Hand chain hoist for easy lifting of goods

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Hand chain hoist is a mechanical device,It is used for lifting various heavy loads, equipment and all kinds of items. It consists of 2 chains, while pulling one, the other raises the load. The current produced by the force increases the rate of ascent by a factor of thirty.

How does the power of manual hoists increase?

chain hoist

The mechanism of action is quite simple. The hand chain hoist works by the principle of converting light effort, which is attached to the drive chain, into an incredible force by which the loads are lifted.

What does manual talism consist of?

The design includes:

  • drive wheel;
  • drive chain;
  • gear gears;
  • drive shaft;
  • lifting chain;
  • wheel of a chain.

The chain hoist itself is suspended directly aboveload that needs to be lifted, using a special hook. The chain is attached directly to the load. If you pull the drive chain, the wheel turns the drive shaft that drives the gears. At the same time, it is possible to lift the load from the other end of the mechanism.

How do the gears concentrate the force that enters the wheel of the chain?
hand chain hoist 1t

The drive chain is attached to the drive wheelin special segments, the number of which is 7. At the moment we pull the chain, it turns it. The wheel is screwed close to the friction plate attached to the ratchet. At the moment when the whole of the three-component system is turning, the lock falls directly into the teeth of the ratchet, while not allowing the wheel to spin in the opposite direction under the weight of the load.

Also, considering how the manual chain hoist works, it is worth noting that the drive wheel is attached to the drive shaft. The rotation of the first part activates the second.

hand chain hoist 3 tons
At the opposite end of the shaft is a geara small pinion with five prongs. If it turns, the force that is transmitted through the drive wheel by the drive chain increases many times. Consequently, it increases in the ratio of seven to five.

Gearless small gear drives simultaneouslythe other two big big wheels. Thus, the driving force of a small gear is distributed proportionally by another 2. Thus, only five prongs operate at once thirty-two. Behind each of the large wheels is another small wheel with 4 teeth, it increases the power of the system in the ratio of eighteen to four. The final element of the design is another large gear with nineteen teeth, concentrating all the force on the links of the load chain, which is attached to the drive wheel. Thus, the force that can be produced by hand chain hoists (3 tons including) is increased thirtyfold.

This is an incredibly simple mechanism, consisting ofseveral gears and two chains. Hand chain hoist (1t it rises easily) increases strength by transforming effortless effort that is available to many people.

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