Live and artificial flowers in the interior of the apartment

Home cosiness

It is hardly possible to underestimate the role thatflowers in the interior. They enliven the room, make it cozy and warm, give it beauty and elegance. Regardless of whether it is a question of living or artificial plants, it is necessary to choose them correctly and place them. The tips given in the article will help to cope with this task.

Flowers in the interior of the hall

The hall creates a first impression of the house. It is with him that the acquaintance of the guests with the apartment begins. Are the flowers in the interior of the hallway appropriate? Yes, but you must choose them correctly. It's great if the hall is well lit, but unfortunately, it does not happen so often. Therefore, it is better to make a choice in favor of unpretentious and shadowy specimens, abandoning the light-loving species. Preference should also be given not to delicate but lush bush. They will look spectacular in the light of fluorescent lamps.

flower arrangements in the interior

A valuable acquisition for the interior of the hall will beartificial flowers. You can give preference to the vine, gracefully hanging from the side wall of the cabinet. Or opt for a high vase with a bouquet of plants.

Blooming Kitchen

Flowers in the interior of the kitchen - very commonphenomenon. This room rarely suffers from lack of light. An additional advantage is the relative humidity, which provides optimal conditions for keeping living plants. However, we must not forget that in the kitchen temperature drops are very probable. After all, it is in this room that the owners are engaged in preparing food, washing dishes. Therefore, it is necessary to stop on colors that withstand such changes without harming oneself.

beautiful flowers in the interior of the kitchen

Ivy, Tradescantia, Aloe, Ficus, Chlorophytum, Asparagus - there are lots of options, it remains only to make a choice.

For artificial plants there is also a placein the kitchen. Single specimens and bouquets can be placed in small and elegant vases, pots. They will help to dilute the standard row of jars of spices. Also, artificial flowers can complement a still life with natural fruits.

Flowers in the living room

What about the colors in the interior of the living room? Traditionally, this is the largest room in an apartment or house. Here the whole family gathers and receives guests. So, it is best to stop on large floor specimens that have wide leaves. The best place for them is near the window. This recommendation can be ignored if it is a question of shade-tolerant plants.

flowers in the interior of the living room

An effective solution - hanging baskets on the walls. With their help you can decorate and revitalize the room.

Decorating the hall with artificial flowers alsowelcome. The choice depends on the style in which the room is decorated. The tenderness of the provence can be emphasized with the help of a composition of small roses in a white vase. In a cozy country style, artificial field flowers perfectly fit, for example, dandelions, chamomiles, cornflowers. Classic interior is complemented with lilies, roses or orchids, and Japanese - with cherry twigs. Caution is required if the living room is decorated in high-tech style. Finding the right flowers is not easy.


For the cabinet, the best choice would be livingflowers. For example, you can decide in favor of ficus. This plant will help to concentrate, will give enthusiasm. The most difficult cases will be fought. Also an excellent acquisition will be yucca. This copy gives people self-confidence.

With responsible work, azalea will certainly help. If you put this flower in the office, its owner will not doubt for a moment the successful outcome of the case.

Of course, artificial flowers can also be used. They are chosen on the same principle as the plants designed to decorate the living room.

Bedroom in flowers

Flowers are also appropriate in the interior of the bedroom, howeversome caution is required. There should not be too many plants in this room. The choice can be made in favor of flower pots on a table or bedside table, a floor copy. Flowers are also suitable for window decoration, because it will revive the landscape behind it. The main thing is to take into account the size of the windowsill. If it is narrow, it is worth stopping on small pots with tender leaves. For a wide window sill, you can choose a beautiful box, a tall and large plant.

flowers in the interior of the bedroom

The bedroom has no place for the flowers that absorboxygen and release carbon dioxide, for example, this ability is possessed by lilies. Also, the use of plants with a strong odor is not allowed, otherwise its owners will wake up every morning with a headache.

Artificial flowers in the vase will also be goodsolution for the bedroom. For example, you can stay on fabric products. Effectively will look copies of polyurethane and latex, which are called "real touch" colors.

Flowers in the nursery

When choosing flowers for the interior is not worth itto ignore the children's room. The decision is made in the first place, depending on who owns the bedroom. For the boy's room, it is best to choose plants with the original trunk or exotic leaves. The maiden bedroom is capable of decorating flowering specimens.

Of course, the "green" must be safe forchild: non-toxic, devoid of sharp spines. If children are small, hanging flowerpots are best for placing flowers. Many plants do not need - one or two.

Artificial specimens must also be made of safe materials, located high enough.


In the bathroom, flowers are rare, sotheir use will give the interior originality. Of course, it's best to stop on hygrophilous plants. Artificial specimens are chosen depending on the design of the bathroom.


What else do those who are attracted to rememberfresh flowers in the interior of the apartment? When composing compositions, one should not forget about the location of the light source. To look at it in minute detail will help direct the source. If the light falls from below, mysterious shadows will appear behind the plants on the wall.

flower compositions

The atmosphere of fairy-tale interior will be given by lamps located at the level of the floor behind the flowers.

Dimensions and proportions

What role can flowers take on ininterior? With their help you can change the room visually. For example, low ceilings will visually be higher if you place on the floor a pot with a tall plant. If the ceilings are high, it is necessary to hang a basket to them, from which the leaves will hang.

decorative flowers

We must not forget that large plants are designed for large premises. While the interior of a small room only benefits, if you stay on copies of smaller.

Flower compositions

What you need to remember when composing floorcompositions of artificial flowers for the interior or living specimens? Creative approach is welcomed. For example, it is possible to arrange several plants in small pots in one large container. The gaps between them can be filled with earth so that the edges are not visible. It is interesting to look in the composition of plants, different in height or beautifully matching in color.

Also you can use a hanging basket to combine colors. On its bottom, you must first lay the cellophane or polyethylene.

From traditional pots and pots, you can refuseIn favor of aquariums of bizarre forms, partially filled with earth. Excellent in this capacity will look orchids, violets, ferns. To create spectacular compositions are suitable multi-tiered stands, on which you can place flowers flowing cascade, say, asparagus, bells.

Color solution

The color of plants should be harmoniously combined withtones of finishing materials, furniture upholstery, textiles, curtains. Riot of colors fits far from all interior styles. Remarkably look in the composition of copies, close in color. For example, you can combine red and maroon, blue and blue, yellow and orange.

artificial flowers in the interior

Cautious play on contrasts is welcome. Say, a combination of white and red, blue and yellow, blue and white.

Flowers and Ornaments

What are the other rules for placing colors ininterior? If the pot with the plant is located on the background of the curtains or walls with bright and large ornamentation, it is better to stay on the specimen with neat little leaves. A fine background image is perfectly combined with large-leaved plants.

Pay attention also to the design of the flower pot (flowerpots, vases and so on). If it is placed next to the variegated wallpaper, it is better to stop on a one-color version.

The importance of frames

When decorating the interior of plants, manyadmit the same error. For example, flowers in a vase or pot can be beautiful and original. But no one will appreciate it if the capacity itself is faded.

Suppose that there is no desire to transplant a plant from one pot to another. In this case, you can decorate the container using improvised means.

Parties of the world

Live flowers in the interior of the apartment - thisgreat. How can we ensure that they live as long as possible? For this, it is necessary to take into account the difference between light-loving cultures and specimens, which are comfortable in the shade. Be sure to take into account which side the window is coming from.

  • Which flowers are suitable for the southern window? It can be cactus, citrus, croton, koleus, diffenbachia variegated.
  • Which copies to choose for the north window? For example, you can give preference to ivy, cypress, kalatee, dracene narrow-leaved, marante.
  • Which solution will be optimal for the east window? There may be myrtle, Japanese fatsia, ficus, Uzambara violet, asparagus.
  • What can I choose for a western window? For example, begonia, hoya, fuchsia, eucalyptus, Tradescantia, cordillin are suitable.

In the depths of the room can be plants that are well in the shade. Let's assume, begonia, fern, anthurium, diffenbachia, rubberic ficus.

Plant Power

Decorative flowers for interior in pots orvases are able to decorate the room. However, only living specimens are able to give him positive energy. Begonia, ficus, alpine violet, camellia, geranium, cyclamen, various kinds of citrus - all of them carry a positive force.

With the absorption of negative energy, it is beautifulcope with liana, ivy, Tradescantia. Azaleas and geraniums will help reduce aggression, prevent quarrels and conflicts between family members. From the feeling of envy and resentment, Ivy is perfectly good. Neutralize rage and anger is capable of cactus.

Codeum, balsam, chrysanthemums are known ashelpers in love. First of all, it is famous for chrysanthemum, which shares with people tenderness, fills with peace their hearts. The development of talents is helped by violet and balsam.

Instead of output

How not to make mistakes and choose exactly "your"flower? To do this, it is often enough to listen to yourself. Being for a while next to one or another specimen, you need to concentrate on your feelings. Does the flower fill a person with strength or, on the contrary, select them? This simple method will help to quickly identify "green enemies" and "green friends".

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