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Many consumers arevolume, which decorative cover for the ceiling to choose. The most common recent stretch fabric systems, which can exclude the need for repair for a long time. After installing the stretch ceiling you can see the aesthetics and enjoy the excellent quality.

Clipso system description

The stretch ceiling Clipso today is one of thethe most common building materials market. This is due to the fact that many buyers choose this finish because of high quality. The new technology of manufacturing stretch ceiling systems begins to displace the old production method from polyvinyl chloride film.

stretch ceiling clipso

Today unique in terms of propertiesthe material is made of polyester, which is impregnated with polyurethane. As a result, it was possible to obtain seamless systems, which are becoming more and more in demand.

Pros of stretch fabric systems

Stretch ceiling Clipso has a lot ofadvantages, among them the reviews highlight a significant width of the canvas, which reaches 5.1 meters. This allows you to completely cover the entire ceiling area of ​​any room. The cutting of the material is done without preliminary measurements, which greatly simplifies the process and shortens the work period. If we compare the fabric rolls with the film, we can distinguish the absence of the need to cut the material in the warehouse. You can make such work directly on the spot. All this provides a quick installation, which is very popular with consumers.

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Among the positive characteristics can be identifiedand also increased strength properties, which are more impressive in comparison with the features inherent in film coatings. This indicates that the tissue systems are almost impossible to break. Masters can take advantage of the simplified installation technology, due to this, some consumers resort to self-installation. Canvas can be pulled fast enough without using pre-heating for this. Stretch ceiling Clipso allows you to create a unique design of the room. The material can be applied any graphic image, as well as provide an effective internal illumination, which is very like the temporary consumer.

Ecological and fire safety

Quite often, buyers try to comparefilm ceiling systems with fabric, in the issue of environmental friendliness the last opponent wins. This is because the Clipso stretch ceiling contains extremely safe components that can not emit harmful substances into the environment. Thus, throughout the life of the ceiling, the ceiling will remain perfectly safe for human health.

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Such designs can be installed even inrooms that are designed for children, it is permissible to apply a similar coating in hospitals. It is important to highlight fire safety when considering the features of the fabric systems, this indicates a resistance to fire.

Durability and scope of use

Many consumers pay attention to theLongevity: the manufacturer gives a guarantee on his goods for 10 years. Choosing the company Clipso (stretch ceilings), reviews of the product must be read in advance. They contain information about the universality of such structures. Thus, the fabric systems can be used not only for their intended purpose as a ceiling cover, but also for finishing other surfaces - billboards, walls and so on.

Types of ceiling coverings of fabric type

Stretch ceilings Clipso, the price of which canvary from 1000 rubles per square meter, are on sale in a wide range. For fans of classics, the manufacturer offers standard coatings that have a white color, and after installation such ceilings look like a continuous flat surface. You can choose and color systems, which can be painted in one of 26 tones. All colors have soft hues.

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Stretch fabrics Clipso can be andtranslucent. Such material is used to create unique interiors. Most often, this finish is combined with the internal illumination. You can choose and brilliant design, in this case, the fabric is added sequins. This option can be suitable for creating exclusive interiors of cafes and bars.

Antibacterial and dirt protective coatings

If there is a need to install the system inhospital or sanatorium, then you can choose an antibacterial fabric ceiling. It has a special coating that eliminates the appearance and development of harmful bacteria. Ceilings can also be waterproof, they are installed in swimming pools or bathrooms. If you want to prevent the formation of plaque on the surface, it is worth to purchase a mud protection ceiling system. A special formulation applied to the surface will prevent the absorption of odors and the formation of persistent stains.

stretch ceilings descor or clipso

If you do not decide which stretch ceilings: Descor or Clipso - choose, then you can pay attention not only to quality characteristics, but also to the appearance. Sometimes the latter characteristic is the defining one.


It is worth remembering that, most likely,The ceiling will be operated much longer than within 10 years, guaranteed by the manufacturer. That is why it's important to choose a system that will please you and will differ in excellent quality characteristics. Some other factors may influence your choice, among which, for example, the texture or composition of the ceiling fabric, on which the appearance of the coating will depend. In any case, when making a decision, do not rush, because such systems are not a budget option, so you have to spend. However, designs like Clipso stretch ceilings are worth it.

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