Bathroom design: the subtleties of combinations

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Until recently, the bathrooms in the apartmentwas not the best location. Most often they were assigned the smallest space for them. The design of the bathrooms left much to be desired. Yes, and in general could hardly be considered as such. To date, the design of the bathroom in the apartment has become an important aspect, the size of bathrooms has increased, than gave room for imagination to designers and owners of apartments. This bathroom is no longer assigned the role of an auxiliary room, it is that part of the apartment that needs comfort and style.

Bathroom design
The design of the lavatories has recently come from the fact that,that the bathroom and toilet are united in one room. Many people like this. The design of a bathroom can continue a common-style style combination or stand out as a bright and extraordinary spot. Everything depends on the preferences of the owners.

Most often the design of the bathroom is carried out, proceeding from three main directions: antique motifs, modern variants, eclecticism.

If your apartment is sustained in the classicalstyle, then the design of the bathroom can be performed in the same canons. However, it should be noted that the room should be spacious and have the right shape.

With a classic bathroom designuse fairly expensive materials and accessories. Furniture is most often made of natural wood and is decorated with gilding or patina. Under the suite you need to choose the plumbing. Shells are often made marble, on the faience there is a hand-painted or copper alloys, the cranes are decorated with gilding or crystal.

bathroom design in the apartment
In decoration, natural materials such as marble or stone are most popular. Color solutions must match natural, natural shades.

When creating an interior bathroom in modernstylistics, it is necessary to competently approach the zoning of the premises. A typical problem for apartments is an excessively long and narrow bathroom. To solve this problem, you can use a shorter body in the bathroom and arrange it across the wall. If space is minimal, you can buy a shower.

On the furniture can be said a lot. The modern design of the bathroom uses a variety of types of storage systems. It can be like a traditional cabinet with a sink, and a large number of shelves, racks, podiums. In addition, they can be hidden.

In lighting, preference is given to halogenlamps that are built around the perimeter of the room. The color scale here can not be limited and left to the discretion of the owners. The main accent of the modern bathroom will be plumbing.

design of bathrooms
If you want to design a bathroom in a mixed style, then it is necessary to approach subtly the combination of elements of classical decor and modern techniques.

For such an option, it is best to usecabinets and walls of shower cabins, which are made of impact-resistant glass. With this material, you will make the interior of the bathroom easy to perceive and stylish, thanks to a combination of different directions.

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