Winchester Cathedral (rose): description, landing, features

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Rose of the Winchester class The cathedral can not conqueronly by its beauty, but also by its aroma. If you decide to plant it on your site, then bring joy not only to yourself, but also to your neighbors, because the fragrance will spread far beyond your site. And white with light pink flowers will please not only in summer, but also in autumn.

Description of the rose

Who saw such a beautiful plant as a roseWinchester Cathedral, the description of the topics may no longer be needed. They are already under strong impression already. But the rest will be very interesting to know that the bush of this rose, as a rule, is a neat round shape up to 1.2 m high. It can be up to 1 m wide. The flowers are white and the middle is cream colored. At the very beginning of flowering, the bud has a pink color.

Winchester Cathedral is a rose that has enougha long flowering period: from the beginning of the summer to frosts. The flowers are rather large, about 10 cm in diameter. They are located one or three pieces in the inflorescence. The bush is covered with them quite abundantly, which gives it unimaginable beauty.

winchester rose cathedral

Winchester Cathedral - a rose that is differentsweetish aroma with honey-almond notes. By itself, it is not very strong, but under certain weather conditions it spreads quite well.

Features of the variety

Winchester The cathedral is a rose that is distinguished by its high frost resistance and immunity to various diseases.

Do not be surprised if on your bush suddenlythere will be a pink flower or a flower with a pink petal. This is due to the fact that this variety originated from Rose Rose Rose, which has a pink color of flowers.

Winchester The cathedral is a rose that has thick, dense foliage of dark green color, which further emphasizes all the splendor of the inflorescences.

Planting a rose and caring for it

This variety feels good both onsunny place, and in partial shade. However, planting is not recommended near trees and shrubs. You can land the Winchester Café in a large pot or a special container. As for nursing, it does not differ in anything.

rose winchester cathedra description

Do not be scared if in the first year of floweringwill not be very abundant and the flowers will quickly fall off. After all, the plant pays a lot of energy to get used to a new place. If there are long rains in your climate, this will not affect the flowering of the rose in any way.

Buy Winchester Cathedral can be both on the websites of online stores, and in specialized nurseries.

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