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One room apartment is good for livingone person, or a couple without children. But, unfortunately, quite often in these apartments live young families, and sometimes several generations. For a young couple, even a very small one-room apartment can seem like a paradise. Over time, the family has children, and places in the apartment begins to be catastrophically short. The child needs his own place, where he could do and rest, and parents want privacy.

partitions in one-room apartment

Partitions in one-room apartment - excellentsolution in this situation. For some reason, many people are frightened even by the very idea of ​​erecting a partition, they worry about how light and air will get into the fenced space. It should be noted that such a construction does not necessarily have to be up to the ceiling. It can be decorative and conditionally divide the room into zones. The main thing is to correctly calculate the height of the partition (do not forget to take into account the shadow falling from it).

If you are planning a partition in a one-roomapartment height to the ceiling, then her, and the door can be made of frosted glass, which will let light through. Part of it can be used as the basis of a cabinet or bookshelves. Such seemingly fragile material in recent years is often used in the interior of living quarters.

Today, glass partitions in one-roomapartment, the photos of which you see in our article, are perfect designs, because they are made of special, hardened material, very durable. He perfectly cleans, does not rot, and most importantly - creates a unique in beauty design. Glass partitions in a one-room apartment can be fixed and sliding. Both options can be used for zoning the room.

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An idea is interesting when usedcombined partitions in one-room apartment. For example, a blank wall is built only to the middle of the height of the room, and above is an open shelving for books or ornamental plants. Thus, part of the room will be closed from prying eyes, but at the same time light and air will flow into it.

To zonate the room, usepartitions in a one-room apartment made of plasterboard, plastic or glass. In some cases, you can use conventional screens, curtains or sliding doors. Light partitions in a one-room apartment are able not only to separate an adult zone from a nursery, but also to organize a small cabinet or a corner where you can meet friends. The main thing is to take this issue creatively.

Today there are many companies and enterprises,which erect partitions in the apartment. Specialists of such companies will not build brick or cement walls, because there is a simpler and more functional solution to the issue - sliding partitions in a one-room apartment. This design has weak insulating properties, but it is so practical and convenient that many do not pay attention to this small drawback.

sliding partitions in one-room apartment

Before creating partitions in one-roomapartment, contact the professionals. The designer will tell you how to properly zonate space, and help with the installation of the design. Repair of such partitions should not be done on their own.

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