Fence from corrugated board: installation and selection of materials

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Installation of the fence is one of the mostresponsible processes in construction. The fact is that this design not only restricts access to a particular object, but also serves as a certain barrier to various natural phenomena. That is why modern builders recommend to make a fence of corrugated board. Installation of the structure of this material is fairly simple and does not require a lot of time. In this case, you can take into account all the necessary parameters and technological solutions for proper functioning. Therefore fences from this material are considered the most reliable, practical and economical.

fence from corrugated board installation

Fence from corrugated board: installation of poles

The basis for mounting any fence is a column. It is fastened to all elements, and it is the main component of the strength of the entire structure. It should be noted that its installation is carried out at the time of foundation, or the base is subject to individual concreting. Each specific method is chosen in accordance with the characteristics of the terrain and personal preferences. It is worth noting that the pillars can be used any. However, the best material with this material is a concrete or brick construction, although some masters recommend the use of a profile pipe made of metal.

cost of fence from corrugated board

Material selection

There are many types of material, fromwhich can make a fence of corrugated board. The installation of each individual type has its own characteristics and parameters. This is related to the design, which assumes a different step between the waves on different types of profile. It is worth noting that special material is made for the fence. It is made with a curly edge trim and has a coating of different colors. However, the fence made of corrugated board, the installation of which does not require special mounting methods, can be made of almost any building material of this group.

installation of fences from profiled sheeting inexpensively

Savings and choice of craftsmen

Cost of fence from corrugated board when calculating the pricematerial in the amount of installation costs is almost always lower than when using another material. At the same time, its manufacturing does not take a lot of time, and the appearance of the entire structure is much greater than fences made of wood or brick. Also it is worth noting that this type of material allows much better to realize such elements as rainwater drainage or additional wicket. However, it should be noted that when searching for masters for installation, you should not trust such advertisements as: "Installation of fences made from corrugated board is inexpensive". Usually these are unskilled craftsmen who do not have the necessary tools for high-quality work. For economy, it's best to do it yourself or to invite specialists from companies that provide a full range of construction services.


Fence made of corrugated board is a quality, reliable and aesthetically beautiful structure. With the correct installation, it will stand much longer than similar structures from another material.

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