Cladding by hand during construction and repair

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In most cases, during construction orrepair the owner decides to carry out such process, as a lining by a lining, the hands, after all this material has proved to be excellent in furnish of vertical surfaces. In addition, there is no difficulty in self-decoration. However, the products are made from different wood, so for a specific purpose you need to purchase a suitable product. For office and residential premises are perfectly suitable coniferous wood. If the lining is nailed in the bath with your own hands, then it is better to choose aspen material. Nowadays, a lining, simulating all kinds of surfaces, is popular.

Basketing by hand
When it is assumed that the lininghands, there is a choice of its appearance. Recently, imitation of a log or a beam has become widespread. In the first case, it seems that after the plating there is a chopped house. The outer side of the product has a semicircular shape, which is why the building seems log-like. In another case, the wall becomes like a timber. Wide panels of such imitation are most often used for exterior decoration. Particularly useful are the listed products in frame house-building.

Finishing of the loggia with the self-baiting
Before proceeding to such an occupation ascladding by hand, all the elements need to be treated with protective compounds, especially as certain types of wood can very much need it. Otherwise, after a while, the sheathing will dry up even from insignificant moisture and will lose its original color. Sometimes additional operations are also performed to help improve the appearance of the coating. Such a procedure, for example, can be wood demineralization, involving the removal of tar and the removal of greasy spots. The most elementary way is to lubricate the boards with a solution of acetone followed by a flush.

Lining by own hands
Before the skin is madeclapboard, the questions about the electricity in the room should be completely resolved. That is, all points of the location of sockets, various lamps, switches and flaps should be clearly defined. It is best to put wires under a wooden trim. Metal pipes are suitable for insulation, and cables with a large cross section will have to be purchased to protect against overheating. If the wall is fairly flat, then the lining can be fastened directly to it. However, for brick or stone walls it will be necessary to arrange a preliminary crate.

The supporting structure is also necessary in the case,If the loggia is finished with a lining yourself. There are several ways to fix the material to the slats. Where aesthetics are not particularly important, fixation is performed in any part of the board. Of course, large nails will not work, as there is a risk of a split wooden panel. Another way involves fastening directly into the grooves when the hats are closed by the next board. Fixing with self-tapping screws is carried out in the same way. Fasteners are screwed into the spike of the first lining, after which the next panel is installed.

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