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Choosing tomatoes, is primarily requiredDetermine where and how you will grow them. Today in specialized shops and markets there is a wide selection of seeds for both open ground and for growing in a greenhouse. It is believed that the best varieties of tomato are hybrids. They have an increased yield, early maturity, are sufficiently resistant to diseases, primarily to late blight. Let's start with varieties of open ground.

For soil without shelter

Based on the experience of the past years, when growing in the open field experts believe that the best varieties of tomatoes are the following:

The King of the Market II.This is the mid-term determinant F1 hybrid, with large, up to 140 grams, fruits. It is resistant to diseases, cracking of fruits. He has excellent taste, he does not spoil when transporting for a long distance. Can be used for canning and fresh.

- Hybrid F1 Mona Lisa is suitable for shelters fromfilm and for open ground. This early-ripening, large-fruited determinant variety. It is low, fruits - up to 250 grams, very tasty. Mona Lisa fructifies well in any growing area.

This is a harvest of varieties of tomatoes, so they choose to grow many vegetable growers.

- For a zone with a cool climate, it is suitableTomato Amber, stamping, not requiring pasynkovaniya. It refers to early and very resistant varieties. It has bright yellow fruits weighing up to 90 grams. It can be grown in a non-irrigational way even in areas with a cold climate.

- Early ripening tomato A shuttle can be used inunprotected soil and film greenhouses. The variety is shredded, low. The fruits are elongated, oval, weighing up to 70 grams. The variety does not need pasynkovaniya. Fruits of universal purpose. Its advantages include good transportability, high yield.

- For areas with a very mild climate, a variety of Snowdrop, semi-stump, with round-red fruits, is suitable. Forms three stems, does not require pasynkovaniya.

- Of the varieties of the later selection, it is recommendedsuch best varieties of tomatoes as the large-fruited determinant Klondike and Raspberry Vikante. Klondike does not need pasynkovaniy. Its fruits reach a weight of 350 grams, orange, salad dressing.

- The ultra-ripe varieties include Buyan, Flash, Sunny bunny, Pink souvenir, hybrids Redskin leader, Solerosso, Katya and others.

Grades for greenhouses

The most popular varieties of tomatoes for hothouse cultivation are probably Pink Honey, Orange and Market Miracle.

Pink honey - very large-bodied, wonderfultasty, disease-resistant. On the first hands, the mass of fruits can be more than a kilogram. The variety belongs to the Siberian selection. It is low - up to 70 cm, rosy-boned, salad destination.

Orange is a semi-determinant, medium-ripening. Fruits are orange, very fleshy, with good taste. Their weight is up to 400 grams.

The marvel of the market is an indeterminate variety, suitable for tall greenhouses. Weight of fruits up to 700 gr. The fruits are remarkable for their taste.

Good for greenhouses and variety Koenigsberg - indeterminate, with long fruit weighing up to 300 grams. Suitable for workpieces.

Old varieties still remain popularBullish heart and Budenovka. These are indeterminate, large-fruited varieties with tasty fleshy salad dressing. Fruits weighing up to 400 g. Many amateurs still prefer them.

Hybrid Semko - early ripening, with red fleshy fruits, in size not inferior to Budenovka.

Raspberry meat, Sherry Lady, Eternal call together with the above listed represent the best varieties of tomatoes for the enclosed soil.

For low film shelters recommend Paradise, Irgandu, Biff, Pavlovskaya rose, Majora, Raju and other wonderful varieties.

There are a lot of tomato varieties. If you have been engaged in gardening for a long time, you probably have your own, your favorite, which you consider to be the best. Successes to you in their cultivation and excellent harvest!

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