Cozy apartment with own hands (photo). How to make a small apartment very cozy?

Home cosiness

Modest living space inThe modern city has long been the norm. Small apartments with minimal opportunities for organizing everyday life are a lot of problems. Part of them is due to the structural characteristics of the layout, which in most cases can not be changed. But there are other nuances of space optimization, which affect the aesthetic perception of the apartment and its functionality. As experts on interior design say, a cozy apartment may well be small. The main thing is to correctly approach the organization of the situation and its design. There are many ways of working with small areas, which allow not only to emphasize the advantages of such apartments, but also to hide obvious shortcomings.

cozy apartment

Zoning Space

Revision of the state of the apartment and its situation withfurniture should begin with a division into functional areas. This is necessary for the rational organization of free space in the rooms. Different means can be used to differentiate zones. Usually, glass partitions are used. In this case, one should not strive to achieve clear boundaries. For example, a cozy apartment, the photo of which is presented below, demonstrates an example with a smooth transition of one zone to another.

how to make an apartment cozy

A good solution may be a partition inform of a tissue screen. This method of zoning is suitable for a one-room apartment in order to separate specific functional areas. For example, a screen can hide a large wardrobe or wardrobe, as well as equip with it a place to relax. If there is a question about how to make an apartment cozy and for the child, it is desirable to use for the partition a lightweight fabric with interesting patterns. Such a screen diversifies the decorative content of the situation and introduces original accents.

Decorating to create a cozy space

In the main finish, on the contrary, it is important to observebalance of neutral tones and contrast. Obviously, rich and bright tones do not contribute to the feeling of comfort in a close environment. Therefore, the best solution when choosing the color of wallpaper or paint will be all shades of white, which will also expand the space of a small room. The second part of this design concerns the introduction of contrasts. Bright patterns, colorful elements in the form of decors - if you put the color accents correctly, you will get a very cozy apartment with a visual expansion of the space. In addition to the mentioned partition, colorful door decorations can be exposed door jambs, side walls, shelves and window sills.

What furniture do you prefer?

cozy apartment photo

The main rule, which is worthorient in this part - high functionality with small dimensions. Furniture should be practical, easy to use and small-sized. This will get rid of the main trouble of a small living space - a mess. Deciding how to make an apartment cozy at the expense of furniture, you should pay attention to the model-transformers. Folding sofas, shelving cabinets and other multifunctional furnishings will help to restore order in the apartment and will not take up much space. If funds permit, it is better to purchase models with original inserts, glass elements and unusual texture. In this design, furniture will certainly make a direct contribution to the creation of a cozy atmosphere.


In no small measure, the atmosphere in the roomis determined by the way the light is organized. There can be many options, but in any case, a cozy little apartment should be spared from the top lighting. Traditional use of a massive chandelier throughout the room is not suitable. It should be replaced with a wall lamp or desk lamp, which can be placed around the perimeter of the room.

Not bad, if installing multiple sourceslight will be provided by its feeding from several sides. By the way, such a scheme from local lamps can save on electricity. In this case, it is worth noting a lot of configurations of lamp systems, with which a small cozy apartment is combined. A photo with an example of this approach in organizing lighting is presented below.

 comfortable apartment with your own hands

Indoor Vegetation

There is nothing better to provide a comfortable andcozy atmosphere than living vegetation. Of course, in larger rooms for the implementation of such an idea is much more opportunities, but a small one-size-one is quite suitable for locating representatives of the flora. The simplest way to make out a cozy apartment with the help of plants is a cactus on the table. At a minimum, it will create the effect of the presence of a particle of living nature. For more demanding owners of small apartments it is possible to recommend small-leaved ficus. It does not take much space, but will bring unique colors to the atmosphere of the house. There are other, equally worthy of attention grades of flowers, the choice of which should be done already to your taste. The main thing is not to abuse with bright seasonal plants. The fact is that most of the time they do not bloom and look pretty dull, so it is better to avoid such variants.

cozy little apartment

Accessories and decor elements

Different decoration and decoration elementsinterior, of course, add sophistication and charm to space, but in terms of coziness, it is better to use elements and memorabilia associated directly with the owners. For example, photos, boards with notes, author's pictures - thanks to such additions, a cozy apartment will be created with their own hands and without extra costs. A platform for creativity can be and old doors, and a shabby site on the wall. Using a minimal set of tools, you can perform and restoration in the form of applying patina or use another technique to update the area that has lost its visual appearance.

Organization of free space

Comfort in the house depends on small details.Scattered things, unassembled home appliances, cluttered with unnecessary objects at the moment - all this can negate the benefits of the efforts that were made to ennoble the space in the repair process. It is important not to forget that a cozy apartment is such when it is pleasant to be in it and use its functional space. It pleases the eye and makes the life of its owners comfortable. That is why it is important to keep an eye on the order and not to ignore the elementary cleaning rules. However, this applies not only to small apartments. The confusion and the presence of rubbish in a luxurious house also negates all the efforts of the designer who designed the interior.

very cozy apartment


Owners of small apartments are familiarwith the difficulties that life brings to a limited living space. Nevertheless, a decrease in the functionality of the premises and tightness does not always contribute to the formation of an unpleasant atmosphere. This may well be a cozy apartment, which has become such due to the following basic rules for the arrangement of premises. At the same time, there remains a huge space for the implementation of their own ideas. Moreover, the more individual accents, the more pleasant the feeling of housing. A distinctive and personalized environment is an advantage that, for example, small studio apartments are distinguished.

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