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In the steam room, the strength and quality of the heat depend on the firstturn from the right choice of stones. Optimum option are stones with high density, as they provide long-term heat preservation and, as a result, a uniform and rapid distribution of heated air. Also it is worth paying attention to a homogeneous structure, inconsistency to this parameter can lead to a rupture when water hits. This is not only undesirable for the design of the furnace because of the possibility of clogging the channels, but it is also dangerous for people in the room, because red-hot debris can get on the skin. The material must have a natural origin and a smooth, smooth surface. On stones, any inclusions such as mica or grains of other minerals should not be visible, since they contribute to cracking.

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Talcochlorite for a bath is a rock,extracted from reservoir deposits, which includes chlorite, talc and magnesite. It is characterized by a muted, frosted shine and gray, with the possibility of having a greenish, brown or white hue due to impurities in the composition. This stone is also called ice, wax or soap due to an absolutely smooth structure.

In antiquity it was believed that the mineral andits basis have magical properties. The heat emanating from it, soft and relaxing, is caused by thermal waves similar in length to human ones.

In nature, a stone is found, as a rule, in the USA, India, Finland and in some regions of Russia. The mineral was formed millions of years ago as a result of high pressure and temperature effects.

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Effects on the body

For soapstone for bath reviews in the mainpositive, many note its medicinal properties. In particular, it is common during hot massage, the skin under its effect is rejuvenated and cleared of inflammation. In the range of shops you can find stone warmers made of Karelian mineral, according to customers, they are convenient for treatment at home. Also, soapstone for bath reduces arterial pressure, promotes immunity, favorably affects the throat and lungs, accelerates the passage of colds.

stone soapstone for bath


Since ancient times stone soapstone has been used forbaths and to create carved household items, such as vases and figurines. Also earlier it was used for making kitchen utensils, beginning from stacks and ending with frying pans with pots. The material is perfectly color-treated, because of this they are often substituted for nephrite, despite the complete difference in strength characteristics.

Thalkomagnesite found its application inbuilding sphere in the form of powder, bricks and tiles. The bricks made of this mineral are suitable for furnishing of domestic ovens, masonry and facing of furnaces in production. This is their use is not limited, in addition to bathhouses, they are suitable for creating floors and walls in swimming pools and living quarters.

The combination of liquid glass and soapstone,crushed into powder, forms a high-quality glue, suitable for tile and brickwork. Also, the powder form of the material can act as a filler for some types of mixtures and increase their heat-resistant and frost-resistant characteristics. Soapstone is used in the base of high-temperature concrete and various elements that replace bricks on a ceramic base in the stove.


Tiles of soapstone for baths are considered one of thethe most suitable materials due to resistance to high temperatures. At the same time, the heat capacity properties ensure the maximum conservation of thermal energy and its uniform return. The material is not exposed to most chemicals, including alkalis and acids. But still, the integrity of the surface can be disturbed by the ingress of strong alkalis on it.

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Talcochlorite for bath: properties

With the heat capacity of the mineral can notEven brick kilns can be compared. To maintain the required level of temperature in the room, three hours of operation of the furnace is sufficient, for which the wax stone was used. At the same time, according to the users of such furnaces, they are optimal for often freezing people, but not carrying high temperatures. This is the perfect addition for any sauna or bath. They provide long-term maintenance of the necessary humidity and temperature in the steam room.

Electro heaters based on TES formpositive air ionization, this property disappears with additional coating with talcochlorite slabs, so that the presence in the steam room increases the beneficial effect on health. The effect can be enhanced by finishing the wall surface with this material.

Talcochlorite for a bath is characterized by easeprocessing, long service life, distinctive heat-transfer and heat-conducting properties, due to what has become widespread in the construction and decoration of furnaces.

soapstone for bath properties

Facing with your own hands

Today, a fairly common oven for the bathfrom soapstone, reviews on them are different. Most owners note the rapid heating and affordable material costs. According to some buyers, the stone is highly dusty, because of what it needs to be thoroughly washed under running water.

Self-facing of the stove with talcomagnesitedoes not cause special difficulties and does not require special skills. It is worth paying attention to some features of the process. Masonry of parts inside the furnace is made horizontally, this ensures rapid heating and accordingly the transfer of heat to the outer surface. At the same time, on the outside, the stones are fixed in an upright position for a longer duration of heat preservation.

The reliability of fixing tiles can be achieved withThe help of a special glue, used for a long time in Finland, is a mixture of powder of soapstone and liquid glass. Such a composition has many advantages, including safety for human health, durability and high strength characteristics. If it is necessary to fasten the elements to each other, a special bracket or pin is used, otherwise they may lag behind the surface under the influence of their weight. The pins are removed after a few hours after the glue has dried, and the gaps are filled with the grout.

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What you need to know

To increase the service life of the masonry it is necessarytake care of her. Each element is checked for integrity and cleared, if a chip is found and the surface is damaged, it must be replaced with a new one. With frequent use of essential oils in a steam room, it is often necessary to remove carbon from the stones. It should also be noted that soapstone for the bath can only be purchased at special points of sale, since stones collected on their own can give off harmful substances when heated.

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