Top dressing of tomatoes - pledge of a large crop

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In your own garden you can grow differentvegetable crops, including tomatoes. Moreover, such products will be much better and more reliable than the one offered to us from market stalls.

But in order to get a good harvest,a lot of conditions are necessary, including the fact that the top-dressing of tomatoes is properly carried out. Usually, with normal care, the crop can be removed up to four kilograms from one square meter.

In many ways, such a good harvest depends not only onfrom proper care, but more on how timely and rationally the top-dressing of tomatoes will be built. After all, tomatoes are pretty finicky. They do not like to starve, but they do not like it if overfeeding occurs, because it affects them even worse. At all stages of development and growth, a great deal of influence, of course, is provided by nitrogen nutrition. There is a sign that if, for example, tomatoes have too large leaves, then it means that the development of flowers, and then of the ovaries, will be delayed. And this means that such top dressing must be stopped.

You can not plant tomatoes in the same area,where there used to be cucumbers. This is because the top dressing of tomatoes is less abundant than cucumber. And if this happens, then tomatoes can easily become infected with various diseases and just die.

The main dose for fertilizingtomatoes, it is necessary to make it in autumn. This is usually done when the garden is prepared and dug for the winter. The rest of the fertilizing can already be done after the plant is planted in the ground. It is desirable that foliar top dressing of tomatoes should be done every ten days. So, for example, in order to have a rather abundant flowering, only one liter of fertilizing is applied, and then - from two to five liters.

A good nutriment is the grass, which has been lying for several days. Nettle is best suited. Good top dressing and in the form of hoods or even ash.

Of course, the technology of growing tomatoes in everyoneown, but still even the most competent and experienced gardener also sometimes need advice and recommendations, without which he simply can not do without. After all, not always growing tomatoes can be such an easy task.

Sometimes it happens and so that flowers are showered from the firstbrushes. And such a shedding can lead to the fact that then early ripe tomatoes may not be. This is most often when the gardener does not take care of a good fertilizing of the plant or the tomatoes simply do not have enough moisture. Therefore, all these conditions need to pay close attention.

If plants lack boron, thenit is necessary to bring boric solution and sprinkle tomatoes. But even here it is necessary to observe the measure and be extremely careful. To guide such a solution, usually take hot water and in one liter of this water only one gram of boron is dissolved. Spray on tomatoes should be very fine, so as not to spoil sensitive plants.

It is also possible to carry out such top dressing andother mineral and even organic fertilizers. After all, not only the roots need to be recharged. But leaves are even more necessary for them to take care of and give all the necessary minerals for their normal development. Sometimes even some minerals are more quickly absorbed through the leaves than through the root.

In order to prepare organictop dressing, raw materials can usually be found next to tomatoes. It can be different grasses - weeds, which only interfere with our garden. Typically, this infusion is prepared for a week, and then they are sprayed with leaves. Spray should be either in the evening, or when there is no sun, because it is at this time that the plants evaporate less moisture and do not lose it.

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