Carpet in the bathroom - style and safety in one subject

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Leaving the bathroom or shower, we want tofeel under your feet is not cold floor covering, but softness and warmth. And to provide yourself with just such pleasant sensations, you need to buy a rug in the bathroom. It contributes not only to comfortable staying in the bathroom, but also guarantees safety, protecting against contact with a slippery and wet coating. The range of these products is quite wide. Rugs in the bathroom are made of different materials. Which ones, we will further discuss in the article.

Rug in the bathroom.
Acrylic floor mats

Carpets made of acrylic fiberFor use in the bathroom due to its qualities. Their main advantages include speed of drying, durability and wear resistance. They can be washed in a typewriter, while they do not lose their original appearance, retain their shape and color. Acrylic as a material is environmentally friendly. It does not contain harmful and toxic substances for the human body. That the acrylic rug does not slip on a damp surface, it has a rubberized or silicone base.

Rubber bath mat

Strong and flexible rubber mats have many positive qualities.

Rugs in the bathroom.
First, they have an unlimited periodoperation. Secondly, high-quality rubber with special antibacterial components hinders the development of fungi and mold. The rubber mat with helium filler provides a strong grip to the floor surface, which eliminates the possibility of slipping. Such mats do not require special care, which is no small matter. After using them just need to dry a little.

Rug in the bathroom of pebbles (natural stone)

In order to create an unforgettable bathroomatmosphere of naturalness and naturalness, you can use an interesting move. Put the mat of pebbles on the floor. This option looks natural and original. When you come into contact with it, you immediately introduce yourself to the seaside. By the way, it will also provide a micromassage effect, which will be very useful for your feet.

Bath mat.

If you are an eco-friendly fanmaterials, pay attention to the rug in the bathroom of the moss. It absorbs moisture naturally, which avoids the appearance of an unpleasant (musty) odor. Moss is very pleasant to the touch, does not cause allergies and other undesirable reactions. However, such a "piece of nature" in the bathroom will cost a lot of money, this must be taken into account.

Choose a rug in the bathroom - this is not a problemlight, because you can simply get lost, seeing all the variety of colors and shapes of this product. Rectangular and round, oval and in the form of flowers or animals - they all enchant with their original and beautiful appearance. You can choose the whole composition - a few rugs, made in one style, but designed for different places. Bath mats will surely give you a sense of comfort and warmth, as well as safety.

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