Stretch ceiling in the bathroom: reviews and feasibility of installation

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It is generally accepted that when repairing the most complex andThe hard part is putting the bathroom and toilet in order. This is due to the huge amount of construction debris that is quickly formed as a result of all these manipulations, and with high prices for finishing materials and plumbing.

stretch ceiling in the bathroom reviews
Naturally, when installing somethingIt would be desirable to check the reliability of the material used. Take, for example, the stretch ceiling in the bathroom. Reviews about it are different, so I want to study this issue in more detail.

Pros "for"

We note at once that the most positiveopinions on the expediency of its installation. And there are many reasons for this! To begin with, the PVC film, from which most of the ceilings are made, is inexpensive. Of course, that the cost of "tightening" only one bathroom will be a bit.

This material is also good because it is not amenable toputrefaction, he does not fear fungus or mold. If the stretch ceiling in the bathroom (reviews of which are so good), mounted by professionals, it can easily protect you even from flooding by "caring" neighbors.

Many consumers say that only thanks to him they could avoid serious problems by simply squeezing water out of the space formed by bloated material.

stretch ceiling in bathroom price

Unlike other ceilings,pollution on it "put" is not so simple. So, the spray from the bathroom simply flows back, while on plaster from them there would be multiple divorces that do not add beauty to the interior.

Even if the stretch ceiling in the bathroom (reviews aboutthis is especially enthusiastic) got some dirt, then to remove it you will need only a soap solution and a soft cloth. If the surface is dirty, in very difficult cases it will be necessary to paint it!

Some shortcomings

Traditionally, one can not do without a reviewshortcomings. These include the inability to ventilate the gap between the ceiling and the tensioning sheet. Reviews of some owners say that in other cases there can develop a real "carpet" of mold. This is not only unhygienic, but also simply dangerous for health, since its disputes cause allergic diseases.

But let's figure it out:Is the ceiling itself in the bathroom itself guilty of this, the reviews of which this time are negative, or is the reason for something else? As a rule, this happens only because the installers did their work not as prescribed by the technology.

glossy stretch ceilings in the bathroom
After all, before mounting it would not hurt to find out if the "native" coating is wet? If so, then pull PVC film on it without preliminary drying with the help of a heat gun can not!

And anyway, it's silly to set glossystretch ceilings in the bathroom, not providing for technological holes for lighting fixtures. If they are, then the problem of ventilation of this closed cavity is no longer so acute.

Financial issue

We have already said that the cost of such a ceiling wheninstallation in such a small room will be small. But still, how much is the stretch ceiling in the bathroom? The price directly depends on the footage, but rarely exceeds 9-10 thousand rubles.

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