob will not be difficult. It is also important to note that the model uses excellent mechanical control. Large overloads from the 220 V network are not afraid.

Permissible humidity level of the hobis not more than 80%. The cover is missing from the model. You can connect this modification only through the output contacts. The power of the electrical zone is at 300 watts. Thus, it is possible to boil water very quickly. The gas burner in the device turns on without problems. It is worth in our time the hob of the presented series of about 48 thousand rubles.

built-in hob combined

Overview of combined surfaces ELECTROLUX EGD 6582

The above cooking surface uses a largedemand. This model is produced with two gas burners. In this case, the nominal power of the working area is 340 W. The control system is of a mechanical type. The device is usually black. The protective layer in this case is not afraid of high temperature and is easy to clean.

If necessary, the burners can be quickly switched off.In total, the model uses two electrical zones. Electricity consumption is low. If you believe the customers, the ignition knobs are of high quality. Weighs the indicated cooking surface a little and in the installation is very simple. The shutdown system is provided by a manual type. Buy cooking surface of the series can be priced at 39 thousand rubles.

The opinions of models ELECTROLUX EGD 6593

This is a quality and inexpensive hob.Reviews, it usually gets for its versatility. The gas consumption in this case is low. The system for protection against impulse closures is applied in the third class. According to many buyers, the model is very easy to configure. To set up the equipment, output pins on the panel are used. There is no cooking display in the device. The model operates at a voltage of 220 V. There is no cover in the standard kit. In the market, this hob can be found at a price of 42 thousand rubles.

combined gas hob

Description of devices GORENJE KC 621 USC

The above-mentioned cooking surface inThe first stage is allocated with large burners. If you believe the customers, then switching between them is very simple. The nominal voltage of the modification is 230 V. The system for protection against impulse closures is applied in the second class. The shield of the model is located near the output contacts.

Sound system for brewingsurface attaching. The cover in this case is made entirely of aluminum. The heating zones are applied with the automatic ignition system. The gearbox for switching between zones at the hob is absent. The indicator of electric power consumption is no more than 20 W. The control panel is compact in size. It is worth in the store of household appliances the indicated cooking surface no more than 33 thousand rubles.

Combined induction cooking surfaces

Overview of combined surfaces GORENJE KC 635 USC

Said cooking combined surfaceis produced with two gas burners. If you believe the reviews of experts, the power it has is quite high. Heating zones in this case are a short distance from each other. The protective shield in this model is missing. Automatic arson works normally, and complain about it rarely.

In general, the control panel is veryqualitatively. Directly the process of including a lot of time does not take away. The electric heating zone is made with a protection system. Its maximum power is 340 watts. It is suitable for defrosting various products. The rated power of the induction surface is at 230 Watts. In this case, there is no protection system for the model. If you believe the feedback of buyers, then the heating zones are cleaned very easily.

The electronic timer at this hobattaching. After turning off the work area, the sound signal does not sound. The protective layer of the model is made with enamel, which is not afraid of corrosion, so the hob is able to work quite a lot. Buy the presented model in the store of home appliances can be priced from 38 thousand rubles.


This cooking surface in the firstthe queue stands out for its compactness. The gas hob in this case is made with wide struts. If you believe the reviews of buyers, then the deposit is very rare. The system for protection against impulse faults is applied in the third class. The control panel is executed very qualitatively.

Digital display in the presented cookingthere is no surface. The gas burner always turns on without problems. The protective cover is missing from the model. Arson in the model is turned on with a button. Directly the knobs rotate without any problems. The limiting power of the above cooking surface is 370 W. Buy a model on the market can be priced from 42 thousand rubles.

electric combined cooking surface

Description of devices CANDY CLG 631

This cooking surface (gas,combined) is great for home use. First of all, this model deserves attention because of its compact size. The heating zones in this case are at a safe distance from each other. If you believe the customers, then the gas burner is very convenient to use. However, it is important to note that the weight of a large pot can not stand.

In order to quickly warm up the food, it is recommendeduse induction areas. For their work will have to use the ignition system. The blocking device in this case is absent, therefore it is not recommended to allow children to the cooking surface. If we talk about the indicators, it is important to note that the induction zone is at 330 W. The presented combined cooking surface is about 38 thousand rubles.

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